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Part 81: Teardrop Crystal (Pt. 1)

I went to Geo and ended up getting sucked into a box, where I found one of the Jumi. Then a dream witch came and shoved me into the Jumi's dreams, where I wandered around a desert fighting monsters and watching people talk.

It certainly seemed like a dream. Anyway, I beat up some monster as usual, which fixed everything...I guess. I don't really know. Oh well.


I guess that dream business was too weird for my latest partner, since he ran off quickly afterwards. Guess at this point I might as well make a new friend.

Range would be handy, so I'll give him my old bow.

Awesome! Of course, he could look a bit better...

Looks a bit old-fashioned, but it just adds to the charm.

Now to make some logic blocks for him.

...And that should be enough.

Well, it looks like it all fits. I don't really get a lot of this, but it should do some neat stuff, I guess.

Alright, now all I need is a name...Oh!

I remember reading a book about a golem helping a hero trying to save the Mana Tree. It's name was Marcie, I think. That sounds like a nice name.

Certainly beefier than any of the pets or demi-humans I've hung with. Hopefully it'll put that power to good use!

Might as well find some adventures to test my new companion with. Domina's as good a place as any.

Oh, I haven't seen Boyd in awhile. I wonder what he's up to now.

I wonder if...

Nah, those two have been through a lot already. They can handle anything thrown at them.
Yes, yes, you're right.

I need you to go to Geo, and look for a vacant building there.

There's a vacant building at Geo?
There's a shop there that went out of business long ago... They used to sell Jumi cores, a truly despicable business. I want you to find it.
Sure, I'll help.


Mr. Nunuzac used to come here looking for Jumi cores.

Hopefully it was to find Esmeralda's sisters. I hope.

This door is rusted solid! Can you open it for me?

...Rusted? That doesn't make any sense.

Uhhh...sure. Yeah, I'll open it, I guess.
That's the spirit!!

Well, here goes.

It's open! Alright, time to investigate.


Huh...What happened here?

Maybe I should get out and ask some questions from the locals.

Hey, Pearl and Elazul again!

Nice to see you're both still okay. Boyd was pretty worried about you two.
I'm so glad I could see you again!

And nobody knows who Alex is! Nobody!
It's like time is warped...
Something's strange. I feel it in my core.

Guess I should do some investigating, then.

Hmmm... Last time I was here, I went to that chest and found Florina.

...Wouldn't she still be in that chest?

I sense a powerful sparkle!
It feels so familiar... But where is it coming from?


Are...Are you the Clarius, the pillar of life that supports us all...?
Yes, I am Florina, Clarius of the Jumi...

Turn off that white heart of yours.
What! What are you doing to Pearl!
I'm going to return her to her original form. There is something I want to ask her. Don't worry, I can't hurt her. I can only give, only heal.

What of the Mana Sword, the key to opening the Mana stone? Is that what you gave Elazul?

...Didn't I find the Mana Sword already? It was no weapon, but rather an artifact that leads to the Mana Tree.

...Maybe one day I'll have the courage to travel there.

Unfortunately, this is from an ancient tribe of nomads.

There is something I must ask you. Blackpearl...
I want to ask you something, too.
Stop. You are in the presence of a guardian.
Say it, Elazul. Perhaps I have the same question...
I always wondered... When I found you out in the desert, you were Blackpearl with a black core. I held you in my arms, you acquired a white core. Whether in Leires or in Mekiv, your form changes between black and white.

...So none of them know, either? I've always been wondering that myself.

Blackpearl... Answer...
Tell me. I am ready.


What do you think you are doing? Taking Florina away...

If the war drags on, many Jumi will be hurt. The compassionate Florina will cut away some of her life and shed tears...
It is the duty of the guardians who sit on the throne of the Clarius to support the race with their own lives. After continuing the duty for a hundred years, the guardian is released and a new Clarius is chosen.

Florina is going to die...
She has changed since you joined the struggle. You will not find the Mana stone in time! It is too late...
Even so, Florina should be returned to the city. The suffering of others must not be ignored! She... Florina wishes it.

She is about to enter eternal slumber...
What...did you do?

Trapped her...?
There was no other way...
I see. Let's ask Diana to revoke the position of Clarius from Florina.
And make a new guardian into the Clarius. Will you tear off even more life?
That is how we must live... But I'll do my best with Florina. So please... Take her back to the others.

I will return tomorrow.
Will you turn your back, Blackpearl? Why do you help a race which can only live at the expense of others!?
I cannot betray my comrades.

You always amazed me. You, who live for thousands of years. I heard from Florina... That your core is black, and gives off no light, a shell for your own self.

I am not a stone puppet.
You're a puppet without sparkle! Not just you, all Jumi who've lost their sparkle, we're all puppets! We have lost the ability to cry and care for others. We are the ones who should die, not Florina!

You are a Jumi, are you not!? Pull yourself together!

I don't remember... Who am I...? ......


Damaged, you decided to shoulder my pain as Pearl.
I have decided.

Not stop her, Florina, defeat her. She is now our enemy.
You musn't... You musn't hurt anyone. I...will heal her troubled heart. So please...
Blackpearl, please. You were my knight.

I have something to ask of you, too, Elazul...

The Jumi will surely die out if Blackpearl loses this battle. But you don't think by the old rules. You have never killed. You have another purpose...
Don't tell me what to do! I am Pearl's knight!

It's time. Here, take this...

The power in this thing... This must be an artifact!

What did she mean about Elazul? Never killed, another purpose... I wonder if he were always a knight.

A new age... A new beginning... You have a future...
I leave it all to you. Everything that is mine, and Pearl's...

Are you alright, Pearl?

I was searching for one for so long...
Don't worry, Blackpearl and I are one and the same. You are my knight.
I'll protect you, and Blackpearl!

Pearl, I don't want you to go.
I can fight. Blackpearl's powers will be needed, too.
Let's go to Florina together.
No, not by ourselves. I sense too much danger.
I won't let you go, even if I have to shut you in Pandora's Box. But that's just the way I feel I guess.

You were always nearby. We can trust you... Take one of us to the place the staff shows.

I don't get why all three of us can't go together...Ah well.

Taking Florina's words into account, and it seems the best choice is Blackpearl. She has more combat experience, and this is really her fight. That, plus I worry about Pearl being by herself, whereas Elazul could better protect himself.

I've decided. I will escort you to Florina.
Let's go to the Bejeweled City, to see the Clarius, Florina.

The Sword of Fate. Blackpearl gave it to me.

It has the power to cut through anything, but it can only be used once. Take care and protect Pearl and Blackpearl.

This isn't the Sword of Mana...

...but it still looks to be a handy little thing. I've mastered enough weapons for the time being anyway. It's time I go back to a handy sword.

Whew... That was quite the conversation.

At any rate, it looks like everything's coming to a head. To the Bejeweled City!