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Part 38: In Search of Faeries

Today's adventure was...interesting. I decided to help the dragoon Larc slay the first of three dragons, the wind dragon Akravator. To do that, we had to fight through the Windcallers, bird-men who serve as dragoons for the dragon. We fought them effortlessly, and eventually slew the dragon they died to protect. Many of the Windcallers suffered just so we could help some evil man regain power...

...I don't think I should be telling you these stories anymore.


In happier news, my latest pet has hatched. A Slime, by the looks of it.

Hmm, I'm starting to wonder whether this book of names is actually what it says. It just seems to be a bunch of random gibberish to me.

With a new pet, it's time to say goodbye to an old one. I wonder if I got paid so little because of its ridiculous name. I still don't know how to say it.

Anyway, time to check out my new companion.

Its slime coating helps prevent foreign toxins from temporarily shutting down my body, which is handy, I suppose.

Now that I have some more coins, it's time to create some instruments! I'm sure a full band of instruments could lure spirits more easily.

Thankfully, it's as easy as choosing an instrument type, a material, and a coin.

And there we go!

Now I have a full assortment to better lure spirits!

It's been awhile since I checked in at the Temple in Gato. Perhaps I should see how Daena and Matilda are doing.

Huh, I wonder why she wants me.

I apologize to have called upon you.

She left here, saying she needs to talk to Irwin. She hasn't come back since. Could you please find her?
Of course I will!
Thank you so much. I wish you luck.

So... Are you going to give me any idea where she might have gone?

Guess not. How helpful of you. Luckily, I know where I can get a lead.

Meimei hasn't failed me yet! Besides, it's been awhile since I visited Domina. I wonder how everyone's doing.

Bar's deserted. I wonder who's working today?

Childish, right? Rachel's sick of 'im too.

I told him to cut it out because it disgusts me, but, oh, he's such a fool!

I'm sensing a pattern here.

Anyway, let's see what Meimei has to say.


To the lake I go, then!

That's certainly an...interesting move, I guess.

I'm surprised with how quickly I'm becoming skilled with the spear. Maybe I'll master it more quickly than anticipated.

Bah, I can't remember which way to go... Is it this way?


Oh, hey, a spirit!

I'm sure a light spirit would appreciate an upbeat tune.

Just gotta set up all my instruments...

Nice! Now to snag it.

Great! This day's turning out pretty good so far.

Enough of that, though. I still need to find Tote.

See how foolish you humans are?

The faeries aren't very happy that I slew their master. I still think it's better off dead.

Ah! There he is!

In truth, only our appearances. Humans and faeries can both make use of Mana to befit their needs. We're really not that different. At least, that's what I believe.

We do not actually see them with our eyes, we feel them. It is rather hard to explain this.

Huh, I never knew that. Maybe I'm just being optimistic in trying to find common ground between our two species. I'd at least like to think we're similar enough to coexist.

Maybe jumping into a circle of Faeries will send us to the land of Faeries.

Must be Daena! She might still be around here somewhere. Better check the areas with faeries.

Or she might be right here in my path. Works for me.

Yeah. Matilda asked me to search for you.
Thanks. But it seems like I gotta go further. Did you get to hear Tote's story?
He told me you were searching for the land of Faeries. Is that right?

I guess it was true that he was hiding in the land of Faeries. Is it Matilda's powers he wants? Or is it revenge on Escad?

I don't know why I'm telling you this. Goodbye!

Hold up! Don't you know how dangerous entering the Faeries' realm could be?


Guess I better search for her before she does something foolish.


You look all grown up and demonic, Irwin.

You've got all the Faeries on your side.
Hmm, let's see... What am I capable of doing?
Just answer my question.

She's been aging too rapidly since she collapsed in the mines! Escad says it's because you took her elemental powers. You are taking away my friend...

Well, that's too bad.
Oh, shut up. Give her back the elemental powers you've stolen!

"You will see that it was only a dream when everything comes to an end."


Hm, more faeries. Maybe they've seen Daena.

Then the Stone Eye is now just a rock for us Faeries, too? How can we protect ourselves from the humans?

No, nothing.

Hey, those footsteps. Are they...

Video: Boss - Boreal Hound

Blast! I was too late!

That voice sounded so odd...

Ack! Another minion of Irwin's!

Best to keep my distance! Luckily I can do just that and still launch an offensive!

Ugh... That attack...

Can't let him...

...take me down like this!

No attack can bring me down!


Unfortunately, Daena went to the Faeries' realm. Guess I should tell Matilda what happened.


She went to Lake Kilma in search of Irwin. She found a way to enter the land of Faeries in order to confront him. She went through the portal before I could stop her.
She went to the land of the Faeries? Does that mean Irwin is there, too? No, I should not ask you any more. Thank you.

But Escad could not, so he used to make faces when I was speaking with them. We were talking about that when he was here just now. He says he can somewhat see them now. Perhaps they still live around here.

She seems to be talking quietly to herself now, thinking back to more nostalgic times.

I...think I'll let her be. I've got to figure out my next move.

Who might you be?

We haven't seen each other for quite some time, Matilda.

Selva of the Four Winds? One of the Wisdoms?
Yes, I used to visit you when you were an infant. And I know you well.
Then you know about how Irwin took away my elemental powers?
Yes, I do. When an era is about to end, anything can happen.

What will happen to Irwin and Escad?
The future is decided by those who will walk its path.

You thought so, too? I wanted to hear that.
Oh, I cannot say anything about what the Wisdoms have decided!
Olbohn the Warrior, Gaeus the Earth, Rosiotti the Beast, Tote the Tortoise, Pokiehl the Bird, & Selva of the Four Winds.

Why choose me?
You are the one who will end this era.
...... Yes, my selfishness has caused chaos.

Please allow me to die this way. It is for the world.

People fear to see the shadow they make themselves. But there is no such thing as shadows. You understand, don't you?
...... All my life I've only seen the shadows.
See only the future. The guilt you feel only locks your heart.

The flow of time is about to change its way.