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Part 89: Bonus - Bud and Lisa in Geo

This game has a lot of fantastic dialogue, but a lot of it is hidden away. One of the biggest examples of this involve the students at Geo. There are fifteen different students, each having their own personality quirks. They'll say different things during classes, which I'll cover every now and then in the main updates. More interestingly, all fifteen of them have separate dialogue with both Bud and Lisa. A lot of it is minor, of course, but I like to include all dialogue so yeah. I'll show a student and then transcribe Bud's dialogue and then Lisa's dialogue.

How ya doin', Mint?
Hey, Bud! Looks like you're doing good.

How ya been, Mint?
It's just like yesterday... You always were the tomboy.

Mint's a bit world-weary.

How ya doin', Saffron?
I dunno.

How ya been, Saffron?
Alright, I guess.

Saffron's absorbed in her own inner crises.

How ya doin', Clove?
Why are you asking me?

How ya been, Clove?
Hey, it's been a while. Say hi to Bud for me.

Clove's socially awkward, considering she asks Lisa to say "Hi" to Bud for her yet gets standoffish when actually talking to him.

You doin' okay, Paprika?
Hey... Is that your master?
Where are you lookin', Paprika? I'm the master... and this is my apprentice.

How ya been, Paprika?
Hey... Is that your master?
Hehehe. Pretty cool, huh?

Paprika's a curious, eager-to-learn youth that's impressed by warriors of great talent like Talamond.

How ya doin', Thyme?
Hey, Bud! Having good dreams?

How ya been, Thyme?
Oh, Lisa. Umm... Hahaha.

Thyme is obsessed with dreams and has one of the more blatant quirks. He also has a crush on Lisa, as another student soon mentions.

Doin' alright, Cumin?
Hey, Bud! You're alive!
Of course!
Not "of course!" If you don't breathe you'll die, right?
I was breathin'.
So... Why were you breathin'?
You'll die if ya don't breathe, right?
So you were breathing 'cause you didn't wanna die, right? I bet you were saying... "Ahh I don't wanna die! I gotta breathe! Ssss-haaa...ssss-haaa"
I wasn't sayin' that. So, how come yer alive?
I live 'cause it's fun.
So yer sayin'... "Whoa, life's so fun, I gotta breathe! Ssss-haaa...ssss-haaa"
Yeah, that's right! You gotta problem with that?
Ahh, gimme a break...

Hey, how you been Cumin!
Hey, let's have fun!

Cumin's a light-hearted jokester who embraces his youthful spirit with the usual crazy-ass childhood taunts.

Hey, how ya doin', Estragon?
Bud! I heard you're doin' okay.

How ya been, Estragon?
Wow, it's been so long, Lisa.

Estragon enjoys catching up with old pals and enjoying his leisure time.

How ya doin', Mace?

How ya been, Mace?

Mace is a bit of a smart-ass, or perhaps a bit scatterbrained. Maybe a little of both.

How ya doin', Turmeric?
Hey, Bud! Are you now the greatest sorcerer ever?

How ya been, Turmeric?
Shouldn't you be babysitting Bud right now?

Turmeric's a bit of an asshole. He's clearly no fan of Bud and Lisa, and has a bit of an elitist air about him.

How ya doin', Oregano?
Your dad was a drop-out student, wasn't he?
Better than your dad!

How ya been, Oregano!
Hey... I heard Thyme likes you...
As IF!

Oregano's a bit of a drama instigator, one who no one really puts up with. Still kind of cold for Bud to basically make a "At least my dad didn't die as a locust!" joke. Kids are cruel.

Why, it's Grampa Sage!
Why hello, Grampa Bud. How are things?
Wow, you sure have perfected your grampa-speak!
That's right, sonny! At school, I'm the king of old-timer speak!
Whatever you say.
When I was young, we didn't talk like that to our elders, sonny!

How ya been, Sage?
Have I made your acquaintance, miss?
Are you still doing that grampa-speak thing? How lame!
Well, I am the grampa-speak king...

Sage...well, Sage's just plain awesome.

How ya doin', Dill?
How do I look?

How ya been, Dill?
Sure been a long time, Lisa.

Dill... Sorry, he doesn't give me much to work with, here. Some of these students are just dull.

Still standing, Brownie?
That's right.

How ya been, Brownie?
I can't remember what day it is anymore.

Brownie's a bit of a schoolaholic. It's a dangerous addiction that can lead to memory loss and stunted hand-eye coordination.

How ya doin', Cayenne?
Not so good!

How ya been, Cayenne?
Been a long time!

Cayenne carries the weight of the world on his shoulders.

How ya doin', Rosemary?
Hey, the green wiggly sends you messages all the time.
I've never been able to understand you...

How ya been, Rosemary?
I've been alright. But you've been sending me messages, right? You'll the yellow crunchy, aren't you?
Hey, stop talking nonsense.

Finally, there's Rosemary, who's lost her marbles, to put it kindly. Or batshit insane, to put it bluntly.

There's other minor bits and pieces you can find when bringing Bud and Lisa to some of the other student quests as well. Hell, maybe I'll go back and get some of that dialogue later on. We'll see. At any rate, that's quite the character development for fifteen students who have no importance in any plot line in the game and don't really do anything noteable. Still, you gotta love a game that puts so much care even into its no-name NPC's that it gives them names and bits of extra dialogue.