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Legend of Mana

by Mega64

Part 83: Niccolo Calls It Quits?

Well, this is a weird one... I went to Geo and ran into Elazul and Pearl again, then we had this big discussion with Florina that led me to the Bejeweled City. After fighting through fierce monsters, I finally reached the top, only to run into Sandra and her master. Though I slew her master, the Jumi were all but dead, and then...I don't really remember after that, except when I woke up, hundreds of Jumi were around me, all having come back to life.

Don't! If you cry for the Jumi, you'll turn to stone. Trust me.


Man, it's been so many weeks since the Jumi thing... There's really nothing to do. Maybe Polpota has some excitement...

...Niccolo? Oh man, this is sparking something that happened...months ago?


The medicine will be here any minute, so pwease, get some west.
This is not the time to sit and rest! I gotta get some cash together, or else I'll lose the palace!
But madam, we can waise the ten biwwion Wucre by sewwing madam's art. And if we expwain our pwedicament, he might gwant us some wewief!

...Rabbit ears?



Huh... I wonder why Niccolo's all the way out here. As much as I am loathe to help him, perhaps I better gather what's exactly going on.

...Uh, OK.

Why, you're the one I traveled with before... No! I can't remember! What's wrong with me?


When I awoke, I was lying on the beach... And somehow I was holding a yambalooriben leaf! The ocean calls... But where should I go?


Uh... Maybe you better come with me.

I bet that's the medicine Kristie needs, so...

To Geo!

!!!! Why, it's Mr. Niccowo.
!!! That's right! I remember!
I am twuly sowwy, sir, but we don't have the ten biwwion quite yet...

A little farther past my usual herb foraging area, I found... Ahhhh! No! I can't remember!

Madam! It seems that Niccowo has come down with amnesia! Amnesia is an affwiction in which memowy is wost through emotional twauma!
But I do remember! It's my mission to save her!

Ahahaha! So you don't wemember the agweement concerning payment, either?
What!? How could I possibly take payment when a life is on the line!?

Yeah, Niccolo's definitely lost his mind.

Here, take these yambalooriben herbs just three times... And you'll be cured!! It's free! I'll give you all you need!

Guess I should help Niccolo find those herbs. Don't know where exactly he got them, though...

Tell me about it.

Let's see... Where does Niccolo usually gather herbs, and where could he have went to end up in Polopota...


Maybe somewhere up here...

Wait just a little bit--it's to save someone's life!

Trust me, I'm not going anywhere.

OK, let's go! We gotta hurry!


I've brought more yambalooriben herbs!

Why, thank you so much... I do wish our company had more people wike you...
Don't be fooled, Sotherbee! He's just acting!
Is something wrong? Here, take your medicine!
Thank you, Niccolo... But aren't these herbs found in a dangerous place? Just tell us where, and we'll send one of our employees.

Didn't both your employees already run out on you?

I would, but I don't even remember where I was!

Just once more and you'll be cured! I'll be back!

Wait... Why didn't you just gather enough before to cure her now? Why do we have to go back?

Meh... Maybe he'll actually pay me this time, at least.

Yes, wight away madam!


Right, just once more.


Oh. He's fallen to his death. How unfortunate.

Hmmm... If he fell off last time, he probably washed back up in Polpota.

Oh well, might as well make sure he's alive, I guess.

Ah, there he is.

This is the last leaf... I won't let it go no matter what...

Hm, Niccolo knows it's the last leaf, so surely he still has his memory...



Oh, Niccowo, we've been waiting!

The medicine! Now madam will be cured!!
There you are. So...


Why you!! Trick us, will you!?
What are you saying? That was our agreement! If you couldn't come up with the money, then you would give me the palace!

...a true champion of justice, slayer of hundreds of villains. I'd recommend you honor our bargain if you'd like to see old age...

Wait a minute...

What? How?
Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. That's business.

And me, madam?

I'm a busy man... I need to hire a manager to look after the store. Any takers?
Oh, so now it's be kind and generous. How insulting... Very nice.

I'm awso thankful for such a favor. Vewy nice.

...Maybe I could get out my hammer and knock some amnesia back into Niccolo right now...