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Legend of Mana

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Part 57: The Treasure Map

Uh... Where to begin? I went to the beach and ended up escorting a siren to a harbor, where a horse fell in love with her and ended up kidnapping her to a nearby ship. She didn't want to sing because she was afraid her singing would destroy the ship, but then penguins tried to kidnap the horse so she sang and almost blew up the ship. After I beat up a whale, the walrus captain came in and told the siren to sing. She did, and the ship stayed up. Then they drowned the horse or something. I don't remember the last part.

That, too. It was almost out of the ordinary. Almost.


Man, my vacation's almost over... Oh well, I still feel like making one last sailing trip before I get back to serious work. I still have to not die and all.

You know, there's a simple joy in navigating a ship, even if all I do is spout general directions.

Let's head to the north this time.

Let's continue north.

Uh, I don't like the sound of that. Let's head east instead.

Hm? What's that I see?

Huh, wonder what he wants.


Since the Diggers like those kinda places, we gotta hurry. Wanna go get the map with the penguins, mate?
Treasure map, eh? Sounds fun to me!
Alright! Show 'em who's a real man!


We're goin' ahead! You stay here and make a puddin' outta that punkin there!

I feel like my talents are being a bit wasted here.

Tell me about it. I think I better follow them and make sure they don't screw things up.

Oh wow, the Diggers are already here!

Well, don't just stand there! The penguins are here! They're our arch-enemies! Go get it back, now!

Don't be complainin'! Go! Now!

Well, then.

I guess I better find that map before they do!

Never ran into this guy before. Looks to be another demi-human who's pretty proficient with that ax.

Aha! That was easy!

Whoa! Blasted Dudbears!

...Welp. Looks like there's eight of them. Better hunt them all down.

One down! They could be all over this cave, though!

I also need to catch these guys before Roger shows up and finds out his troops have the map!

Whew! Snagged another two!

You don't have a Treasure Map piece.

Sweet! Just two more!

Aha! Got the full map! Now to take it to Tusk!


Well done! Now that's a real man of the sea!

What, no alloy this time? I can't forge armor out of a crab, you know.

Bah. I hope they at least split the treasure with me.