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Legend of Mana

by Mega64

Part 41: The Ghost of Nemesis

We went to the Bone Fortress to encounter the dragon, but instead we ran into some students from Geo trying to conjure some alchemy. I ended up helping them create some potion that "blows up kid's heads" rather than slay a dragon.

It's nice to help students out, but I still have a dragon to slay, so I'm going to go do that now.


Right, now we shall slay that dragon and get rid of my wretched curse.

What happened?


The herbs on the hill will cure anything.
But lately, there's been a weird voice coming from inside that bony castle. People say that an old dragon called the Dragon of Knowledge lives there...

Ack! I've never heard a roar that loud!

Right, then. Better prepare.

This student's selection is certainly interesting. I haven't seen any other places that sells fruits and seeds, and these are seeds I don't see much of. I'm overloaded in Big and Long Seeds from plant monsters, but usually I only find these from Trent. Might as well buy a few while I'm here.

At least things will be less dangerous for everyone else here while I take on the next dragon.

Oh crap!


We have come to see Jajara. Let us through!
Never, evil ones! I shall exterminate you here!

Bring it!

This guy is certainly using his etheral form to his advantage. It must be handy to move your limbs anywhere at will.

A shame I have to put him down.

Right, the whole dragon and all that.

Careful here...

Ditto! Wait!


Ugh... Where is everyone?

Looks like I'm alone for now.

To be honest, this place gives me the creeps. What a horrible place to be separated from my companions.

Dead end...

And this just loops back around. There has to be another passage somewhere...

I'll help you out!

Hey, a passage just opened up next to me!

If you're ever lost, just ask my friends. They'll help you out!

Go figure that there'd be some helpful spirits in this place. I guess this place isn't as bad as I thought!


Hey, Ditto!

Remind me to bench you next time for that stunt.

Hey, this guy unlocked another path!

...Well, then.

Looks like these are switches. With Ditto to help, we can push them both down simultaneously...

...And the door's open!

I'll help you out! Hmm? Where do you want to go?

Uhh... The first floor?

I have no idea where I am right now. Let's try...

How about the second floor?

Looks like that worked.

Nothing in here.


Not here, either.

Or here.

Is there a third floor?


You must know why Drakonis is trying to kill the dragons!

I have a good idea why, but...
So you went around slaying dragons with full knowledge of his plan!? You disgust me!

Wait a minute!

Whoa, she looks pretty skilled in those blades!

Still no match for me, of course.

She doesn't seem to be evil, so I shouldn't hurt her too badly.

But someday...someday I will stop you!

Yeah, keep thinking that.

Hmmm... Interesting insignia.

Bah, I can't find Larc anywhere on this floor! But maybe this key will lead me elsewhere...

Back to the second floor, please.

Ah, looks like this key was what I needed!

Did you just kill somebody? Hmm? I once killed someone when I was younger... I thought I was doing the right thing. But then I was cut down, betrayed by a friend. You may think you're right, but one day you'll be killed, too... As long as everyone believes they're right, mankind will never change.

I...I don't want to talk to you anymore...


Sister? Is Sierra...?

It's more my slime's fault than yours. The important thing is that we're all together, which means one thing.

It's time to slay a dragon!

Video: Boss - Deathbringer

This is an unsettling bridge.

Hmm!? Why, it's Larc the Conqueror!

Deathbringer!? You mean, the legendary Deathbringer of long ago?

Now I see... So you are the servant of Drakonis...

Hahahahaha! To think we would meet again like this, after a hundred years...

Wow, how long have these two been fighting?

Now's my chance to really prove my strength!

Didn't expect him to harnass electricity attacks!

...Was that really the strength of the legendary Deathbringer? There's no way he's that weak.


Now that the dragoon is down, we can get to the dragon itself!

Video: Boss - Jajara

Jajara!! in the stead of my master Drakonis...

Have we not seen enough bloodshed? Foolishness! Utter foolishness!


I better not take him lightly!

Oh crap! Larc's down already!

Take this!

Whew! That was simpler than I-

Wh-what's going on!?

The fiend revived himself!

What's he planning here?

No matter! I slew him once, and I'll slay him again!

He's trying to bring down this entire palace on us!

I won't let him!

And stay dead!


Fear not! This time, you'll rest forever in the Underworld.

And Jajara tried to hide that by building this castle...

Hmm... I wonder if I should...

Well, might as well speak my mind.

So, about Drakonis...
When I locate a Mana stone, our lord received its power directly. Once this place loses its Mana, it will wither and die. Then, no ghost will stand guard here.

That wasn't what I was going to ask...

Lord Drakonis takes great interest in your accomplishments. And there is but one Mana stone left...

And that's what I'm most dreading.