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Legend of Mana

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Part 65: Where's Putty?

I went to the forest and found Sotherbee and his companions again. This time they were hunting for Lilipeas.

I distract the two lunkheads long enough to free the endangered Lilipeas, and I end up wandering into their secret village! I then help them slay some horrible monster in the forest. And...that's it. Nothing too exciting, really. Just more of the usual.


Maybe I should go to the mines and get a few forging tips from Watts. Now's a good time to start working on a powerful weapon.

Hmm, I wonder what this is about?



Don't worry. Everythin' will be a-okay.
If they don't have their dog-lord, the Diggers ain't no threat to us!
And then both land and sea will be ours!

Dub! [Yes!]
Then those penguins that just passed us made off with His Graciousness!?
Dub! [Yes!]

...Wha!? But I just got here! How...


Well, if they're penguins, chances are they're part of the SS Buccaneer. That's my best bet to start with.

Huh... What an odd-looking barrel. You know what? I bet...

Just as I figured. Of course, he has nowhere to go except overboard, which means he'll end up at...

To the harbor!

I suppose I have time to listen to a quick tune.
Hehe... Okay, just a little bit.

Not bad.

Pretty good, but I have to get going for now.

Anyway, Putty's probably at the cape if he washed up here yet.

Found ya!

His Graciousness!

Dud! Bub!? [Hey! Are you fine?]
Dubabababa Dub! [You seem very well!]
Duuuuuub! [Yes!]

Don't hold back! Be honest--show your true feelings!!!

...I don't even know anymore.