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Part 37: The Guardian of Winds

Today's adventure was an odd one, even by my standards. I ran into Capella and Diddle again, and once again Diddle ran off, this time to go to the Underworld because he had given up on life. Capella followed him, and all of us were dragged to the Underworld by the Shadoles.

Uhhh...yeah. I ended up right at the bottom and had to climb up to reach the two. Diddle explained that he hated playing for people and hated watching Capella entertain them, while Capella talked about how much he enjoyed life. Then Capella talked Diddle into giving life another try, and then I fought an Ape Mummy. So everything worked out in the end. I hope the next story I tell you is just as uplifting!


Gato is a religious town. Maybe I could find some spirits around here?

Not a spirit, but I certainly wouldn't mind a new traveling companion!

Ha, gotcha!

Now to search for a spirit...


Ah, there's one!

Let's try a serene tune...

Maybe a mysterious one...?

Nice! Now to wait until it comes near, and...

Nice, a Gold and two Silvers! Perhaps I can use the Silvers to build more instruments to better lure future spirits!


I probably shouldn't put this whole Dragon thing off. I have the feeling this lantern will lead me to the next stage of my path.

Hmmm... Before I go, I better pick up Larc.

Let's go.
To the mountains!

These mountains seem high. And I'd assume the dragon lives up top, huh.

Well, might as well start climbing!

The base is peaceful, at least.


Do you not see? You are being tricked!

Huh... Maybe I better not ask Larc who that is right now. He doesn't seem very happy to see her, at any rate.

Best to march on, then.

This forest is pretty small. In fact, I think I see a town up ahead...

Huh, never seen these guys before.

Perhaps I should introduce myself and try to win them over.

What a disgusting person you brought...
Who are you...

...Or not.

Windcallers...dragoons of Akravator, eh?

Wait, so these guys are Windcallers?

So you are the dragoon of Drakonis...
I have come for your master. Take me to him.
Our master sits atop the mountain. See if you can make it!


Crap! Now what...

Impressive... Dragoon of Drakonis!

Alright, let's climb this thing!

Whew... More plant life than I was expecting, but then there's still quite a way to go.

Lots of twists and turns in this mountain. Pretty easy to get lost. Hopefully this path will continue further...

Ah, one of the Windcallers!

Death awaits you!

It makes sense that these guys would be skilled with Jinn's magic. Better keep my eye out for their magic.

Of course, they're not the only ones that can master the air.


His soul... Wait, did I just hear something?

Guess it wasn't just me. Anyway, there were two others with him earlier, so I should keep an eye out so I don't get ambushed.


Ah, another one!

Die, fool!

Not today, friend!

Just as simple as the first one.

Two down, one to go.

I believe I've seen these furry guys in Gato before, but it slipped my mind to document them in my writings. Might as well do it now since I'm running out of new monsters to document.

There's a Windcaller statue blocking the path up. Considering what I've picked up from my time adventuring, I would assume this is the barrier Larc was talking about. This means we'll have to slay the final dragoon to proceed.

So let's just go do that!

What a scenic view... have a fight!

Same as the rest.

And there it is again.

Well, let's go back to that statue, then.

Aha, so it was the barrier after all! I love it when I'm right.

Whew, we're actually climbing above the clouds now, and yet there's still quite a bit to go before we reach the summit.

What do you want, whelps?
We may be weak, but we serve Akravator!

Such worthless lives...
What was that?!


They knew they had no hope, yet they sacrificed themselves to protect their dragon.

I feel horrible about this, but it's me or them, and I like living.

That's a much sturdier bird than anything I've seen so far. Not too threatening, though.

At any rate, I think we're at the top. I believe the summit is just ahead...

Time to take down a dragon!

Video: Boss - Akravator

Blast, he is even bigger than I imagined!

Do not waste my time!

Enough talk! Today I slay you!

Ack! This beast possesses some fearsome magic!

Poor Dood can't handle this guy's attacks. Guess it's just Larc and me!

Oh man, even Larc can't handle him! Guess it's up to me!

Take this!

Whew... Now that was a fight!


It's beautiful...

Who knew the dragons possessed such power!

Our next destination...

I have received the power of Mana.

I hope the next two aren't as emotionally exhausting. I'm just glad to be over with this whole thing. I feel bad enough watching those young soldiers die with a single weapon strike.