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Part 52: Summer Lovin'

I went to a place called Polpota Harbor. It turns out a ghost was haunting the local hotel, and a ship full of soldiers had disappeared nearby. Also, there was this newly-rich jerk of a fish called Basket Fish that had legs and a gem called the Blue Eye, which lets him see the ocean or something. He was also really into the local dancer of the hotel.

Tell me about it. Anyway, it turns out a siren's song sunk the ship, and the ghost was actually a jewel thief in disguise. She managed to steal the Blue Eye from Basket Fish. Turns out it was a Jumi core, and this thief was the same one that attacked Rubens! Maybe I'll catch her one of these days...


You know what? I've had enough of ghosts and faeries and dragons and what-not. I just want a nice peaceful trip to the beach. Surely nothing major will be going on here.

So far, so good. Nothing but crabs and a penguin couple.

Must you return to the ship, my darling David?
There ain't no such thing as freedom for us henchmen, love...
......I know. I should never have fallen in love with a pirate.

So they're crabs! Gee, they don't look as crabby today!

Sheesh... He certainly has the humor of a pirate.

Huh? What's up?


Oops! Might as well make a game out of it and see how many crabs I can bash!

This is fun!

I don't think it should count if I have to use my sword, though.

Oh, there's a new one! Looks a bit ugly, but nothing I can't handle.

Oh man, so many crabs to bash! Where to begin?

Huh, that's an odd beast there. The Mana Goddess certainly makes strange creatures, or perhaps they simply evolved their razor-sharp snout?

And this...thing. Its head is so large, it scares me. Seems child-like despite its massive appearance, though.


Yeah, I'm definitely enjoying my day at the beach. No world-endangering peril, just penguin drama and crab murder.

Speaking of which!

Hey, come back here!

Video: Fullmetal Haggar

Blast, I don't see that crab anywhere!

Oh, hello!

Oh boy, I can't wait to bash you!

This guy definitely has a thick enough shell to stop my swipes. No matter!

There's always more than one way to bash a crab!

Hah, I actually knocked the bugger's eye out! Better be merciful here and put it out of its misery!

Oh wow! It's certainly not giving up!

Too bad for it!

I think I'll count that as two. Seems fair, right?


I ain't gonna leave you alone anymore! We'll be together forever!
David, my love! You must go back to your ship!
But Valerie, if I quit bein' a pirate, we can be together! My heart's all set to give it all up for you!

You used to talk about how you wanted to see the world. Don't you remember saying that when we were kids?
I remember. But I was too young to know any better.

I did say that, but you said somethin' about an egg!

Aren't I silly? I'm only dreaming about having an egg.

Now go! I'm going to hate you if you don't! Go back to your ship!

10 years later... No, even if it be 100 years later... I'll come back as a cap'n, with 100 penguins under my wing!

...Is that a crab, I see?


I'll hatch the egg myself. That's what's best for our happiness.

Oh yeah, sorry about your boyfriend or whatever. I wasn't really paying attention since I was focused on...ooh, shiny!

Sorry about that. You were saying?