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Part 80: Fluorite

So I ran into Elazul and Pearl again. I ended up escorting Pearl to Geo, where I ran into Diana, who had turned herself into stone to save herself from the jewel thief she sent to kill her.

That isn't the half of it. We had to hunt for literal keys to her heart, which freed her, only for her to die anyway. But now we know Sandra's trying to get revenge on the Jumi or something, I guess. Yeah, I don't know either.


So my current partner got bored with the lack of fighting. Time to find another one. At this rate, if the next one doesn't work out, I'll have to make one or something.

Ah, here we go.

Welcome aboard.

He's got good expertise with ranged weapons, which could be handy. Shame I already mastered the bow, but oh well.

Maybe I should hunt around for clues on the jewel thief. Geo's as good a place to start as any.


...What? What now?


Ah. So this is the Florina I've been hearing so much about.

Alex hides me here, away from the jewel hunter. But I have a lot of bad dreams.

I'd imagine.

Do not ask who I am! Your nightmares are so bad that even the tapir was scared away!

How am I supposed to know? I should be safe in here...
Safe? Ha! I can't even go for a walk in your dreams... Oh! I haven't introduced myself.

...Oh yeah! She was there when Nunuzac and Pokiehl were having a philisophical debate in my workshop. Nunuzac stored a Sproutling in his dreams or something.

What is wrong with my life.

I am Florina, Jumi of Fluorite. And this is...

Talamond. I believe we've met before.
Why hello, Talamond. Looks like you were drawn here by the gravity of her nightmares. But nightmare gravity theory is something I'll discuss later. Yes.

I can't wait.

Dreams are structurally complex things. The memories of day become the dreams of night. So dreams are based on the world of reality. Dreams are created by the self. Dreams change when reality changes.

Well, all I can say is, "Have a nice dream!" That's all!

Wait, what?

Well, are you ready?

Uh, sure, I guess. Wasn't expecting to enter someone's dreams today, but I'm game.


So I'm in Florina's dreams, then. So what's Niccolo doing here?

I'll guide you into Florina's dream, for the special low price of only 200 Lucre.
Eh, sure, whatever.
You sure know how to make the most of your money.



It's because your sighs take my breath away.

Now, pull me closer, closer to you.

I can struggle, and struggle, but you'll always catch me...

That's why I'll always be with you. Because I want to see your smile.

Doin' this and that in my dreams.

You understand, right?

But if you can't sleep at night, or if your foes knock you down, just call me. I'll come, no matter where you are. Even into your dreams.

...Why in the name of the Mana Goddess does Florina dream such horrible things?

This is my craziest adventure yet, and that's after filling my soul with oasis water and dealing with a body-swapping teenager with telepathy.

Huh...Elazul and Lady Blackpearl? Now we've got something here.

Are you saying that you are a knight with no one to protect? A Jumi all alone in the world is just like a pebble in the desert.
With Florina's tears, my destiny shall be revived.

I would never cut away her life for a cowardly knight who let his guardian die!

If my anger was what kept you moving, then the light of the Clarius will go on hurting people. The destiny of us stones is to heal and soothe, shining with light from the sun. So long as men fight over us, we light the flames of anger, and forget the power to heal. If that truly is our destiny, should we just destroy everything?

Blackpearl... I have not your strength..the strength to destroy it all.

Huh... I have no idea what's going on here.

The Jumi are composed of knights and guardians. The knights watch over the guardians, who in turn heal wounds with their tears. To a Jumi Knight, the life of a guardian is more precious than his own.

Hm. So in this dream, Pearl died. I don't really understand how that works since she sharing the same body as Blackpearl, but...meh, forget it.

Guess I'll go through the now-open path.

Ah, them again.

I am not Pearl. I am a knight with a core of darkness. My destiny is fluorite. The beating in my chest is the black core, my true self.

Flroina already had a knight called Alexandra... The lonely pebble in the desert is you, Blackpearl!

Wait, Alexandra? Why does that name seem so familiar...

So Lady Blackpearl was once Florina's knight, huh?

Are you saying you'll turn back into Pearl...if you cut away your black core, Blackpearl!?

Everyone has a little power. And by combining our strength, we become a force to be reckoned with.

Florina shed tears for all Jumi. That is why I must fight... Fight all who threaten the Jumi.

That's when I can see my own destiny, Pearl.

So I've learned some more stuff, but I still don't know what's going on.

Dreams are weird.

Guess I'll just have to keep on!


Blackpearl... We are allies, right? What did you come here for?

I shall shut you away in darkness so you may never hurt others again.
Even with only a thousand Jumi lives, Florina will recover!

Fool! Everything will just be repeated. After your powers are gobbled up, you will hunt more Jumi lives and replenish your strength. How long will you continue this?
As long as we Jumi cling to life.

It is over, Blackpearl. Looks like your heart of blackness will not last in the desert.


Video: Boss - Jewel Beast IV

Hmmm, the footprints stop here.

Oh, of course. There's yet another of these things in a dream. Sure, why not.

Yeah, yeah, I know.

I've done this plenty of times by now. We all know how it ends.

In victory.



Oh, Elazul... Yes... I'm okay.
What happened to Blackpearl? Why did she turn into you?

Me? You ask if I'm alright?
Well, Elazul... You look a little strange.
Hmph... Let's go, Pearl.
Alright! Let's go!


Now the world of dreams is a bit safer.

...I never want to explore anyone's dreams ever again.

But to dream is merely to view reality through a filter.

So there's some reality to all that stuff? Including the room with all the Basket Fish?

Great, now I'm going to have nightmares.

I'll be back if you ever have nightmares again!

I can hardly wait. do I get out of here, again?