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Legend of Mana

by Mega64

Part 49: Seeing Double

So after I went in to check up on you, someone kidnapped the Sproutling. It turns out it was an old conjurer who wanted to protect the Mana Tree. Then suddenly the wisdom Pokiehl showed up, and the two had a lengthy discussion in my workshop about the merits of the Mana Tree. Eventually, the conjurer relented, and allowed me to find the Sproutling in his dream world.

Then I heard a voice in my head, and when I awoke, I had this sword. I...feel compelled to place it, even if I don't feel ready yet to go to the destination.


Looks like the Sproutlings are still here, though I don't see the original one.

A shame the other one disappeared, but I'm totally fine with these guys hanging around. Bud and Lisa could learn from these guys.

Video: Tree of Mana Transformation

So...this is the legendary Sword of Mana, huh? It's quite an honor to be able to hold this sword. A shame I can't use something like this in combat, tempting though it is. I couldn't bear to spill blood with this blade, considering it was a gift from above, perhaps from the Mana Goddess herself.

The mana in this blade is intense... What power!


It's really... It's the Tree of Mana!

I...I'm not ready to explore there yet. Not when I have so much more of the world to explore. But now, now I have a goal to work towards. Once I finish this pesky dragon business, once I find a way to save the Jumi, once I explore every land I possibly can, then and only then will I explore the Tree of Mana.

Until then, I need to think about a few things. It's been an exhausting past few weeks, and I need to relax.


Huh, new spirit!

Let's try a cheerful tune!

Bah, no gold! Oh well, maybe next time.

Let's see if I can find another one...

Ooh, an aerial egg!

Its efforts to hide from me were for nothing. Gotcha!


That walk did me good, and not just for the goodies I've found.

It's been awhile since I visited cheery ol' Domina. It's always good to know that whatever horrible things befall the rest of the world, Domina will always be safe.

...What the heck!? That sounded just like...



Guess I better make sure that Sproutling's alright, first.

Don't pick the leaves!

Hey, come back! Bah, I better take care of my doppleganger and quick!

I'll return when new ones grow back.

Come back here!

Blast it!

Did he go this way...?

Bad hero! Bad hero!

This guy's ruining my reputation and hurting the Sproutlings. The sooner I find him, the better!

Huh, haven't seen Duelle here in awhile.

...Wait a minute. Pumpkins?

Shut up! I'm going to use pumpkinmen to take over the world!

...Oh dear.

Why are you sayin' such things? Wot's goin' on?
Hand them over...or else!
Else wot? Speak up, man! You can't threaten me! I ain't afraid of you!

On me back... Is wot...?

I'll give you the pumpkins, so please, leave me be!


...Yeah...I should catch that doppleganger...

The fiend!

No running from me this time!

You're cornered now!

Because you're such a... Because I hate you. I can't say it... but I'm your dark side... Yeah, that's it. Your dark side. Of course, I don't understand why I'm just somebody else's dark side... It's like I can't help feeling sorrow, but...

Man, this guy talks a lot. How were people mistaking him for me again?

Aha! I should've known it was a morph!

Video: Boss - Shadow Zero-One

This thing should be a piece of cake!

It's more resiliant than your average Shadow Zero, and its small size makes it hard to hit.

Still, it's out of its league here. That should take care of that little fella's shenanigans.



It boiled the Sproutlings' leaves, and grew evil pumpkin patches... I wonder what it was thinking.

Pumpkins? Impersonatin' blokes!? Pumpkin patches?
Huh? Teapo, do you have any idea what went on?


Blimey! Thank 'eavens it wasn't 'im!