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Part 70: The Nordic Snowfield

So on my last adventure, Diddle ended up being kidnapped by the Diggers and taken to the White Forest.

His friend Capella followed him to rescue him, but it turns out Diddle was happy working with them since it made him feel like he was helping someone. Of course, once danger hit, Roger and the other Diggers immediately ran away, and I of course took care of it. But Diddle came back, so everything worked out in the end.

Hmmm... While I'm here, better check on Elazul.

Sorry, but I haven't seen her lately.
So you can't find her... ......

Ugha...! ......

Hmm. He's in no condition to find her, so I better make sure he doesn't try anything funny.

...Welp. Should've bolted up the window, I guess.

Perhaps I should scout around for him on the Buccaneer.

Let's go south.
Ain't it great? The sea lets you eat all you want!
South again.
Ain't it great? Ding ding ding! Di-di-di-ding!

With pleasure.

Let's move to the west now.
Ain't it great? Of course it's great!

Hmm, wonder what this is about.

I remember there was a rumor that there might be some treasure here!

So how 'bout it, mate? Wanna go out there with the penguins?

Well, I should out there looking for Elazul, but eh. He'll probably be fine. Besides, treasure!

I'm in.
Alright! Show 'em who's a real man!

With pleasure.


Pfft. Really? It isn't that cold.

Heh, fine. More treasure for me!

About mastered my flail at this point.

There's a faerie. Maybe she can lead me to the treasure.

Ehrlang, a class 7 Faerie, has the Faerie treasure. But you won't be able to see Faeries of a higher class without a spell. Do you want me to cast a spell so you can see class 2 Faeries?

I don't see the harm.

You have to find the Faeries who will raise your Faerie eye level. Beware of Pietta, because she is not so nice at times.

Alright, so I have to wander around and find faeries to cast spells on me so I can see other faeries. Actually, now that I think about it, that sounds a bit stupid.

Oh well, as long as it leads to treasure!

I see that Fiorentina is testing you, to see if you can get our treasure! This is interesting. Here, I will cast a spell on you.

Elnata is a class 2 Faerie, but she can let you see class 4 Faeries.

Yeah, this is starting to get confusing.

Eh... I'd better not.
Oh, really? Are you sure?

That's the one I should avoid.

I can help you when your Faerie eye level is 2.

So only certain Faeries can help me at certain points. That isn't dumb. No, not at the least.

Do you want me to cast a spell on you?

I think Silvanella is by Pietta, and Elkin is by Malbaresta.

What's with these names?

I'll cast a spell when your eye level is 4.

So that was useless.

I can be of help when your Faerie eye level is 2.



Look for Lakshmi. A class 4 and class 5 Faerie should be by her side.

Guess I'll have to wander around before I find them.

Too many for my tastes. This is getting annoying.

I guess that means the other one is...

I'm game.

Look for Ehrlang. There is only one chance! As soon as you talk to the wrong Faerie, you fail our test. The Faeries only helped you so that they could see you fail at the final stage.

Geez, thanks a bunch, you jerks. Now I kinda see why everyone keeps trying to murder you guys.


Oh well, not a huge loss at least.



Faeries usually form groups of three.

I wonder if I could more easily find the treasure if I were to simply start killing faeries left and right. Because it sure is getting tempting...

Sure, whatever.

Beware of Elkin and Skolka, if you want to raise your Faerie eye level. Of course, they are not the only unkind Faeries around.

So I've noticed.

Fine, but I swear, if you lower it...


Quinn's spell is a level higher than mine.

I see that Fiorentina is testing you, to see if you can get our treasure! This is interesting. Here, I will cast a spell on you.
Fine. Not like my eye level or whatever can go much lower at this point.

Elnata is a class 2 Faerie, but she can let you see class 4 Faeries.

You know what, let's just get this over with.

Alcione's spell is a level higher than mine.

Alright, screw this. Let's build my eye level back up, find the blasted faerie I need, grab the treasure, and then leave these winged jerks to rot in this wasteland where some of the local dragons come along and start eating them. Perhaps I could even train my dragon to develop a taste for faeries...

Alright, this is the only place with faeries I haven't been to yet. One of these three have to be the one with the treasure.


Thank you for playing along with us. Please take this.

Now may I never deal with these blasted creatures ever again.


Well done! Now that's a real man of the sea!

I don't get what talking to faeries in a snowfield has to do with being a man of the sea, but I'm too exhausted from anger to really argue.

...I hate this ship.