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Part 88: Bonus - Gems and Jumi

When you first run into Alex in Geo, you can simply buy some materials from him. You can also talk to him about a lot of stuff.

Thing is, Alex is a pretty chatty person. He has so much to say about jewels and the Jumi that I'm giving this thing its own update.

Let's start by discussing regular jewels.

Precious stones grow deep inside the earth over long periods of time. They are very weak and fragile. Beautiful, but frail.

Yeah... Alex has a lot to say about gems. Let's just start with the top and work our way down.


Clarius simply means "most precious," and isn't the name of any type of stone. That title is only given to stones possessing the perfect sparkle and shine.


A very hard stone--it has high marks in color, cut, quality, and carat. I've even heard of a huge diamond called Venus.


Also known as corundum, the ruby is another hard stone. Usually found in red or pink. I've heard of a ruby that burns bright red called the Flame of Hope.

Flame of Hope is of course an early quest in the game and the core of the now-dead Rubens, last seen bitching about being dead in the Underworld.


This is also corundum. Rubies are red, while sapphires are blue. There's a stone called Drowned Dreams that is as blue as the ocean.

Drowned Dreams is another such core we've run into. Basket Fish said he was given this core by someone named Saphoe, but I don't think Saphoe is ever mentioned outside of that and I certainly don't remember anything about a Saphoe, so it's probably just something cut from the final game.


Emeralds are fragile stones, and very few are without scratches. I've heard of a stone called the Lucky Clover. People say those who gather the four stones will be blessed.

The next Jumi quest is called "The Lucky Clover."

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is made up of several minerals and has a deep blue color. I've heard of a blue stone called the Sky of Dust.

Elazul's core is lapis lazuli.


Pearls come in many colors, like white, black, and pink. How pearls are created is a mystery. Some say they come from the sea, others say they fall from the moon. I wonder what the truth might be. There is a pearl called the Lost Moon. It is a mysterious stone, which travels from owner to owner.

Pearl has a pearl core. Who would've thought!


A rare stone which is green by day and purple by night.

Have you figured it out yet?

That's it for the regular jewels.

Jumi cores contain magic and the power of life. That's why Jumi have been hunted throughout the ages. You're not looking for Jumi cores, are you?

Let's see all the answers!


Oh, I'm sorry.


I would never sell Jumi cores for money.

I don't know.

Jumi die if you take their cores from them. Please remember that.

Sometimes the world's Mana energy crystallizes to form a Mana stone. I've never seen one. Have you?

I didn't bother grabbing the "No" answer, but the whole point of the Dragon Arc was to grab Mana power from the Mana stones the dragons had.

Really? Well, perhaps you saw an imperfect one. It is said that the true Mana stone is in the sanctuary. It is said that whoever touches it is granted a wish.

That's it for jewels.

She is only after the most valuable jewels... And she always sends a note before she strikes again.

Valuable jewels?

Yes, Inspector Boyd has even advised this store to be careful.

A note?

I don't know the details.


Yes, I heard she's a woman.

Unsurprisingly, Alex is referring to Sandra, who's popped up a few times now, including the first proper Jumi quest in the Tower of Leires, as well as two other quests involving Jumi cores.

It's pretty easy to infer that she has a particular interest in Jumi cores.

Inspector Boyd

He's a short, loud mouse-man, and he's after the jewel hunter. Once you see him, you'll never forget him.

The victims

I heard that some of the victims are Jumi. Perhaps the Jumi really are doomed to die out...

So that's it for the Jewel Hunter. One more topic to go!

Racial qualities

There is much about the Jumi that is unknown. This is all I know: They are known for their long lifespans and the fragility of their cores. A Jumi can live as long as its core remains undamaged. But the cores are fragile, and other races view them as jewels. They were hunted for their cores ages ago.

That's some really useful information to keep in the back of your head whenver we start the Jumi Arc. There's a bit more to things, but this bit of information shows what separates Jumi from the other "humans." They're essentially immortal, except that they die if their cores are damaged. Their cores are prominent in their chests, so they're pretty easy targets if you find one and want to take their core.

Jumi legends

One thing I often hear is: All who cry for the Jumi shall turn to stone. That legend forbids any contact with the Jumi.

Jumi traditions

The Jumi have many traditions. Ask me anything.

Finally, we have two last things to ask about involving Jumi culture.


Strata are the ranks of organization for Jumi cores. At the top is the Stratum of the Clarius... Followed by the strata of the Lucidia and the Half-Lucidia. With the Stratum of the Clods at the bottom. The guardian who occupies the Stratum of the Clarius... Is the symbol of the entire race.

Guardians & Knights

The Jumi are divided into two roles, knight and guardian. The knight fights, while the guardian heals. Various old tomes describe the Jumi as always working in pairs.

The most obvious example is Elazul the knight and Pearl the guardian. Of course, Pearl never actually healed us in battle. That's another thing we'll get into later.

The Jumi Arc has the most work put into it of the three. The Dragon Arc is rather barebones, and the Faerie Arc pretty much tells you everything that's relevant to it during the actual quests. Here, there's a ton of background information that doesn't necessarily pop up during the actual quest. The game actually downplays a couple of things that you'll only notice if you're observant.

So of course, instead I'm going to focus on stuff like the further adventures of the rabbit con-man and the conclusion of the "Horse Tries to Get Laid" chronicles.