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Part 61: Gilbert: School Amour

I have quite the tale for you today, little buddy! I traveled all the way down to the Underworld with Sierra to face Drakonis.

He corrupted Larc with his powers and we had to fight him! After we slew Larc, Drakonis transformed the Underworld into this magnificant castle. Vadise the dragon appeared and told us to stick together to defeat Drakonis.

We entered the massive castle, fought many fearsome foes, and navigated the twisted maze that was The Flames. We eventually reached Drakonis, and after a climatic battle, slew the beast and returned the Underworld to its natural state. Free from Drakonis, Larc and the other two dragons were revived, and the world was saved. Now hopefully this will be the last time I have to save the world, but I guess we'll see about that, huh?


I think I'll take a stroll along the mountains while I decide what to do next.

I'm happy everything's worked out for the Windcallers, at least.

Ooh, an arthropod egg! I want it!

Ha! Gotcha! Now what...


Now that this dragon business is done with, I have no more pressing matters to attend to. I think this is a great time to retire from adventuring for awhile and focus on my studies. And what better place to learn than the city of magic and learning itself, Geo?

Let's begin!

What a massive place! I want to explore everything here!

Guess I'll start with the nearby cafe area.

Oh no.

When I see your eyes, I'm so fascinated I can't move an inch!

Heavens! I've never felt this way before. I feel it all over!
Look, kiddo, I'm part basilisk.

Got it?
How poetic! I'd turn to stone for you, my love! Listen, my sweet! My charming tenor!

Well, at least some things never change...

The basilisk looks familiar, and I'm sure Bud and Lisa have mentioned her before.

Oh... oh dear no.

Well, I can do that sort of thing, darling! You just need all your students to go back to school?
Well, yeah. That sure will help me out.

...Guess I know what I'll be doing today. I was hoping to take a break from this sort of thing, too...

Ah, I must stop! I'll melt if I keep thinking about her!

Might as well get this over with.

I need to convince my darling's students to go back to school. What do you say? Will you help me out?

Yeah, sure! Because I love wasting my time doing menial tasks to help you woo women that can't stand your guts!


Yeah, the sooner I do this, the sooner it's over with.

Hahaha! I guess you'd have to be a bartender to understand.

I certainly wouldn't mind a barrel in my soul right about now.

I do believe this guy is similar to someone the Manager of Lumina's bar told me about.

Well, time to put my social skills to good use with these guys.

There's nothing wrong with following what you want to do. That's what I do, and my life's been pretty great. You know, besides dealing with dragons, amorous centaurs, dopplegangers, xenophobic faeries, ancient war toys, ...
Don't look at me like that. I hate adults, because I am who I am. I don't want to repeat the mistakes that they made. Ever.

...Yeah, maybe you're right.

Well, that's one taken care of.

For some reason I just don't wanna go. Maybe the quality of instruction isn't too good... I don't know... I just don't feel like going.

But it's all show... No elegance at all. Sure, flashy magic is good for 2 or 3 castings, but isn't that enough? I'd rather learn more simple, more meaningful spells, but... I wish I knew what our teachers are thinking...

You're a child. You have no idea what you're talking about. If you stay in school, you might actually learn a thing or two about the practicalities of magic use.
Hmmm... But I guess defiance will do us no good, either...

Who's next?

No one's born to go to school. It's just there to guide us. You see, we all have different destinies we are born to fulfill. What do you think yours is?
I don't know...

That's all the students in this area. Let's continue exploring.

I wasn't a big fan of school, either. But it's good for you, and you won't have to put up with it forever. Just stick with it and you'll be done with it eventually.
Wow, I'm so relieved to hear that!

That's four now, I believe.

That's not a good idea. Can't you write down the dream and then think about it after school?
If by chance I forget what happened in the dream... Then I go to school feeling down.

These kids aren't being too bad. They're kids, after all. Most of them have pretty tame reasons for not wanting to go. Lukcily, I'm here to guide these kids back on the right path.

You're not a student!

Let's see who all is in here.

Like those who only answer my questions with "yes" or "no."

Hahaha. Aren't you listening?

Ah, I give up.

Heh. I can be a jerk sometimes.

It's perfectly normal not to like school. You can go and not like it. It doesn't make you a bad person in the least.
Thank you.

Decent selection, but I think I can make stronger weapons on my own.

This place looks rather spacious.

I agree, school's definitely a boring place to spend your valuable time. It's such a shame that you can't go on such amazing adventures and explore the world and learn about so many amazing things, all the while forming bonds with your fellow classmates. Forget that you're learning all sorts of wonderful magic spells and valuable information about the world we live in. You're right, school is boring, and you should stop going and spend your time whining about it in this dank cafe!
How is it that you can say something like that?

I'm sorry, but considering I've just busted my butt to save everyone's lives from getting destroyed by an evil dragon lord, having to deal with stubborn kids is getting on my nerves.

My father was a famous warrior who was meant to fight the demon lord. So he searched for the strongest armor in the world. So he went deep underground to the land of the locusts. There he performed great deeds... And was given locust armor, the strongest armor in the world. When the locust kind awarded the armor to my dad, he said this:

My dad put on the locust armor, battled with the demon lord, and won! But when peace returned, my dad forgot the king's words, and took the armor off! Then locust-wings grew from his bare back! After that he buzzed around from morning to night for a week's time!

...Wow. Sorry.

We'll be open all night, so you can stay 'ere if ye like!

No thanks. I'm kind of busy right now and all.
Well, enjoy yore visit.

Not a bad selection, though I could find better if I looked hard enough.

I wonder what students are in here.

Oh, it's the jewel collector from Geo!

Nope, not this one either ...

What can I do for you?

This guy seems knowledgable about gems and the Jumi. Perhaps another time, though.

He certainly has quite the selection of materials, though. Nothing that strikes out to me.

Before I go to the school itself, I think I'll check out this massive palace.

Hey, it's those two from the jungle!

You seem pretty capable. Want to go adventuring with me some time?
I don't like it either, but we've got no place else to go, eh!
That's a shame. I'll leave you be, then.
We can't leave as long as Kristie's paying us!

Worth a shot.

You're not shabby in a fight. How about going on an adventure with me?
Duh... We'd be happy t' go adventure with someone principled... But that ain't the way things are.
How unfortunate. Maybe another time, then.
Duh... It's our job t' stay here and rot.

I feel sorry for those two. They're decent people in a bad situation.

What a collection! I particularly like the statues of those heroes. I wonder who they are...

I wecentwy heard that Hamson and Skippie often compwain about Madam Kwistie.

Uh... Can't say I've heard them complain about her.
Vewy well, then.

I don't want to cause more trouble to those two.

I'm envious. This place is pretty nice. I'd love to have more room for famous art like this.

So this is Kristie. I've heard about her from Skippie and Hamson...

So much art, she has a storage room for it! What a collector!

Duelle? What's he doing down here?

This is the place where comrades engage in physical combat. Looks like you're all alone...

Uh... sure?

...I don't have any friends.

Alright, enough of that. Let's go talk to the rest of the students.

You do that.

I'm, uh...sure it's difficult for a distinguished man like yourself to keep up with this racket, but you seem...mature enough to keep it up despite these rascals causing trouble.
Hahaha! I'll give it the old college try!

OK, that was a weird one.

You know, if you're not having fun, you can always find a way to make it fun. Use your imagination! Find something you're passionate about and devote your time to it!
I guess I can be more of a class clown.

Well, that wasn't what I was getting at, but whatever.

How come?
'Cause I forgot my homework.

I wish all you guys were this easy to talk to.


Just a few more...

Even though it's fun, everyone's saying it's not! I wanna study with my classmates!

It's definitely a good idea to work with your peers. Heck, perhaps if you tell your friends that you're studying, they may join you! Just go with the flow.
Yeah, go with the flow! Then everyone will study with me!

That's nice.

I do remember Bud and Lisa talking about her...

I'm conducting experiments in telepathy. Close your eyes.

Can you see the green wiggly?

Uhhh... Sure, why not?
Yes, that's me. Concentrate on the green wiggly. ............ Well? Did you see something?

I see, uh... marching ants. Or something.
Whoa! Alright! We're on the same wavelength. And did you see them looking lost at the beginning?

Uh, kind of? Maybe? I don't know.
Hahaha! I was just testing you. I didn't send that vision!

Oh wow, I never would have guessed that. I feel like such a fool right now. I'm so stupid.

Oh, am I stupid.

At least it got him back on his studies.

Looks like that's everyone.


And there we go.

So glad this is over! May I never do something this ridiculous ever again!


Your pupils seem to be back in your beautiful arms now!
Yeah, now we can have real classes. Bye now!

After you're done with the kids, how 'bout you and me go on a date, hmmm?

I'll turn you to stone if you keep pestering me.
Oh, turn me to stone, baby! Make a statue of my gorgeous body, darling! You want to keep me forever! Oh, how romantic! We can do it, baby! Sculpt our eternal happiness together!