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Part 32: Enchanted Instruments 101

I wandered into a desert and ended up in the middle of a university war zone. One of the teachers from Geo found an old tome that would make the stars fall or whatever, so he took his students to the desert. I ran into another teacher trying to stop them, so I "fought" through his army of students and weird birds to reach him. Unfortunately, I couldn't stop him, but when he cast his spell, something amazing happened.

Uh...yeah. How'd you guess that? Yeah, it was fireworks. I ended up getting some nice gold material, and everything turned out well. I think I'll check on my newest pet and make this gold into a weapon. Until next time!


A Punkster, eh? Maybe I'll have fun with this one.

I'm starting to become skeptical of this book of monster names I acquired. But then I can't think of anything better. It seems to like the name Dood, at any rate.

With a new monster, it's time to say goodbye to Rango. He served me well, but I need the room for future monsters.

Let's take the new fella out!

He seems equipped to protect against other demon types, though who knows how often I'll fight those.

Alright, time to make this gold into a new weapon! I'm thinking a...


Every time...

Up the stairs on the right.

Another workshop? But I didn't even help you or anything. Not that I'm complaining, of course, but who are you?

So, I build a shop right here.

I don't know you, but considering you randomly built an instrument workshop for no reason, and considering that I'll help anyone out because it usually leads to adventure, might as well.

Sounds fair, considering you just built a workshop for me and all.

Alright, thanks! You get elemental coins by playing music to elemental spirits... But they'll only give ya one if they like your song.



Wow! An elemental spirit! I've never seen one here, ever! They never come to places like this, where there are so many people.

Odd that I've never run into any before now. Maybe this student knows how to approach them better than I.

Here... Use this instrument...

A free instrument, eh? These can be pricey. I've never actually used one before, either, though I've seen Bud and Lisa use them many times.

If it doesn't like it, then it will disappear right away. So try to pull it closer and talking to it. And if you succeed, you'll get an elemental coin.

Sounds like a plan. Now to decide what song to play...

Let's start off with a soft song.

...the better chance that the spirit will come closer. That's why you should use as many as possible, but right now, one is fine.

Makes sense. Maybe after this, I'll build a few more instruments and really get a good song going.

Jammin' good! The spirit likes it, too! Find the right time to put away your instrument and talk to the spirit.

Glad these instruments are magical, as I've never practiced with any. Seems a soft song was the way to go for these Wisp elementals!

Looks like that one's close enough...


Three of them! Nice!

Actually, it's a first for me, too. I just did it the way I was taught.

You learned well. Definitely taught me a thing or two, at any rate.


Whew! Well, I'm done with my assignment now! Now you can make enchanted instruments. Have fun!

Might as well get down the basics before he goes.

So how exactly do I make an instrument?
Instruments can be made with primary materials and elemental coins. Make the body of the instrument with a material like Menos Bronze... ...And add the coin to make it into an enchanted instrument. The material and coin you use determines the type of magic.

That seems simple compared to forging and golems. Just need a certain coin and a certain material. That's it.

So what's the deal with the coins?
Coins give magical effects to instruments. The song's magic type is determined by the material and coin's properties. And be sure to check whether the coin is gold or silver! It will affect the instrument's power and type of magic.

I'd imagine gold coins will always be more valuable than silver. If I had to guess, I'd imagine these coins could also have their use in forging, making weapons and armor stronger. Perhaps I'll test that once I get more coins. I just have to find some spirits first.

That's all the questions I had. Thanks!

I'll trade you these coins I got from my friends.

Gives me some variety, which is nice, so why not? Plus he did build me a workshop and taught me how to get elemental coins.

So that's how you make instruments. Sounds easy! I just wonder if a good magical instrument will be as power as my fists.