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Part 73: The Blessed Elixir

Gilbert's search for love ended up getting him turned into a statue. He ended up getting shipped from Kristie's manor to the mines. I ended up telling this to his ex-girlfriend, Monique...

Er, right... Anyway, she decided to find a way to bring him back, and that's when the mermaid Flameshe taught her a spell to revive Gilbert. Of course, Monique didn't bother actually learning the song, so I had to pretty much tell her what to say. But Gilbert came back, so everything worked out. So yeah.


Sorry, Smaug, but I'm getting tired of you freezing every enemy I meet. Besides, I'm tired of constantly babysitting pets. I want a more reliable ally.

Might as well clean the barn up a bit while I'm at it.

You know, I remember seeing something awhile back in Lumina...

Right around here...Ah!

You seem capable enough. Sure, why not?

The guy really likes to slash. A shame I can't really do that with a bow.

Perhaps I should have him train a bit somewhere where the enemies aren't so rough. Plus the whole religious aura of the place might make him a bit less evil. Or more. Whichever.

It also gives me a good excuse to practice my bow craft. I'm already doing pretty well with it!

Hey, I hit two with one arrow! I'm a natural!

Let's see if these nuns have any spiritual advice for my little friend.

Without the Elixir, most of the rituals cannot be performed!


Only if I had a barrel in my soul!

Barrel in your soul, huh... Sounds familiar.

If we have water from the oasis, we can make the Elixir.

Alright. So I need to gather water from the desert oasis, yet I need a barrel in my soul to do that. I think a bartender in Geo mentioned something like that...

Video: Surprise Mini-Boss

Oh yeah, speaking of the strange rabbit, there's Niccolo. Wonder what he's peddling today?

Uh... What in the heck are those nuns making in there?

Oh...I got trying to attack me... Ooohhh, I'm sooo sleeeeepy......

Uh...Guess I should beat some sense into him. Actually looking forward to this!

Blast, he's evading my arrows!

Well, Guri's out of commission.

Nothing a few arrows can't handle, though!

Ha! Blinded him good!

Now that was fun!


Right, so I need a barrel in my soul. I'll try the Bartender in Geo.

Uh-huh. To Lumina, then!

I'm all ears.
Here in Lumina, we also make elixirs to quench the traveler's thirst. Let me tell you the story behind this tavern's name.

We believe the spirits can't wait, so they take little tastes. Do you know why we let them do that?

Hmmm... You know, there's a part of me that actually understands what he's talking about. Maybe it's just part of my blood, or maybe I've just seen so many insane things in my travels that I've lost my mind. Probably the latter.

Yeah...I get what you mean, actually.

The barrel was there all along. So now I know what I need to do.

To the oasis!

These guys are nothing against my bow technique!

Ah! Here it is!


...I need to take a long, long break from all this.