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Part 53: A Siren's Song

I decided to take a break from my adventuring by taking a trip to the beach. It's pretty fun going around bashing as many crabs as you can!

Also, I met a penguin couple who were in love, but their different lifestyles kept them apart. The male went off to follow his dreams to become a mighty pirate, while the female stayed behind with their egg. Quite a shame, really. I hope it works out in the end.


The sunshine is nice, but I feel like relaxing in the dim twilight of Lumina. I need some time to reflect on things.

Hmm? Wonder why all these soldiers are here.

Man, it's not even funny!

I think it was a mermaid's doing.

I only know of one mermaid, and she doesn't seem the type to destroy ships from what little I know of her.

I think Monique at the lamp shop could be the one.

Monique also doesn't seem the type. It must be someone else. Perhaps it wasn't a song at all?

Where is the darn lamp shop, anyway!?

Yikes! I better check to make sure Monique's safe.

At least she's safe for now. Still, I should take care of this little problem before anybody gets hurt.

From what I remember, their ship sank near Polpota Harbor. Maybe I should gather some clues, or ask Thoma if he learned anything.

At least he's still here. Better go check on him.

Rest in peace...

Could it be...? Thona, is it you?
I will not die until the imperial order is fulfilled...
Enough, Thona! That's my job! To the Underworld with you!
I cannot... His highness is immortal... He controls the dead...
Some dead have come back, like you... Tell me, what has happened here?



...Wow. That just brought up more questions than it answered.

To the hotel, then!

Huh, there's Basket Fish. Wonder what he's doing behind the counter.

Saphoe, huh? Don't know of them. I wonder why they'd give a Jumi core to...him.

I'm penniless... Why me...? I'm only five years old... But in love, age doesn't matter!
Yes, yes.

At least he's still the same Basket Fish...for better or worse.

The sound of the ocean soothes the memory... It makes you forget much... If that is true, then many memories must be asleep under the waves.

Perhaps that is why the ocean calls so many, including myself. While I've had many fine memories so far in my adventures, there are certainly others I would be glad to forget.

The drinks are good, and it's a nice hotel. That dancer is really good, too.
Thank you! Dance is my passion!
Stay away from Revanshe... She dosen't like suitors!
Hmm... I feel like having some fish.
Gwagwa! You won't catch me!

At least Thoma's handling things pretty well.

As tempting as that offer is, I have business to attend to. I still need to find clues concerning that shipwreck. Maybe the resteraunt...

Wait a minute... Monique?

Hey, there she is! The one that sank our mates' ship!

Excuse ME! I presume you have the wrong person. Yes, I'm a siren, but I haven't been here for a while...

What do you mean? We found the siren who sank the ship!

That's right. Punishing one siren will do.

Err... OK? Seems like these guys were looking more for a scapegoat than anything.

And there goes Monique. Now if only I could find this other siren...

I'm glad Thoma's making himself a new home here.

Hold on a second...

So that siren will wither and die... Looks like we will be hated by other sirens...
Sirens are only good for singing their songs and sinking ships! We'll always win as long as we chase them to dry land.
They'd better know not to go around sinking others' ships!

So they've captured the siren near the ocean... Since there's no sign of one here, that only means it would be at...

To the beach!


Not gonna waste my time with these guys. Gotta cut my way through!

Haven't seen this way yet...

Ah, Monique!

No, you just sang a song. They say our voices bring misfortune, but they don't have the right to say that!
But if I don't sing, ships won't sink, either. They say I can sing here, since it's away from the ships.
Oh, my! You sound like one of those soldiers!

It's my choice to stay here, too, isn't it? You are always cooped up in that atelier of yours, too! There are so many soldiers around... Here inside, there's peace.
Listen to me, Elle. I didn't say there was freedom outside.

All we do is sing, and those stupid ships sink. I say, "Let them!" We're just doing what we were born to do. It's not fair!
...... I know. But we are constantly being chased down by them.

I was born to be myself. That's my freedom.

Hmm. This is certainly a tough one. Of course, that depends on whether a siren's song really can sink a ship. On one hand, tragedies like the one that happened to that ship could be avoided this way. Still, Elle seems nothing more than a scapegoat, and I get the feeling that this whole "siren sinking ships" business isn't the full truth. Perhaps I should help her out.

I can't let a friend face danger like that!

Of course it's not going to be that easy.

Flameshe, please! That person can protect Elle for us!
Yeah, right! This world has too many dangerous people!
Flameshe, please listen to me.

To be fair, there really wasn't much to master...

You're so stubborn! Just don't get too much sun!

Bah. There's got to be a way to convince her to move...

Geez...but does it have to be so bright out here?

...Bright, huh? Perhaps all I have to do is bide my time...

I just need to get out of sight long enough...


There we go!

Video: Boss - Tropicallo

That was easier than I expected!

Whoa! Spoke too soon!

No problem! Just gotta do the usual thing and-


This guy's not fooling around!

Then neither will I!

The orange section is weak, but sturdy. It's the purple part I gotta watch out for.

It has some powerful magic in its arsenal. I better keep my difference from it. Luckily, it's weak enough to not last long when detached from the base plant.

Ugh... It's definitely a battle of attrition with this guy. If I didn't get sucker-punched earlier, I'd be feeling more confident about this one. As is, one wrong move and I'm done for!

Just gotta keep on my toes, and...

...Aha! Finally got you!

Bah... I hope I never have a fight like that one again!


So this is Elle.

Now that the monster is gone, you're free to go out there.
Thanks. But...I don't want to. I'm such a coward.
That's okay. You can be a coward. But from now on, you can go outside anytime you want.


Well, I guess that's a success?