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Part 67: The Lucky Clover

I went to the mines and saw some pirate penguins kidnapping a dog.

It wasn't any dog, though, it was the messiah figure of the Diggers, and their leader Roger tasked me with finding him. Fortunately, it was easy to find Puddy on the pirates' ship, and I then found him washed up at the nearby harbor. And that's pretty much all for that one.


I haven't been to the snowfields in awhile, and it's rather scenic, so why not?

Ooh, a dragon egg! I want this one!

I think that's all the types least of the ones I've seen in the wild, anyway.

I think I'll celebrate by visiting the bar in Domina. I feel like such an accomplished rancher at this point!

Huh, Elazul's here again. Wonder what he's up to.

He's pretty abrasive, but at least it's likely that this friend isn't a romantic horseman or miserly rabbit, so I'm ready for a good adventure.

Mind if I tag along?
I would be grateful, but... You should stay away from us, or else...

I haven't seen anything that could stop me yet. Don't worry about me, just let me help you find your friend.
I am grateful.

Well, at least he's starting to warm up a bit.

Anyway, onward to-



Oh, I just felt like I might get left behind.

You must! Outside is perilous. Right, Talamond?

And this place isn't? Even if this is a small town, that puts her all the more at risk in case someone dangerous comes along.
Perhaps you're right.

She can stay at my place. I've got a couple trained magicians and some fearsome monsters that can keep her safe.

I'll be off!

She is in need of things like a home...a family...

Must be tough always being on the move. At least I have a nice cozy home and pleasant company to return to after my adventures.

Anyway, I wish Elazul told me where this friend was, but I'd feel foolish asking him now. I'll hazard a guess and say that if there's a Jumi nearby, there's a good chance it'd be

Geo! I'm sure there's some Jumi around Geo.

But I...


Hmm... Perhaps she's the one Elazul's looking for? I remember her from the school, since she's the only one who doesn't look ten years old and isn't dressed in the student robes.

Looks like Mephianse's teaching today.

I guess now wouldn't be a bad time to talk to her.

Ahh, a Jumi! I am the Lapis Knight, Elazul. I'm on a journey looking for other Jumi.

Sorry for interrupting your class.
Oh, that's okay. I've got class today. Let's meet at the library some other time! Maybe on a Gnome or Undine Day.

Well, looks like I have a day or two to kill.


New day, new adventure! Now let's check up on Esmeralda.



The mages vied with one another for these cores, but they were all useless!
Wait! Not in front of a guest.
The ancient texts talk of their incredible powers. Such as great magical forces and powers of healing.

Sounds like somebody has a bone to pick with the Jumi.

Because it's the truth. And fewer people will be after my core!

There's something I want to ask. In your travels, Elazul, did you see anyone that looks like me?
No. How about you, Talamond?

Can't say I have, sorry.
Looking for someone?
Sorry. Let me be alone for a while.


I hope she's feeling better now. Let's check up on her.

Yes... I have a favor to ask...

Of Talamond?
Come to the library, Elazul, on a Gnome or Undine Day.

What does she want with me, I wonder? I don't know where her sisters are, though maybe she wants me to look for them. I've got nothing better to do these days, and it could be fun.


I'm really hoping to leave this place soon. I've almost been here a week at this point! Not to mention the rather lengthy trek back home...

So, what can we do for you?
First, let me explain. I ran away from the Jumi city and was taken in by the academy.
Why did the Jumi city die out?

Healing... Florina...

Wait a minute. So there is still a Jumi out there that can heal. I thought none of them could cry anymore.

Because the power of healing was no more... In the chaos I was torn from my sisters.
So that Nunu-magic-guy... He's been interfering, eh?
No. Mr. Nunuzac has taken me in. In exchange for his instruction in magic... I promised that I would stay until a knight appeared.

That's a rather odd situation, but I guess Nunuzac wants to make sure she's safe no matter what, even if she has to protect herself. Maybe he's not such a horrible racist after all. Maybe...

No, Elazul. You already have a guardian, right?

But knights and guardians aren't lovers or anything.
The most one can do is protect himself and one other.


You underestimate me. Well, what now?

Wait, me? A Jumi knight? But I'm not even a Jumi!

Though it is nice to see someone in this world who appreciates good fashion, even if it is a magic circle.

Well, why not? Now that I've explored most of this part of the world, perhaps now's a good time to enjoy more nobler pursuits. Besides, with the Jumi dying out, it's unlikely she's going to find another knight.

Sure, I'll do it.

I hope we can find her sisters.

And there he goes...

Anyway, down to business. The first thing is to ask her...

So, what do these sisters of yours look like?
Don't worry. My sisters will soon be drawn to my core. We'll see them soon.

Well, I guess she'll recognize them when she sees them. And by the sound of things, they should be around here.

Anyway, let's size up my new companion.

Hmm. I figured she'd have picked up a spell or two during her time here, but I guess not. Guess she won't be pulling her weight in battle, but that also means she won't be getting in my way while I do my thing.

I guess I should do a thorough search of the school before heading out. You never know where they could be.

...One what? Your sister? That doesn't make any sense, though.

...Wait? Is Mephianse somehow your sister? Is this some sort of magical experiment?

Let's wait until the principal is teaching class on Dryad Day!

...I take it that little theory's wrong. No clue what she's talking about, but I guess I'll be spending even more time here. Ah well...

Better see what Elazul's up to.

I'm sorry, I'm in a hurry. Do you have anything that looks like my core?

Only the cores are left. They were taken by Deathbringer's army.

Ah! Suddenly her sister being in Mephianse's office makes a lot more sense if it's just their cores.

No. There might be some magic left in their cores. If I had some tears of healing, I could bring them back!
The only one of us who can shed tears is Florina, and she isn't with us... Isn't your safety more important? Let me handle it and get back to class.

Anyone who can cut Elazul down's a good companion in my book.

Well, how rare. A courteous shopkeeper! And here I thought jewelry stores were the same as morgues.


Another couple days I had to kill, but hopefully we can get that core today. I'm ready to go home soon.

Sweet! One down!

Nah. I don't think it's really stealing if it's your sister.
You're a wonderful knight.

Heh, and you haven't even seen me in a fight yet!

Hmm, where else...

Who...who the heck are you?
Do you have any?
No! Of course not!
I thought you might... Just a hunch, I guess...


Last place around here is Kristie's Palace. I sure hope the other two are here.

Well? Have you ever seen a jewel like it, Sotherbee?
I saw one in the warehouse bewow!
Take a look in the warehouse. I'll give you the jewel if you need it.


Huh, I see a couple new pieces. That one in particular looks rather...lively.


But why?
The Jumi are doomed. You should give up being a Jumi as well.
Never! My sisters call me even without their cores! The others are the same! They're all waiting for tears of healing!
The last Jumi with the power to heal, Florina, is dead. There is no way to bring us back...

I know the Jumi are dying, but I agree with Esmeralda. It's much better to at least try to save yourselves than sit by and let yourselves die out. The moment you accept your fate is the moment your end is determined.

How come?
Because I told the thief to come and steal my core. I must decide this once and for all, as the leader of the race. I hope this all comes to an end with my core.
No! I can't let you do that!
If you still have hope, then live on as a Jumi.

I won't give up! The Jumi will cry again! I believe it!


And one more place where the cores respond. I bet it's in the coffee shop... Let's go see!

You're the expert.

Oi! That's me emerald!
This is my sister, and I want her back!

Why, you sure say mean things for a dove!

I've never fought a sentient teapot before, but there's a first time for everything!

Use yore noggin for once! If you got something to say, I'm listenin'!
You're right... I'm sorry. It's a long story. Will you hear me out?

Fine, I'll begin...


They're not exactly dead. Ages ago, the Jumi healed their wounds with tears... So I think I could revive them if only I had some tears of healing...
If you need tears, then take mine! Take all you want! They're just teawater, but they're good and pure! You can take them!

Can't you cry, then?
Nope. Jumi tears are shards of life. That's why tears can heal a Jumi. Ages ago, the Jumi put life into their tears and shared them freely. But one day, we couldn't cry anymore... My teacher said that it might be a survival instinct...

Thank you!



Just relax. I can protect you, and we can work together to stop this thief.

Tell Elazul to be careful! And you be careful, too!

Wait, no! Don't go alone! Let me...

Blast it! I better get Elazul before she gets herself killed!

A note appeared from the jewel thief, proclaiming that she plans to take the Lucky Clover. Esmeralda then ran off on her own to the academy. We have to find her fast!
What!? We should go find Esmeralda, now!

To the academy!

You have to find her, Talamond!

Blast it! If only we knew...wait...Diana!



I am the one who was once called Diana, in the Jumi city. Young Jumi Knight, Can you save her?
Of course!


Video: Boss - Jewel Beast

Another one of these Jewel Beasts?

Stop wasting my time with these things!



Crap!! Too late...


I knew it would happen...

Bring your guardian here with you. I shall tell you then. I give you this as proof of my promise.