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Legend of Mana

by Mega64

Part 76: Buried Treasure

I went to the desert today, and ran into a sahagin who wanted me to help him slay a beast called Kima. This beast was causing all sorts of earthquakes and sandstorms in the desert.

Naturally, I beat it. That's it. This one was pretty simple for once.


I'm down for relaxing for a bit.

Huh, a Tomato Man that looks friendly.

True adventurer, eh? Sure, why not.

He definitely possesses the power of fire, there's no denying that.

So what better place to take my new companion than a sea vessel? Besides, it's been awhile since I've explored the seas.

Let's head to the west.

Keep going west.

And now to the north.

Hm? What's that I see?

Hm, I wonder what it is now?


Madora, eh? I don't see what's so special about being here.

Aaarr, ain't that great?

Now, I've never seen anything like that here, and trust me, I would've noticed if that were the case. In fact, I've never seen anything at that beach besides penguins, sirens, and crabs.

How 'bout it, mate? Could ye go there with the penguins?
Eh, sure. I could use some more adventure.
Alright! Show 'em who's a real man!

I've done this so many times by now. Just going through the motions...


We be too late! Dudbears sniffed this place out already!

You be right, Cap'n! We believe in actin' before thinkin'!


Well, anyway... As ye see, Dudbears like money.

Who doesn't?

If ye run out of the coins, quit right there and come back.

Hmmm, so I should bribe the Dudbears in order to...wait, why are we here again?

Oh well, it's something to do, and adventures are becoming less and less common these days...

Uh, here you go.

Blast. Let me try another one.

Well, that seemed to have worked. Gotta keep track of which Dudbears I can barter with, I guess.

Anyway, onward!

I love my hammer.

I don't think my companion is enjoying spending this much time near water, though.

Ah, more Dudbears! Let's see what I can get out of them...

Is this worth anything to you?


Uh...huh. Well, Dudbears seem to like them, so might as well grab a few to help me out.

Hmmm, I bet whoever's leading this crew is smart enough to put those more resistant to greed to guard the exits. Still, maybe I have something to bribe him with...

Would you move for this bottle?

I'm so clever.

Meh...More of them.

Guess I've no choice but to continue bartering.

A bottle for a Pucashell, huh. Maybe I can woo some more guards with these.

Well, there we go. Onward!

Ugh, will I ever find an end to this?

Here, take the blasted thing. I don't care anymore.


Oh. It's just another stupid treasure chest. Maybe there's some rotten meat in there! Or, hey, maybe another virgin's sigh! Maybe even some electricity!

Meh. I don't really care about the treasure, but I'm tired of dealing with Roger. The guy really needs some perspective.

Tell you what, Dudbears. I'll give you this shiny Halo coin if you take this windbag as far away from here as you can get him.

...I should try that more often.


Well done! Now that's a real man of the sea!

...What does bribing Dudbears have to do with living on the sea?

Oh well. At least I got something useful besides yet another crab.

I'm starting to wonder why I continue to bother with these silly adventures.