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Part 94: Special Techniques - 1H Swords

Each weapon has its own set of Special Techniques, obtained by winning battles using a certain weapon and certain techniques for a set number of times. Once you meet all the necessary criteria, the Special Technique is unlocked.

This update will show off all the One-Handed Sword ST's. Requirements show the number of battles you need to win with a 1H Sword and certain abilities equipped to unlock each ST.

Full video of all 20 1H Sword ST's. 4:30

Requirements: 1H Sword 3, Lunge 3


A basic ST, it doesn't do much damage, though it has a decent range. Pretty much what you expect from a starting ST.

Requirements: 1H Sword 4, Jump 4


Deals decent damage and can stun an enemy. The range is a bit finicky, though.

Requirements: 1H Sword 6, Spin 6


Doesn't deal much damage, but it affects a large distance around the character and knocks enemies back. Great for crowd control. Deals Wind-elemental damage. One of my favorites.

Requirements: 1H Sword 7, Crouch 7


Short range, decent damage. Deals both Fire and Earth damage.

Requirements: 1H Sword 8, Somersault 3


Attacks three times while somersaulting forward. Doesn't really do much else.

Requirements: 1H Sword 8, Back-Roll 3


Another take with a somewhat small range that deals decent damage. Can also stun an enemy.

Requirements: 1H Sword 8, High Jump 3


Does quite a bit of damage and can stun an enemy.

Requirements: 1H Sword 8, Moonsault 3


Alright damage that affects a wide area.

Requirements: 1H Sword 8, Back Flip 3


A defensive ST, this attack lets your character jump back while damaging enemies in front. A Wind attack that boosts your character's defense. Not too shabby.

Requirements: 1H Sword 16, Lunge 8, High Jump 5


A Light-elemental attack that attacks above and forward. Has a chance to reduce an enemy's defense.

Requirements: 1H Sword 20, Somersault 6, Back-Roll 6


Your character attacks behind and in front of them for decent damage. Can stun enemies.

Requirements: 1H Sword 20, Retreat 14, Slide 2


Your character slides forward to deal decent damage before retreating back to their oriignal position.

Requirements: 1H Sword 27, Back Flip 6, Tackle 2


Pushes enemies back while dealing both Light and Fire damage.

Requirements: 1H Sword 32, Spin 9, Defensive Lunge 1


Surrounds character with blades, and then has them lunge forward, damaging enemies in front of them. Doesn't do much damage, but it does increase the character's defense.

Requirements: 1H Sword 70, Bash 8, Moonsault 12, Tackle 6


Attacks an enemy in front of you for major damage. Not much else to it.

Requirements: 1H Sword 45, Push 14, Whirl 6, Somersault 10


Snags an enemy and then pushes them around the battlefield. Does good damage and has a chance to reduce an enemy's Constitution.

Requirements: 1H Sword 53, Lunge 15, Retreat 15, Grapple 10


A rather cool-looking ST that has your character hide in the shadows before violently striking an enemy. Deals Dark-elemental damage and can inflict Blind on an enemy.

Requirements: 1H Sword 61, Jump 15, Crouch 17, Cheer 5


An explosive ST that does large Fire damage to an enemy.

Requirements: 1H Sword 86, Lunge 20, Spin 16, Whirl 9, Back Flip 18


Though it doesn't do any other effects, this is the most damaging 1H Sword ST, which alone makes it worthwhile.

Requirements: 1H Sword 100, Crouch 20, High Jump 15, Evade 12, Toss 11


A Light-elemental attack that does huge damage and has a chance of reducing all of an enemy's stats.