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Part 64: Catchin' Lilipeas

I ran into Niccolo again, and as usual, he wanted to con someone. At least this time it wasn't me! He "gave" Watts some silver to use, though I'm skeptical as to whether he actually gave any. Watts didn't have the money to pay because he lost his wallet, so he--and I'm not making this up--wanted us to give him the material to build a new wallet so he could pay us.

Needless to say, this didn't work, and Niccolo just took some of his weapons instead. I really don't know who is worse, Niccolo for taking advantage of a distracted dumb man, or Watts for...the whole wallet thing. I need a break from all this stupidity, sorry.


You know what will be nice? A walk through the White Forest. Out in nature, away from all the crazies that constantly plague my adventures.

...Well, blast it.

So, Mr. Fuddy-duddy, what should we catch today, huh?

I am not Mr. Fuddy-duddy! My name is Sotherbee!

Wiwipeas are most ware, and the bourgeois madam is cwazy for them.
Duh, what are these Lilipeas like...?
They're small, pink, and wound. There's a pea-eater bird's nest on their heads.
So like, what the heck is that, huh?

Duh, how much are you going t' pay fo' them, huh...?
Today I shall purchase them for a thousand Wucre each.
So that means... four, uh...five and thirty... Duh, how many d' we have t' repay our debt...uh...?

The one who bwings in the most will be an executive of the Kwistie Gwoup.
Geez, the goddess sure does make some annoying creatures.

Pink, rolling, pea-eater birds...uh, what was it, duh...uh...?

...I wish those two luck. They'll certainly need it.

Only a thousand Lucre? I'll pass. Besides, they've helped me in the past. Also, I've read what those things can do to people, and if they can slay a wyrm, I don't want to imagine what they'd do to me.

Now, the local fauna, on the other hand...

Ah! There's Skippie chasing a Lilipea!

Awww!!! I can't believe I was outrun by that little...

Oops! Ah well, it's for the best.

I must say, I'm pretty quickly getting the hang of the flail.

Ah, Hamson and a Lilipea!

Uh-oh! He got away... All 'cus of you!

Again, it's for the best. I don't want the Lilipeas to suffer due to these two's bad situations.

I'm so powerful at this point, I might as well invest in making my combat look as flashy as possible. Why not entertain others with my abilities?

Hmmm, what an odd barrel in the middle of a forest.

Well, you're free now, little buddy!

Another Jinn, huh? I wanna try out a different tune for this guy.

Let's do something sad.

Nice to see some spirits like to embrace their inner despair.

Another one, huh? Maybe I could use a bit of help here. And since I'm in the area...

Why not? I need some help with something. Nothing major, won't even have to leave the forest.

Well, that was simple.


Get the whole bunch, 'n I'll be an exec before you know it!


It don't matter t' me no more.

...... What should we do now, Hamson?
Pirates... Diggers... Anything...

Alright! That's awesome! So, I'm gonna have my own Legend of Skippie!

We're running away from debt. They might track us down...

Fine! This might be it, Hamson!


Bah! What a pain it is navigating this forest! I don't even know where this place is!


Thanks for letting me in! Hey, is that...

Mephianse once researched them, but he was the only one to do so.

I wonder then if Mephianse was the one who wrote that history book in my library, since there's quite a bit information on Lilipeas in there.

It is said that they are descendents of Anuella's dolls. With clay and thread they crafted more of their own kind. I can speak a little Lilipean, from all my years studying them.

Well, that should be handy. Let's see what they have to say.

Ah, yes...

Oh, for the love of-

Ah, yes... They say they are quite grateful for your help.

Not a problem! Let's cut to the chase a bit...

Pretty friendly group. It's just a shame that everyone seems to want to capture them.

I guess the one with the bird on its head is their leader. Let's see what he has to say.

Ah, yes... It seems that this one is the village elder.

Ah, yes...

Near the lake...?

Somewhere in the forest...?

The Fountain of Youth...?

Something wonderful...?

A terrible monster...?

Stay away...?

Why not have a look...?

Go kill it...?


Kill monsters? That's all the Lilipea I need to understand!

He says he will guide you.

A great reward...?

Of course...


Video: Boss - Hegs Ant

Alright, what am I facing this time?

Another one of these guys, huh? I remember fighting one so long ago!

It's going down like the others!


Gotta do more than that to hit me!

Your attacks may have range, but they only go on a narrow path! They're pretty easy to evade!

No sense in having all the fun, of course! Might as well let Sierra get in some knife work of her own.

Easy as always.


The elder is very thankful for all you have done.

At least I got some iron out of it. Oh well, sometimes helping others is its own reward. That said, I still prefer a reward that involves metal that lets me kill things more quickly.


Oh yeah, I forgot about those two. Knowing them, they're probably lost in the forest. Oh well, I'm sure I'll see them again in yet another stupid adventure.