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Part 33: Two Torches

I went to the workshop to make a new weapon with the gold I got from my last adventure, and it turns out yet another person randomly made me a workshop. This one lets me create instruments using nothing more than a material and an elemental coin.

Now I can create instruments and cast magic! It's pretty easy to do, too. Pretty soon I'll be a master at all sorts of attacks! Speaking of which, I'm off to perfect my fistwork. See you later!


The desert seems like a good place to finish my glove training.

These molebears are easy to bring down, and each punch brings me one step closer to mastery.


...And done! I believe I've learned all I can in the art of the fists. I think now is a great time to return home and forge my next weapon.

Hmmm... While I'm on the way, I might as well check in at Gato and take care of that whole faerie business. The faeries kidnapped a nun from here, so maybe this place is connected to that business.

Hey, it's the long-haired man from before! Wonder what he's doing over here.

He's Matilda's old friend, and it seems like he finally came back. He's in there. Go ahead, I will allow it.

Thanks, Daena! Might as well see what Escad is up to.

Matilda...... It's been only ten years since I went to the Underworld... How is it possible that you've aged so much?

It has been only ten years since I lost two precious friends... You and...

...Irwin? Stop thinking about that demon. He took away your elemental powers to fuel his own ambitions. It is his fault that you've aged so much, isn't it!?
Don't say that. I'm not as unhappy as you think.

Oh, uh, sorry.

...... So you overheard us... I guess you know everything now.

Don't worry, I didn't hear anything. Still, would you mind explaining just what's going on here?

This is your chance to make your name known to all.

But I'm already doing a well-enough job with that as is.

Haven't you said enough? I want you to leave.
I have learned the way of the sword from Olbohn. It is the Wisdoms' will to kill that demon.
Escad...... I am overjoyed to know both of you are alive. Isn't that enough?

I still have no idea what's going on...


Matilda was born into a family of priests, and Escad in a family of knights. My family has served the temple as warriors. Irwin has demon's blood in him, but that's all we know. But no one in this world cares about what race you are. Of course, Matilda acted the same around Escad and Irwin. Escad didn't like that at all, so he tried to kill Irwin in the mines. But it was Escad who ended up falling into the Underworld.

Thank you for actually telling me what's going on. I think I can actually understand things now. Escad must be jealous of Irwin due to a combination of prejudice and Matilda's fondness of him. He does seem to be rash-minded. And he's descended from a family of knights, though I can only think of one prominent line of knights from Gato.

It also gives me a better sense of Daena. If I remember her conversation with Gaeus awhile back, she was concerned about a dying friend who was at peace with it. It seems Matilda is this person, and Daena is doing whatever Matilda wishes because she cares for her that much.

I don't know too much about Matilda herself, however. Perhaps she can fill me in more about this whole story.

Why now...?

Perhaps not. Maybe I'll go after Escad and hear his side of the story.

Oh, pardon me.

Hmmm... That nun did look different than the others...


Blast, too late!

Darn it! That was someone disguised as a nun!

Let's go!

Seems Daena's been training as well since I last fought with her. Hopefully she can keep up with me should we need to fight.


You work for Irwin, don't you!?

I only go by Lord Irwin's plans! Too bad! He he he he...

Crap! They could be anywhere by now!

This is going to be his last day on earth!

Better search Gato for them, then. I'd bet they'd hide in the dungeon area.

They might be hiding, waiting until we're gone.
There's a sealed Meditation Room we haven't searched. Could they be hiding there?
It's sealed? How are we supposed to open that?
I've arranged it to be opened, in case of emergency.
They could've gotten away somehow. I'm going to look a little more.

You've been gone for ten years, while Daena knows this area well. I'd listen to her if I were you, but then you don't seem to be the type to listen to reason to begin with.

You know this place better than me, so you can take lead.
Alright, I'll take you to the steps leading to the room.


We're here. Hopefully Matilda's still here!

There she is!

You didn't even realize this was a trap!
What do you mean, "this was a trap?"

We must bring her to safety!

This way, Abbess!

Take her for now. The show is about to begin! He he he he he... I'll take Matilda to Lord Irwin after this battle...

Bring it!

Video: Boss - Spriggan

Let's do this!

Dood has all sorts of odd attacks, from sound waves to spinning. Seems he likes to disable the enemy rather than outright hurt them. Not my style, but it could help me out.

Never seen an enemy apply evasion tactics before. This guy's definitely a step above my usual foes.

Ack! He's not messing around with his magic!

Best to stay away from the carpet when possible. He knocked my companions out cold.

Still, as crafty as he is, he's still no match for my brains and brawn!

Maybe one of these days I'll face an actual challenge.


Escad...... Please listen to me.
No, Matilda. You should rest, so I'll say it.
No, I will. Escad...... I did not want to give up my freedom to become a priestess. Irwin only wanted to free me from a life bound by rules.

Did you ever consider how Irwin will use the powers he took from you!?

Wait... So Matilda didn't want to go with Irwin, yet she chose to do so anyway? I think Irwin might be right, even if he is so for the wrong reasons. Then again, I've never really been in the position to choose between my way of life and a person I cared deeply for, so perhaps I'm not in the best position to judge.

You never took me seriously, even when we were children. But I'm not going to let the demon gain any more power!

Huh, what's this...?

I wonder if they'd mind if I took this...

Eh, I don't think they'll notice.

I'll consider this my "reward."