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Part 68: Cosmo

I ran into the Jumi Knight Elazul again, who was searching for other Jumi. I offered to help, so we went searching in Geo, where we ran into a young-looking girl and a magic circle. The conjurer kept calling the girl dirt.

Turns out she was a Jumi who got separated from her tribe and wanted to find the jewels that remained of her sisters. I helped her out with this, but then a note came from the jewel thief and the girl ran off. Unfortunately, I was too late, and the jewel thief got her. I can't be so careless next time...



I'm eager to see all the fiery destruction this guy can bring to the table!

But first, I need to clear the stables and get a bit of cash.

This guy seems well-equipped against other dragons, and he looks strong to boot. Should be a fine traveling companion!

Hm? What's Elazul doing here?

I haven't seen her recently.
So then, this note...!

We better find her, then!
I am grateful. But we have no clues... Let's check outside.

Let's begin the hunt!


Best to get on my way!

No time to gawk at the smoking duck!

But I saw two girls pass by just a second ago.

Let's go!

Useful guy!

Hm, looks like Smaug's more of an ice dragon. Makes sense, considering he was born in a snowfield and all. A shame that the cold temporarily makes the enemy invulnerable, even if it slowly hurts them.

Pearl... Where could she be...?

Wait...Who in the world is that?

It was like the stars in the night sky.

Well, what is it you seek?

Excuse me, but...just who are you that you're lurking deep in these caverns?

That doesn't answer my question...

Yes, I saw her. She went into the cavern with Sandra.
Which way did she go?

Pearl, you say? Let's get going!

You know, I'm a bit more curious as to what this guy has to say.

Men compete... Sometimes they kill each other just to get it. The greater the beauty, hte more it is vied for, and the more it is hurt. Such tragedy...

This guy really likes to ham it up.

Well, what is it you seek?

So you said the Jumi woman was...
They took Pearl straight through this middle path.
Right. Speaking of which, what do you know about the Jumi?
There is a legend... that whoever sheds tears for a Jumi shall turn to stone. This is to forbid contact between the Jumi and others. I think I know why...

In my experience, such legends turn out to be lies. It seems more like an excuse for the Jumi to remain reclusive due to the brutal way they've been treated in history. Not that I blame them, of course.

What do you know about the various jewels that represent the Jumi?
A friend of mine longs for jewels that sparkle.

...This guy knows nothing useful. He's just wasting my time.

Luckily I'm always prepared for anything!

Ah! Pearl and the jewel thief, Sandra!

How many times are you going to ask me? I have no idea what you're talking about?
Why you...!!

Hehe, I've been waiting.
Hand Pearl over, now!

Ha, too late!



What now, my pretty? Will you not save your knight with tears of compassion?
Don't listen... to her...

...This guy's a king? Really?

It's pointless to hurt each other.
I cannot stand this girl... And all the Jumi!

Answer me, Pearl!
No matter how sad... I cannot shed tears. We can't cry!
You are incapable of healing! You are just a princess!
That's right... We Jumi lost our tears many ages ago...

Listen to what your core tells you!

Still you fail to understand. Even you, heiress to the memories of antiquity...

Both your cores are now mine!

Black...pearl? What's going on here?


Wow. Blackpearl must be truly fearsome if she has Sandra running scared.

Time to see her in action!

Video: Boss - Jewel Beast III

Who is this...?

Just seeing her warrior spirit makes me want to go all-out!

Another one of these foul things? Are there no limit to these?

Blast, I missed! But this time, I'm not going to bide my time!

I'm going all-out!

But I'm not done yet!

Face my true potential!

Enough of these parlor tricks! Where are you, Sandra?


I cannot believe she would just throw away someone who is like a sister to her.
Is Florina alive?
Didn't she always say, "Always find the answer yourself."
I remember...

Pearl is gone. You are now free, Lapis Knight. I'm sorry for the pain I caused you.

...What just happened? Just when I think I finally understand what's going on in this crazy world...


He's definitely in pain, but at least it doesn't look fatal.

I'll go get some medicine!
That won't help.
How come?
This guy's a Jumi. Medicine doesn't work on them.