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Part 62: Li'l Cactus

Today I talked some kids into going back to school to help a horse score with a basilisk. The students were having some sort of strike, but it was just a bunch of kids who didn't want to go to school for silly reasons. It wasn't difficult to talk them back in. Anyway, the basilisk didn't like the centaur, and I think she ended up petrifying him with her gaze.

...This conversation is over.


Well, then... I like this fella's energy, even if he creeps me out a bit.

Uh... the only thing that comes to mind is that bucket over there, because I'm trying not to look directly at it... Best name I'm willing to come up with at this rate.

Ditto fetches a nice price, so there's that.

The fella's quite agile, and he kind of feels like a good luck charm. You know, as lucky as a giant hopping tick can be.

I also felt it time to change weapons again, as I've pretty much perfected knife combat. The flail seems like the next step to go, and I think I can use a few of the tricks I've learned from my knives with my flail.

Maybe I should take the kids to Geo to reunite with their old friends. They might get a kick out of it.

Bud! Are you alright? What's wrong?
Shut up! I just feel weak, that's all.
No adventures for you! Better get to bed.

Well, that's not good.

Maybe we should talk to the fruit-fortune lady.

Good idea.

A cactus will save the sick child. Hmm... Maybe you should squeeze its juice and have the kid drink it...

Uh... Don't know if Li'l Cactus will be down for that, but it's worth a try, I guess.

...Of course.

I wonder where your cactus went? We should go look for him.
Sounds like a plan.

Let's see here...

Gaeus, huh?

To the highway!

I like how quick my flail is. A shame these guys are too weak to give my new weapon and pet the proper testing they deserve.

Selkie, huh... Where have I heard that name before... Oh yeah!

She was the one who was involved with the faeries over at the jungle! Makes sense she'd know a thing or two about potions.

Li'l Cactus stopped by. He said the little sorcerer has fallen ill... From the way he described it, it sounded like an illness all sorcerers get. I told him about Brownie, who just got over that illness.

Brownie... I don't remember the name, but it seems kind of obvious where a sorcerer would be.

To Geo!

It's something all mages get, but pirates' potions cure it quick. I got mine from David.

David...oh yeah! The one from all that beach drama! I'm sure I know where he is.


I let Amalette take him home, but I don't know if they made it.

Amalette! Of course! That's...uh... Blast it! Gonna have to think about this one...

It's someone who escorts people, maybe things... Someone who doesn't really go by their own name... Mainly, someone who's not very reliable in their delivery...!!

Of course!

Box, huh... I wonder...