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Part 46: Heaven's Gate

Today I went to visit Matilda. Daena offered to take Matilda to the land of Faeries to meet Irwin, but Matilda refused. Then Escad showed up and freaked out, attacking Daena and being his usual jerkish self. Matilda transported us to the Mindas Ruins, and when I finally caught up, Escad and Daena were facing off. I joined Daena to defeat Escad once and for all, and then we caught up to Matilda, who let Irwin go, even though it means she's letting Irwin destroy the world.

I know. Matilda said some nonsense about letting Irwin be free to destroy the world, but Daena and I couldn't make any sense of what she was saying. At any rate, Irwin's getting ready to destroy Fa'Diel, so I need to find a way to stop him. Wish me luck!


I have to speak to Matilda. Even if she wants to protect Irwin, I still may find out where Irwin is.

...Right, then.

Why must I stop him? I love him. Giving him freedom is my happiness.
But don't you want to be at the side of the person you love?
I was always with him. Only our bodies were far apart.

You can both live on and be together in the land of Faeries! That is for the sake of both of you and the world!

The imperial soldiers simply fight by their emperor's order. The pirates steal others' belongings because they desire them. Who is more sinful?

Neither one is sinful. It was the Goddess who gave us freedom. To deny the freedom of others is the true sin.

...I think I get it. Matilda is indeed a hypocrite. She doesn't actually care about the freedom of others, the many people who would die if Irwin indeed destroy the world. She only cares about the freedom of Irwin. If she goes to him and stops his plans, she'll feel guilty from stopping him from following his deepest desires. She thinks by letting him destroy the world, he'll then accept her as his love.

She's a fool. Love truly can take the wisest mind and temper it with pure stupidity. She's being selfish, and it's hurting those who care for her, particularly Daena. Escad was beyond saving anyway, but Daena's the one truly suffering in all this. It's unfortunate.

If that is what you desire to do, then it is.
...What about you? What are you going to do about this?
Once I am sure that you, Irwin, and Talamond remain free......then the curtain will fall on my role in this world.

There is so much left to do in life! Don't leave me! I still want to be your little sister, Matilda...
You can do as you please, Daena.

...Well, then. That was as frustrating as always.

I do. Maybe together we can stop Irwin.
Then I shall go with you.

Alright. Let's see if I can get anything out of Matilda...

...What's this?

May the Goddess's blessing be with you.

I'm done talking to you. You can rot in the Underworld for all I care.

Video: Introduction to Lucemia

...The Brooch of Love, huh? Feels like an artifact to me. Perhaps this will lead me to where Irwin is.

Well, here goes nothing!

Lucemia!? The wyrm that ravaged Fa'Diel long ago?

How am I supposed to reach him?

The Cancun Bird!

Take us to the wyrm!

This is it! Today we will defeat Irwin!

Thank you, Cancun Bird!

We still have a trek to go to reach the head, where Irwin is likely located. It's difficult footing, but I think we can do this!

There's all sorts of odd creatures lurking around here. It doesn't matter, as I'll fight through anything to stop Irwin!

Bah! It's too precarious to progress! Our only option is to go inside the beast!

Hollow... Is Lucemia undead, possessed by the powers of Irwin?

What powerful creatures! I've never seen a scorpion of that size before!

They're still nothing next to me.

Never seen these guys before, but they seem fragile enough for the undead.

I can't let myself be slowed down by these weaklings!

Aha, an exit!


Can you take it?

I've been training so I could undergo something like this! Irwin is no match for me!

Does the fool not realize the fate of the world is at stake here?

Further into the belly of the beast we go.

Stand aside!

Bah...This beast is too large! Surely Irwin can't be too far away now, though...

...Is that...?


Video: Boss - Irwin

Finally face to face with Irwin himself!

It is your fate to perish! You, who have stolen so much from the land.

My sentiments exactly.


No matter what form you take, I do not fear you. For today, you shall die by my hand!

...Ah crap.

Yeah, he's not messing around. He's attacking so fast I can barely get any hits in!

Once again, I'm the last one standing.

I don't care how long it takes, but I'm confident I can outlast you in this battle! that it?



Whew...I did it! I stopped him! I saved Fa'Diel!


Oh crap! The wyrm's falling!

Cancun Bird!

Whew... Just made it!


It's finally over. Irwin has been defeated, and Fa'Diel has been saved. Of course, it has been a rather frustrating journey to get to this point...

Oh, what now?

Abbess Matilda passed away just a moment ago...! Is the body in the Dreamweaving Room?

Disappeared!? But...why...?
What shall we do? Shall we search for it?
............ No, that is not necessary......
How should we announce this matter to the world?

I can't say I'll miss her. I'm just glad this whole ordeal is over. I think I'll rest a bit before going on my next adventure. It's been awhile since I spent any quality time at home...


Did he die?
He was supposed to be the one who would annihilate the humans...

Maybe we are the ones going extinct.
That is right. The memories of war made us forget who we really are.


Hey, mister big shot! There are spirits wandering around without permission! Tell me what to do!
Let them wander. They're not causing any trouble.
Aaaaaaargh!! You don't care 'bout a thing, do you!?

Hey, who the heck are you!? Have you received the Baptism of Flame?
Welcome, Matilda. Have you decided to go with Selva's idea?
It will be my pleasure, sir.

Well, Matilda, you don't need to look so ancient anymore. Irwin will be hurt to see you that way, since he has always regretted what he did in the past.
Then I suppose I will change my appearance.

Did Irwin come here, too?
He is down on the lower levels. Should I take you there?


There are rules that you have to follow here!!

He he he he he...

Go away, Shadoles.
Go away!? Did you say that!?
Geez, girl! Who are you to tell us where to go?

That was an easy Spell of Truth. How does it feel to be dead, Irwin?
I'm more surprised about your powers, not my death.
Well, actually, it is the power of the universe, not my own. Our souls can create anything we desire in a flash.
Just like a god...?
You can do it, too. All you need to do is to wish for it.

But that is not correct! You created ME.

...but by meeting you, I was able to begin creating the person I really should be.
Matilda... Your presence was always a thorn in my heart. If I could, I would wish to be born as a demon again, to bring chaos to this world. ...I need to free myself from a spell named Matilda.

I am here because not only I wished for it, but so did you. And this unfair world you wished to destroy is about to end. Everything is created through us.