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Legend of Mana

by Mega64

Part 58: The Dragon Princess

Once again, I went to the SS Buccaneer to look for adventure, and I ended up finding a place with a treasure map! Unfortunately, the Diggers had also found the map.

It turned into a match between penguins and Dudbears. I found the map first, but the Dudbears came soon after and ripped the map into pieces. I end up having to grab pieces of the map from Dudbears while avoiding their leader. It was a little tricky, but I managed to recover the map for Cap'n Tusk. Kind of fun, actually!


The last couple fights I had have really knocked me around. An armor upgrade is long-overdue for me. I'll definitely need it if I'm to fight the last dragon.

First thing's first. Let's get Larc.

Let's go.
Into the forest!

Looks like an ordinary forest to me, though who knows what secrets lurk within.

I guess that explains the name of the forest. Hopefully she's not as fearsome as her brethren.

How does this forest throw off your senses? What's the cause of this?
The one who wants to keep me away. You'll see.


Do not worry about the details... It will be alright.

If you say so.

Let's go.

Alright. Let's see if I can figure out the correct way.

Alright, then. I assume if I go the wrong way, Larc will say something. Nothing more than trial-and-error, then.

I've seen most of the wildlife Fa'Diel has to offer at this point. There may be a few creatures I've yet to see, but battles with these smaller creatures just aren't as exciting anymore now that I know what all they do.

Oh, now this fella's new! Best to keep away from its mouth, lest it slow me with its webbing.

Let's go...

At least I've been going the right way!

I think this is the place! Let's do this!

So you have finally come this far...
Sierra, where is Vadise?

He did not order you to slay dragons for the sake of revenge! He is trying to snatch Mana energy, the source of all power in the world!

Fool! Do you not see what would happen if Drakonis returned to the surface?

If Drakonis returns to the surface, then I, his knight, shall return as well.
What are you saying...?

My duty is to protect order in the world, like my master, the dragon.

Brother? Ah...

I need to do something! I can't let them fight like this.

Vadise! Tell me where the Mana stone lies! Then you will not meet the same fate as the other two dragons.

Go, Larc. And then see the error of your ways.



This is all I can give you.

Really? All that work to free your evil overlord master so he can destroy the world or whatever, and all you give me is some shoddy materials?

Of course, I did this to get this "curse" lifted off of me, so I guess I'm...cured? Sure, why not.

It seems you have been dragged into this... But there is no going back now. If Drakonis is not stopped, the entire world will suffer at his hands!

Well, I was a huge factor in causing this mess, and it'd be rude of me not to fix this. Plus, I've already saved the world once this year, so how hard could it be to do it again?

This is my fault. I can't turn my back on this now!
Thank you.

A fight, eh? Might as well test my might against this dragon!


Video: Boss - Vadise & Sierra

The two of you at once, eh? No problem!

Time to try out some tricks I've learned with these knives!

Mmm... Wait... I'm in the middle of a fight!

I can pull some trickery myself!


One down! Now just the dragoon to take down!



That's what everyone says when they fight me. And for good reason, I might add.

My liege!
I will be alright, Sierra. You must save Larc and Talamond...

I don't need saving. I know I've messed up bad, and it'll be up to me to fix things.

It's time I slay Drakonis.