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Part 74: Two Pearls

Today was an...interesting adventure. I had to help the nuns recover their holy elixir, as Niccolo had drunk it all.

Sorry, you're not old enough...probably. Anyway, after having a cathartic experience beating up a drunken Niccolo, I went to the nearest bar to achieve a "barrel in my soul." Then I went to the desert and got the water. The less said about how I got it, the better. The important point is, the nuns can get plastered again, and that's all that matters.


Yeah...I must make sure my goblin companion never tells anyone about...the barrel incident. He'll be better off stewing here.

You know, I haven't been to the Junkyard in awhile. I wonder what's going on there.


Seems like a tough guy, and a demi-human of few words. I like him.

Oh yeah, Elazul's injured and went off on his own. Maybe I should find him or something. The Tower of Leires seems like a logical place for him to go, I guess. I don't know. Just need some adventurin' to do.

Ah, there he is!

Nothing? You were reeling from that wound not so long ago! You're lucky you didn't kill yourself since you left my home!

Guy's not going to back away, of course, so at least I should make sure he doesn't hurt himself further.

Of course.
Let's go!

Ugh...I still have bad memories of getting lost here not so long ago.

Of course, it's much easier to breeze past these weaklings now that I'm stronger.

Doesn't hurt that I have a skilled swordsman and a magic-swinging yeti on my side.

Alright, that was much less painful. Glad I semi-remembered where to go this time!

I heard the Door of Fate opens only to one who knows the person inside.

Resist me, will you?

Hmm. Perhaps I should give it a try.

Huh. I wonder why I could open it...Wait, I don't have time to think about this!

Wait...Pearl AND Lady Blackpearl?





Listen to me... It is the best way. She will come back with the Mana Sword and the power of the Mana stone. You must persevere until then.


Jumi of Lapis Lazuli, you need not interfere.
Pearl is my partner!
Back off, or you will die.

Of course!

Well, fine. I do not wish to defile this place. Come, let us fight below.
Very well...

Do not worry. Your destiny is predetermined...

But...I saw Pearl transform into her! How is this...

Bah... I have no time to ponder this! I have a battle to fight, and this opponent's no slouch!


Video: Boss - Lady Blackpearl

Finally...a fight against a true warrior! A fine time to test my skills!

Might as well go all out!

Though I guess it's not fair I have two partners and a ranged weapon helping me out here.

Ack! Shouldn't be underestimating my opponent so much!

Try and hit me now!


Well, take this, then!

Ha...I believe I've already mastered this weapon. So simple.


We have a deal. You'll leave Pearl alone.
Yes. For a while...

Pearl is mine. She will come back to me. Face it.

...Why does everyone always assume I'm going to cry? I've not shed a single tear in any of my adventures yet.

Well, at least that little bit's over.

Let's go.

Just another day for me.

Heh. Oh well, I guess that's that for today, huh, Fernando?

...Fernando? Hello?