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Part 40: The Field Trip

So, yeah. I introduced Bud to the six Wisdoms, and he got arguably valuable advice for his future magic career. Makes me wonder what happened to the seventh Wisdom, though.

How would you know that? I rarely see you leave your pot. Oh well, I've done enough talking for one day. Time for some more adventure!


I've still got some dragons to slay, so no sense in putting this off any longer.

First, let's get this creepy thing out of my stuff.

This place is easily one of the creepiest-looking places I've ever seen.

At any rate, time to see what horrors await us!

...I wasn't expecting this.

We're working on our triple-reagent-mixing assignment. Ms. Thesenis said we should make stuff with reagents around here, but we're having no luck at all. Even the Flowerlings are helping us, but we've had nothing but duds.

Guess I better do what he says. I'd hate to fight a dragon while all these students are around.

The undead are nothing to me. I've fought much more fearsome.

I guess that's where most of these reagents are, huh? Guess I better check them out.

Miss...Miss Thesenis!
It's alright! We're working hard!


That teacher's way too scary!

Right... Anyway, let's see what I can learn about these reagents.

The herbs were kept secret, for fear of angering the lord of the hill. As the next generation of alchemists, we can't take all that too seriously... But it's freaky to hear that trembling voice every single day! Maybe there really is something...

Hmm. Maybe I should look into that. That said, if you're hearing loud voices from the top of the hill, it might be a good idea to take them a bit more seriously.

Right. So the student was wanting three reagents. Seems to be quite a bit more, though. Guess I'll just have to do this by trial and error.

I found some ullypen!
I'm so tired.

Faerie scales, ullypen, spotted silver mushrooms. Alright, sounds like a good start.

Sounds like two of the three are correct. I should probably do a bit more experimenting first, as I have the luxury of time on my side.

Green moss!
I got some star sparkles!

Right. I'm hoping one of these will be the missing ingredient.

Ah! So it's two of faeries scales, ullypen, and the spotted silver mushrooms, and then one of the gypsy tooth, green moss, and star sparkles.

I don't think I want to delve into alchemy.

So let's try a gypsy tooth, faerie scales, and ullypen.

Since faerie scales and ullypen were both in the set with two working reagents, that means one of them won't work. This also means the spotted silver mushrooms are definitely one of the three, while a gypsy tooth is definitely not. Progress!

I found a rat tail!
Sproutling leaves!

All of these are new, and I've already found all three reagents in earlier combinations, so none of these should work.

Still worth testing, though. At any rate, I've got it narrowed down now. Spotted silver mushrooms are definitely a reagent, the second is either faerie scales or ullypen, and the third is either green moss or star sparkles.

So let's try ullypen and star sparkles.

One of those is correct. Two more tries maximum is all I'll need.

So let's try the faerie scales instead of the ullypen. If I get only one correct, then I know it's ullypen and green moss.


When little kids take this, it makes their heads explode! One time, Bud drank some of this by mistake, and he ran around all day!

Haha! Sounds exactly like something Bud would do.

A seed? I already have one or two of this one!

Oh well, at least it was a nice little opportunity to test my brain a bit.