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Part 95: Special Techniques - Gloves

Sorry for the rather lengthy delay for this one, but finally here's the update of all the Glove ST's. The Glove's biggest handicap is its short range, which applies to a lot of its ST's as well, but they make up for that in power, stat de/buffs, and enemy stuns.

Full video of all 18 Gloves ST's. 4:13

Requirements: Glove 1, Lunge 1


A basic lunge attack that boosts your character's attack power. Nothing fancy.

Requirements: Glove 2, Jump 2


Our character jumps up into the air and kicks forward, pushing back all enemies in the area and stunning them. Pretty handy for an early ST.

Requirements: Glove 4, Spin 4


A somewhat-weak water-elemental spin attack that hits all enemies near the character.

Requirements: Glove 5, Crouch 5


A decent one-two uppercut combo that hits enemies in front of you for decent damage.

Requirements: Glove 12, Somersault 1


The character somersaults foward with enough force to knock back enemies, stunning them.

Requirements: Glove 12, Backroll 1


Similar to Rolling Slam, except backwards, weaker, and lack of stun infliction. Pretty much no reason to use this over Rolling Slam.

Requirements: Glove 12, Moonsault 1


A rather flashy move that has your character leaping back and forth to hit an enemy, stunning them. Gold-elemental.

Requirements: Glove 20, Spin 10, Grapple 4


Another flashy move where you grab an enemy, spin them around, and then toss them into the distance. Of course, this stuns the enemy as well.

Requirements: Glove 28, Crouch 9, Grapple 10


Your character grabs a nearby enemy and then slams them into the ground for good damage. Has a chance to reduce certain stats.

Requirements: Glove 20, Jump 8, Grapple 14


It's...actually pretty similar to Tiger Driver 91, down to the chance of stat debuff. Pretty much up to preference which you go with.

Requirements: Glove 16, Counterattack 10, Counterstrike 1


Another rather-flashy attack that sacrifices power for range, your character emits a massive energy sphere that repels all nearby enemies away.

Requirements: Glove 40, Double-Jump 8, Evade 12, Toss 3


A flashy ST where you kick the enemy upwards twice, delivering strong damage to it.

Requirements: Glove 51, Grapple 20, Bash 6, High-Jump 9


An earth-elemental attack where you simply slam the enemy into the ground as hard as possible for solid damage.

Requirements: Glove 63, Lunge 16, Grapple 26, Evade 15


Gorgeous move that delivers strong damage to an and boosts your power. What's not to love?

Requirements: Glove 51, Back-Roll 16, Back-Flip 12, Flip-Kick 8


Another exciting tech to watch, you triple-kick an enemy with a wind/water-oriented attack to deliver strong damage.

Requirements: Glove 71, Lunge 20, Retreat 16, Grapple 30, Bash 10


This wonderfully over-the-top tech backslams, throws, and rams into an enemy to deliver huge damage with a chance of boosting some of your own stats.

Requirements: Glove 82, Crouch 16, Grapple 30, High-Jump 14, Toss 12


Throws an enemy up and then slams hard into them, delivering great wind/water damage with a chance of lowering all the enemy's stats.

Requirements: Glove 100, Crouch 22, Back-Roll 20, Back-Flip 16, Moonsault 12


The ultimate Glove ST has your character move back before slamming the ground in front of them, dealing massive earth damage and having a chance of both boosting your stats and reducing the enemies'. Definitely a fun one to use.