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Part 63: Niccolo's Business Unusual: Part 4

...Uh...Bud got sick, and...Wait, you knew that...

Well, we walked over to find you...and then we found you. Honestly, you probably have the better story here for once. Maybe you can tell it to me sometime?


Alright, now that everything's fine again, let's get back to Geo.

I think I'll shack up for now and then check out what's up later.

Sure, I think I'll stay here.
I 'ave to tidy up the place in the mornin', so I'll close shop for a bit. Is that alright wiv you?
Fine with me.
Well, goodnight, then!

Whew! New day, new adventures!

Hey, looks like Nunuzac's teaching today!

...and then run away while he is laughing. Once you master this, you will be invincible. However...

I...don't think I'll be doing that.

What not to do when fighting a powerful foe? Most of the creatures I fight tend not to have a sense of humor.

You seem a little...older than the rest of the students.

Anyway, let's chill at the fruit parlor.

Oh, it's you again. I'm still sore from you wasting my time before.

Watts should be in need of materials now. The secret of sales is sincerity!

You? Sincere? Hah!

Come with me to the Ulkan Mines.
You are going to pay me this time, right?
All items come with a free smile delivered by yours truly.

So... No.

Well, to the mines!

Luckily, Watts isn't that far in. Hopefully this will be quick.

Whoa! Niccolo, eh? I'm real busy right now, unlike you. Do your thing, and be off.
We are both businessmen. I understand.


It can't have been that long. Still, maybe Watts has had a chance to slow down. Might as well see.

Payment for the 30,000 Lucre-worth of Lorant silver that I left...

Lorant silver? Where? I don't see none!
That's because you used it all up without noticing. That will be 30,000 Lucre.
...... Why, ya swindlin'...
I'm not a swindler. I left you enough silver to make a tank. If you can't pay, then I'll have you work it off...

I'll take goods in lieu of payment, then. Like the weapons here...
Wait one moment! I've got lots o' money in m' wallet! But I can't pay 'cause I've lost it! Can't we work out a deal?

What? I had 50,000 Lucre in m' wallet!


I'll just take these weapons and armor...

I'll make a wallet the exact same size, and pay an extra 10,000 for the Gator Skin!

Quiet, you! I won't listen to ya 'til ya bring the Gator Skin!



You know...I believe I still have a Gator Skin that Diddle gave to me months ago. Seems to still be in good condition. Yeah, I'd be wasting it by giving it to Watts but... Well, I'm curious to see just what would happen. I wouldn't be surprised if this ridiculous plan actually worked.

Here you go.
Now for one o' Watts's miracles! Go outside!


This is getting silly. Surely he's done by now.

And now I'll pay ya the 40,000 Lucre for the silver and the leather!

You two... You took m'... When ya gave me the Gator Skin...

This is the most ridiculous adventure I've been on, and that includes all the ones with the horse.

In lieu of payment! I'll be back when you're low on materials! Adios!