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Part 44: Can't Look Back

Today's encounter began in the Ulkan Mines. I ran into Pokiehl again, and he pulled out his magical music box.

I ended up seeing the events of ten years ago of what happened with Escad, Matilda, and Irwin. Escad was the same as ever, but I got to see Matilda as the scared young woman who didn't want to live the confined life of a priestess. As for Irwin...I still don't know whether he genuinely cares about Matilda or if he was simply using her to gain her powers. At any rate, I woke up and ran into current-day Escad, who fought me after I had a bit of doubt. He's clearly not thinking things through, so if I have to fight him again, I will. I guess I better train a bit just in case.


In lighter news, my new undead buddy has hatched! Looks to be a Skull Beast.

I'm not feeling particularly clever today. It doesn't help that I have a lot on my plate.

It's a shame to sell Sissel, but I don't have the space to expand the barn, unfortunately, and someone has to go.

At any rate, let's check out my new companion.

At least I can use his build to deflect the attacks of other undead. Plus he seems to have a decent bit of strength to him.

I think today I will explore new territory. I don't think I can put off the Irwin thing for too much longer, but I really don't want to deal with it today. That, plus it's irritating carrying this thing around.

After all the warm and humid places I've visited, it's nice to have an opportunity to explore a quieter, calmer place.

Hey, it's that guy who tried to blow up the world!

Your deceased wife will not come back to life...

At least he seems less...destructive today.

You will not find Faerie treasure here, young traveler... You might end up getting turned into an ice statue by the ice witch.

Ice witch, huh? I guess I know what I'll be fighting today!

A few new creatures here, including another type of demi-humans. These Sahagin may not look too clever, but they know how to use a trident. Unfortunately for them, so do I.

Probably too well, actually. I think I'm close to mastering the spear, so perhaps after this trek I'll forge myself a new weapon. But what...

Oh, there's the wizard!

What about the Faerie treasure!?
I'd much rather see ourselves alive. Let's go.
But...your brother lost his life looking for the treasure!

It is believed that Faerie treasure lets you meet the deceased... But perhaps he was reunited with his wife through death.
...... Mr. Mephianse!
What is it?

Go ahead.

At least he's not doing something nefarious this time. I guess there are two sides to every Lucre, so to speak.

Mr. Mephianse might be scared of them.

Probably not the best place to take your students. Then again, neither is a desert, or a bone fortress, or many of the other places I've seen students wandering about.

...... But...

...Guess I should follow him.

Weird seeing aquatic creatures in a snow-covered valley, but far from the weirdest thing I've encountered, or will probably encounter for that matter.

Is that a dragon? I guess these types love colder climates, which perhaps explains why they usually perch in high places.

Almost there...


I...I am sorry. But tell me the truth! Please!
How many times do I have to tell you that he is alive? You are the one who was telling everyone that I killed him.
Oh, you still don't believe me, do you?

I just did not want to believe it! Is that really Nakratos?
His magical powers were amazing... To survive in this brutal environment, he became a snow monster. He's still waiting for the Faeries at the Garden of Icicle Flowers.
Nakratos, what a fool you are... You cannot do anything to Faeries that way...
Nakratos no longer has a human mind. You know that, don't you? This is the truth you refused to hear until now.

Only if I could send him to the Underworld, where his wife awaits him!
Is that what you wish to do? Go right ahead.

Ah! There he is! And that must be the ice witch!

I suspect I missed something. Again. I really need to stop wasting time killing things.

I'm not sure what's going on, but I'm good at killing things, so might as well do it!

As for this "witch," I think I've read a bit about her in the past.

Anyway, time to fight this monster!

...Oops. Wrong way.

For real this time!

Video: Boss - Du'Mere

Aha! He must have used magic to make himself survive in the cold! A shame it twisted his mind like this. Oh well, I'll end his madness!

With style!

A shame I couldn't have fought him when he was a powerful mage. Ah well, at least I did the right thing.

And as a bonus, I've perfected my spear arts.

Better break the news to Mephianse.


You freed him for me... Thank you.
Now how do you feel?
...... Not so great.
You still don't believe me, do you?

That's important, you know.

Oh boy.

At least I anchor. A success...?