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Part 71: Gilbert: Resume for Love

I went to the Buccaneer and ended up navigating the ship to the Fieg Snowlands. Cap'n Tusk sent me out to look for some treasure. But before I dealt with the treasure, I ran into some faeries.

I had to jump through so many stupid hoops to finally get that just makes my head hurt just thinking about it. I need to lie down or something.

Hmm... It feels like I've forgotten something important in all this...Ah yes! That's right! Now I remember what I was supposed to be doing! It was a few weeks ago...


Don't see any cores over here...wait a minute. Is that...?

Poor schmuck. His overzealous nature finally bit him in...well, yeah.

If I weren't so busy now, I'd try to help him out. Maybe after I get this sister business taken care of.


Alright, one more to go...

Maybe I should twy a new sales pitch, wike... "Helps pwevent cowwapsing woofs!"

Yeah, sure. Whatever. Now where's that last core...


Right. Before I look for help for Gilbert, though...

I've mastered my flail arts, so it's time to try something a bit out of my comfort zone.

It should be fun to kill things from far away!

Of course, I don't know where to start. Maybe the Diggers would know something? They dig rock, and Gilbert's made of stone...

Bah, whatever.

Right, now to get Roger in here. Only way I know how to do that is...

There we go. Now to ask him a few...


Go get something that'll stop the cave-ins!

Well, so much for that. I guess in the meantime I'll check in on Gilbert, and maybe see if some of the mages at Geo can help.

Hmm... Gone. Guess Kristie sold him...Wait a minute.

I really should pay more attention to what people talk about.

Right, let's get Roger in here again.

I put it in a special place, so don't move it!

I doubt a human-sized horse statue could really hold up the roof of a cavern. All the more reason to rescue the dope.

Hmmm... Not here, but while I see a spirit...

No Gold? Meh.

Guess I'll just keep looking around until I find the statue.

Aha! Let's see what I can do...

Don't worry, I'll try to free you so you can see her again.

Uh, yeah. Just let me...

That's nice, but-

...You know...I might be doing the women of Fa'Diel a favor by leaving him here.

At any rate, I don't know how to cure petrification. Guess I should break the news to the one person who probably kinda-sorta cares about Gilbert.

To Lumina!

I've heard that Gilbert was turned into a stone statue. Is it true that he is now somewhere in the mines?
Yes. Sadly, I don't know of any way to free him.
......... Well, it's none of my business...

...Well, that went better than expected. Then again, it is Gilbert, after all.

Oh well, I guess that closes out that adventure. Maybe I'll head over to the beach myself and see what adventures await me there! Perhaps some sea monster is attacking Elle's house or something.

Drat, no sea monsters.

Oh yeah, Gilbert's still a statue. Yeah, I guess I could try to help with that since I have nothing better to do.

You think so, too? But I wonder what we can do?
Hmm... Maybe ask the sorcerers at the Academy of Magic?
Hmm, I don't know...

Considering it was one of them that petrified him in the first place, probably not the wisest idea. Besides, those guys are nutcases.

Hello, Flameshe!
Were you talking about Gilbert again?
Oh, you were listening to us!
No, I wasn't listening. I just happened to hear you!

My, you don't have to hate him THAT much!

I guess sirens go for anything that sings!

Okay, okay... Fall in love with whatever you want.

Maybe if we break the statue open, Gilbert can get out. Of course, it could also kill Gilbert, but eh, I think it's worth the risk.

I will say it only once, okay?
Huh? A spell?
It'll lift any curse, if it was cast by the cursed one's most beloved.

If what was cast, the spell of the curse? Though I think either way it doesn't matter in Gilbert's case, as long as it's a woman either way.

It's a famous spell among the mermaids.

"Heavens bless the earth with life-giving showers of rain. The ancient memories of Mother Earth fill our souls with bliss. Know the truth that is the ultimate tower of energy for all."

It's not that long. Why, I managed to have the time to write it down! Granted, I have no paper so I wrote it on Smaug, but hey, when you gotta improvise.

Huh, I guess she likes Gilbert more than I thought.

You wanna see how this thing goes down, huh? Don't blame you. Sure, I'll escort you there.
Oh, really? Thank you so much! Let's go!

To the mines!

Gilbert... Our harmony ended up in discord... But you're still a good friend of mine. Start over your quest for love again.

Eh, you could do better. For example, there's the juggling monkey, the sea mammal pirate captain, the hell-bound dragoon dog...

...the magic circle conjurer, the...Huh? You really need me to tell you the words to the brief spell that will save Gilbert's life? I'm starting to doubt you really give a-


The earth with life...

Well, she's got the first one at least. This would be easier if I were a woman, as then I could recite the blasted thing and he'd still come back to life.

Memories of the past...

Are you kidding me?

The ancient memories of Mother Earth fill...

Know the truth that...

Really? It's 'of energy for all.' Next time bring a pen with you.

Monique, um... I don't know what to say, but...

I give them two weeks.