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Part 45: Star-crossed Lovers

I wandered into a snow-covered land and ran into a wizard I met previously named Mephianse. He was searching for his brother, who went to the area to search for Faerie treasure that would bring back his life. Mephianse believed that an ice witch killed his brother, but it turns out his brother turned himself into some sort of monstrous snow creature to adapt to the cold.

Needless to say, I killed it. This was actually pretty tame as far as my adventures go. I think it's what I needed to refocus my efforts to stop that demon. To Gato, I guess.


I've mastered a one-handed sword, so why not do a two-handed one? Besides, it'd be nice to show up that jerk Escad in the weapon he spent ten years training in after training maybe ten minutes with it.

Good thing I have several of these Braveblades lying around, as I don't have the materials to forge anything stronger.

I better check up on Matilda and make sure Escad's not doing something stupid like he usually is.

Huh, Daena's back from the Land of Faeries. I better see what happened there.

So now I know all of Matilda's backstory...

What? Where are we going?
To the Mindas Ruins for now. You can rest a bit there. Then you go to the land of the Faeries. The flow of time is different there. Once you get there, you can prolong your life.
Did you see Irwin?

Did he say anything?
...... You have to see him, Matilda. He, not Escad, is the only one who can save you.

Oh jeez, not him again.

I will finish off Irwin! Your job is finished!
Oh, Escad... Don't say that... Please stay by my side, Daena...

Escad just gets madder and madder. If he wants to take on Irwin alone, I say-

Oh crap!!

What you said about learning from a Wisdom was a lie!
Say whatever you want to say!

This is too far. Fighting your own friends... What kind of misguided "justice" does this guy follow?

Matilda! You're not strong enough to cast spells!


Don't go!

I never gave up hoping that you survived...

Don't be silly, Irwin... Look at me! I have become a wrinkly grandma in the past ten years.
...... Your appearance has changed.

But I did not know that demons aged. Look at you!
The land of Faeries strongly reflects one's thoughts. You can form your own appearance by imagining it.
Is that why you want to take me to the land of Faeries?

The Faeries will not accept me.
I have the power to make them accept whatever I say. You accept things without question, like the rules of heartless humans!

Your life is not about walking the path others make!
I know what you are trying to say, Irwin. But we do not always have a choice.


Ugh... Why am I back here, of all places?

Oh, blast it all! Now I'm going to have to find my way out of here!

I believe Daena said she wanted to take Matilda to these ruins, as they serve as a gateway to the Land of Faeries. The Tower of Winds is the highest place here, so I should head there to use that place to scout for them.

Just need to cut my way through these weaklings first.

Unfortunately, I'm going to have to deal with these blasted gates first.

Wait a minute... Of all the places for him to be...

You look worried! You must be in a hurry, but you're lost! Well, you are in good hands now! Hehehe. I'll guide you to the Tower of Wind for only 500 Lucre!
500 Lucre? Forget it. I'll walk.

Unfortunately, he's kind of right. Still, I can get by without him.

Excellent. Already learning a few tricks with this thing.


...I hate these ruins. I hope I never have to come back here.

At least it gives me an excuse to train in this thing. Heavy, but effective.

Aha! I just need to climb these steps, and then I can search for Matilda!

Daena and Escad! ...Fighting!?

How foolish you are! There's no difference between any of us!

I was indecisive before, but now I've made my choice. Escad's the true demon here, driven only by his own selfish impulses. If I have to stop Irwin, I need to stop Escad first!

Daena! Let's work together to take him down!

Video: Boss - Escad

Together we fight!

I've never seen Daena put so much effort into a fight.

Oh crap! I hope she can handle that attack.

It's not even fazing her!

This...this isn't my fight. This is clearly Daena's fight.

I didn't contribute as much as I usually did, but somehow that makes victory all the sweeter. Daena definitely earned this one.


Ah! There she is!

Where's Irwin? You need to go to the land of Faeries!

What!? But...why? Where did Irwin go?
Thank you for being so concerned about me, Daena. But seeing Irwin was good enough. I feel much better.
No, that's not good enough! Tell me the truth!

Yes, I am.
Then go to the land of Faeries with him. Don't die like this! Irwin will go and bring catastrophe without you!

If he decides to destroy this world, I will gladly accept it.

...This may be the stupidest thing I've encountered yet.

They will lose their lives along with their freedom!
Daena, believe in me, and believe in yourself. You cannot hide the truth or the future. One must do what one believes in. That is the only way.

No, Daena's right. You've lost your mind, and you must be senile if you think Daena and I will let your boyfriend destroy the world.

I only want you two to be happy in the land of Faeries. Why can't you understand that?
Do not worry. I know what brings me happiness. Daena, do whatever makes you happy.

Is that so wrong an idea?
But if I think the same way as you do, we will never be happy.

He said he is going to try to destroy this world.
Destroy the world? Oh, come on, Irwin!

Yeah... I somehow doubt destroying Fa'Diel is the will of the Goddess. Especially if I have anything to say about it.

So this is what the Mana Goddess has decided?

Looks like reason is out. The only way to stop Irwin now is to defeat him. Even if he has elemental powers, and even if he's harnassed his demonic powers for many years, I will defeat him.