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Part 82: Teardrop Crystal (Pt. 2)

Alright... So Florina is the Clarius of the Jumi, and the only one of them who can heal.

And then there's Lady Blackpearl, who was once Florina's guardian, who fought to save the Jumi.


And this beauty should lead me right to Florina.

Well, let's see where it leads!

Video: Artifact - Jumi Staff

...Whoa. The Bejeweled City...

Well, this is it! Time to rescue Florina!

So this is...

In all my travels, I've never seen anything so...

...I guess we should start exploring.

Huh, wonder what's in here.


Another one. I wonder if there are any more gems like this.

Huh, haven't seen that creature before. Can't believe I'm still finding new creatures even now.

I don't think there are any more down here...

Well, let's move on.

Hmm, not budging.

There's something inside!

Here we go!

Let's fight!


Video: Boss - Jewel Beast II

Huh, don't think I've seen this one yet!

These things are nothing to me now.

Well, that's over with.


Right, so I need to place jewels to gain entrance. So that's why those things are laying around.

So I guess the trick is to find the right combination...

Aha! Opened.

At least it gets smaller the higher I go, so there shouldn't be as much stuff to go through.

That's another.

Voices? I wonder what's happening over here...


She seems to be so tired...
What about a new knight for Florina?
No need to worry... Think of Alexandra as a substitute for Blackpearl.

What is the matter?
Florina is not in her chamber!

These must be images of the past...

I think these are the only two on this floor. I guess these will help me open the way to the next door.

After I fight another monster, of course!


Video: Boss - Jewel Beast III

This fella again?

I don't have time for this.


So there's three of these now. Let's try each combination and see what sticks.

...None of them work. Maybe I need the jewels I just used?

Alright, that should do it. Let's try it now.

Got it!

This looks to be the only one up here.

Wow, a golem! I wonder what one is doing up here, of all places.

Not bad loot, though.

More voices...


No. You three sisters have yet to be knighted.
That is true, but...
I shall ask Lady Blackpearl.
Lady Blackpearl has been expelled from the city.
Officially, yes...

We did not know. Where is Lady Blackpearl?
Probably Leires. She said there was a powerful sword there.


We are not going on a vacation...
Oh... Are you headed to Geo, too?
That is a scary place.
The shop that sells our cores is there.
But the academy is there too, right? I really want to learn magic.


I'm a guardian, but I can't cry. That's why I want to be a knight like Lady Blackpearl.
I see... You're a good girl, Esmeralda.

It's so different, seeing them like this.

Here's the next gate.

Oh, come on!


Video: Boss - Jewel Beast IV

Yeah, yeah, whatever.

I sure hope that is the last one.


Hmmm... Seems these aren't enough.

Alright, this should open that door.

Got it! Can't be much further now!

Aha! This must be it!


So, you finally showed up...
So... Shall we return to our true forms, then?

I'm afraid that shall not be. Master...

Why do you glow from the inside? No! It can't be!
That is correct. He has the power of a black hole. Everything he swallows fuses together.

Everything becomes one inside me. I shall return the sparkle to your cores and to the stars hovering in space.
My master has already swallowed nine-hundred and ninety-eight cores. It takes a thousand to save Florina.
So the nine-hundred ninety-ninth core is...

Elazul! Dammit!!

This can't stand! Let's slay this beast!


Video: Boss - Lord of Jewels 999

Show yourself!

That's it? That's your true form?

I'm taking you down!

Bah! I may be powerful, but I shouldn't underestimate this guy!

Even Marcie's getting some hits in!

Nice one!

Whew! Got him!


You won't be taking Blackpearl's core as long as I'm here!


Oh no!


Video: Boss - Lord of Jewels 1000

I don't care how powerful you are! I'm going to stop you right here!

So this is his true power...

No! I'm not letting you get away with all the horror you've caused!

You shall pay!

For the suffering you've brought the Jumi! You shall meet your end!

But still... Still it won't bring them back.


...Rubens. Diana. Esmeralda. And Elazul...

I couldn't save any of them. In the end... I failed.


By thinking of the welfare of all races... A teardrop crystal is made...


You're going to give Talamond a teardrop crystal...?
I think I can cry...



There's a terrible storm outside...It's like the sky is falling down!
They say that when a Jumi cries, the sky cries with it. Did you know that?

I wonder if the pearl girl is crying...

Or maybe it's the lapis lazuli guy...

Talamond is late...



Hey... Look!