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Part 35: Diddle Had It!

I've certainly had one of my more unique adventures today. I actually ventured down into the Underworld itself.

I touched a msasive tombstone, which caused a dog dragoon to bring me into the Underworld. From there, I explored the area, met one of the Wisdoms, and received a "Baptism of Flames." I then slew some odd creature and met a former Dragon King. Turns out I have a curse on me that'll turn me into nothingness unless I help them slay three dragons. I guess I need to do that soon. Of all the luck...


Yeah, all this dragon and faerie stuff is getting stressful. I think I'll go to Domina with Bud and relax a bit to Capella and Diddle's show. Last I saw them, they were in Lumina.

...Oh perhaps Diddle will run off again.

What's got into him this time?

I hope he's still not upset about the whole letter thing.

Alright, nevermind. Guess I'll just go home and do some reading.


Meh... I find no joy in reading anymore. All I ever want to do is go out and adventure.

Alright, then. Let's figure out where to place this lantern...

...Do I see some apparitions moving toward Lumina? It's far away, but...

...they look like Shadoles!

Guess I better make sure they're not wrecking havoc on Lumina!

I know, I know. I'll go look for him.

Honestly, Diddle's the least of my worries right now. I'm more concerned about the Shadoles.

Oh, there's Diddle.

Diddle's been kidnapped! Better follow Capella to the Underworld!

Capella, I can't go on. I've had it.
Wait a minute! What do you mean you've had it?


Blast! Just missed them!

Still here? Go straight to the bottom!


Bah! Now I'll never find Diddle and Capella!

Pokiehl? Why would someone like you be lurking around at the bottom of the Underworld?

They say the dead come here, but it's meant for souls who still cling to life. As long as you are able to feel happiness and sorrow, you must avoid the Shadoles. The Shadoles will try to drag you to the bottom of the Underworld. If you can endure the sorrows of the dead, then this is just another warm cave.

I'm too strong a warrior and a person to succumb to the Shadoles! Best to avoid them while I'm down here.

You may return to the world above if you wish.

I can't go back yet. I've got to find my friends!


Time to climb back to the top of the Underworld!

I see what Pokiehl meant now.

These Shadoles are scattered, making it easy to get by.

This group is large, but they patrol a set path, leaving a nice gap to my left to race by them.

There are all sorts of foul demons down here, though this one is quite fragile.

I've seen everything else down here, though these foes are still more fearsome than the usual Rabites and Lullabuds I face.

This group doesn't move much, but they alternate between spectrums of visibility. I just need patience to get by these guys.

Bah! They disappeared before I could determine the optimal path! I just hope I don't run into...

Curse this foul place!

...And passed! I think I see familiar ground coming up!


Ah! There they are!

You're having fun, and people have fun watching you...

Hee hee hee... You're sounding like a good Shadole-to-be!

Then why do you always have a smile on your face!?
That's... That's for me to decide!
You just say things without thinking about anything!

Oh, stop! Why are you smiling again!?

Nothing's funny! There's nothing good about life. You get hurt, have fights, and there are too many good-byes. Watching your shows doesn't make anything better! And I don't like it when people laugh while you juggle!

I know. I understand it all, Diddle.
This world is full of borin' and nasty things... But I still like livin' in this world. Come back up when I make the world a better place.

You'll become a Shadole, and never return to human form!

I will remain myself, so don't worry about me.

He's not gonna turn into a Shadole! Yeah, right! Are we ever gonna have fun with him!
Come on, Diddle. I won't look down on ya.

I'll let you know something. All you need to do is run. If you make it up there, then you're free from us.


Guess that's my cue!


Video: Boss - Ape Mummy

Wait... That's the beast? Really? I've fought a guy like him before and everything!

No matter, it's going down!

Since this guy's a pushover, I can afford to be fancy with this beast!

These fights just get easier and easier.


Hey, welcome back! Diddle almost went back to get you! He should've trusted you like I do! Hahahahaha!

Nice to see both of them made it out! At least that's one less thing to worry about now.

Okay. But just a little longer.
How come?
Because, I'd have to break the promise that I wouldn't smile, 'cause I'm so happy.
It's okay, you can smile.

What's that supposed to mean?
It's a secret.