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Part 43: Pokiehl: Dream Teller

My most recent adventure had me go to a skeletal palace full of undead in order to defeat another dragon.

I got separated from Larc while in the fort and had to search for him. Along the way, I fought what I assume was his sister, who tried to stop me. After finding Larc, we ran into the dragoon of this place, the legendary Deathbringer. Fortunately, his combat prowess hasn't aged well with time and he went down easily. The dragon itself was another story, as I really had to wail on him to bring him down. At any rate, I'm taking a break from dragons for awhile. Think I'll search for further adventures for now.


I think I'll go back to the Bone Fortress to see if there's any clues about Drakonis's true motives. Better take Lisa along in case I need backup, as who knows what other nasty tricks that place has.

Something feels off here...

Video: Boss - Deathbringer II

Huh, what's happening here?

The Deathbringer's back! Suppose I shall kill him again!

Ack, that's a nasty attack.

Leave it to the little girl to finish off the fearsome undead emperor.

Alright, now to investigate before he comes back again.

Hm, looks like an undead. I still don't fully understand how an undead being is born like any other creature, but I'll go with it.

Besides, I'd imagine an undead creature would have some decent powers, so it couldn't hurt having one on my team!

Hmmm... Nothing else here but Jinn spirits. A few coins, but nothing very useful here. Guess this was a dead end after all. Guess I'll go back home and plan my next move.


I need to take a break from this dragon and faerie business. Perhaps seek Watts to learn to better forge my weapons, and to train a bit more with my spear.

Huh, what's Pokiehl doing here again?

The earth teaches us of the cosmos and of all its ancient memories.

The light sparkles on the feathers of the birds of paradise. Break loose from the shackles of time! Know what freedom is!

...What the heck is he going on about?


Escad? It looks like him, yet he's certainly not that young.

......I guess you're not with the demon.

I'm looking for Irwin. He not only has demon's blood in him... ...His thoughts and actions, everything about him is demonic! I've got to do something about it before it's too late!

Matilda... You're such a fool! He tricked you into leaving the temple!

Is this a flashback of sorts? What he described is what happened in the past.

Guess I'll press further.

The mines are pretty much the same as they are now, though I see no sign of Watts. I guess Pokiehl wants me to see the past to better understand the current situation, so onward I go.

Eh, sure.


Wonder where he teleported me.

I see gas spewing out here... It must be tough for you and Escad.
I wonder if the mine entrance is still holding up?
I don't know. Let's rest a little before we go further.

Between the guy's looks, the girl's clothes, and their knowledge of Escad, perhaps these two are none other than Matilda and Irwin of ten years ago?

Better fight on and learn what else I can!


............ I wonder why Escad hates you so much?

Just because you are a demon?

That was the mine entrance... I guess it was just too old.

This was really fun at the beginning... It was the first time I ever left the temple by my own will.

You're protected by the spirits that also protected your ancestors. Even if I die here, you will survive.
I won't become the priestess...

I just want to eat you up, like all demons do.
You're lying! I...I want to go to the Underworld!

Hmm, I don't like this darkness... Summon your spirit. It will tell us how we can save ourselves.

You gotta live! If you hate this world so much, I will destroy it! We should have the freedom to use our power in any way we want!

Ixe hos vellus il aque kin...... Your powers are mine now, spirit!


Ugh... Was that what happened?

Escad? Is this the present?

I guess I am. So that is how that played out. That said, I'm still a bit confused.

Are you with me, fighting for justice... ...Or with Daena, aiding demons and making mankind your enemy?

It's not that simple. I still don't know what Irwin's true intentions are. Irwin does need to be stopped, but I'm not wholly convinced he's the evil demon you claim him to be.

But I haven't chosen a-

Oh, so that's how you want to play it.

Video: Boss - Escad

You may have skill with that blade, but your heavy, slow sword is no match for the speed and range of my spear!

For instance, see how ineffective your dark attacks are when I'm not close enough to be hit by them.

And now let me show you how one fights when trained not by the ruler of the Underworld, but under the guidance of the Goddess Herself.

No matter how valiant you act, your intentions are just as selfish as any other person. You lack an open mind, blinded so much by your hatred for Irwin. He's not destroying the world because of his blood.

That is why you'd never be able to defeat him.

As for your earlier question...I've made my choice.