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Part 96: Special Techniques - Spear

The spear's a bit weird in that it has four quick attack combos. The first two are straight-forward forward jabs, but the latter two involve spinning the spear, first horizontally over the character, then vertically in front. Thus it's pretty difficult to actually land all four hits on one enemy, though it does make it easier to hit other enemies.

Otherwise, the spear's most obvious advantage is its long reach, which also applies to its ST's. Stat-growth wise, the spear increases Skill the most, and also boosts your Defenses and Charm a good amount, though it has a poor HP growth.

All 17 Spear ST's

Requirements: Spear 4, Lunge 4


A straight-forward forward-lunge attack that deals weak damage. Simple, and what you'd expect from a first Tech.

Requirements: Spear 5, Jump 5


You throw spear energy forward, dealing weak damage to your foes in front of you.

Requirements: Spear 6, Spin 6


This one deals wind damage to enemies around you, with a chance of inflicting Sleep. Not too shabby.

Requirements: Spear 6, Somersault 4


This one uses forward momentum to smash an enemy with a wave of energy. Deals Wind damage.

Requirements: Spear 5, High Jump 4


You leap into the air and propel down, pushing enemies back and dealing minor damage. I still like this one because of its large range and simply because it looks cool.

Requirements: Spear 6, Moonsault 4


Moonsault over a foe and drop your lance on it to deal decent damage. Very flashy and cool-looking.

Requirements: Spear 20, Crouch 12, Tackle 2


Propels a magical blade to inflict decent fire and holy damage to an enemy.

Requirements: Spear 16, Lunge 10, Spin 12


Lunge forward while spinning your spear to damage enemies in front of you. Not much to say about this one.

Requirements: Spear 17, Back-Roll 3, Moonsault 6


Moonsault and deal decent damage to an enemy. Kind of dull for a weird name.

Requirements: Spear 28, Evade 8, Toss 1


You and an image of yourself propel an enemy upward and deal good damage with fancy spear tricks. Has a chance to confuse an enemy as well.

Requirements: Spear 23, Somersault 10, High Jump 10


Very similar to Mighty Javelin, you jump up and propel energy at enemies in front of you. This version is stronger, has a chance to decrease enemies' defense, and as you may expect deals holy damage.

Requirements: Spear 62, Lunge 18, Crouch 16, Spin 18


A rather powerful tech, this deals three powerful attacks to an enemy, with a chance to increase your Power, Dexterity, and Defense. One of the handier ST's.

Requirements: Spear 36, Bash 3, Taunt 6, Slide 15


This one just does good damage to an enemy, but it's cool not because it's flashy, but rather that it involves tricking an enemy into falling into your magical spear trap. Otherwise, meh.

Requirements: Spear 47, Grapple 9, Back-Roll 14, Defensive Lunge 12


You toss an enemy into one of your many magical spears, dealing good damage with a chance of lowering defense.

Requirements: Spear 54, Lunge 22, Tackle 11, Evade 14


Another forward-attacking ST, this one affects multiple enemies, deals good damage, and has a chance to confuse. Also pretty awesome-looking.

Requirements: Spear 73, Crouch 20, Spin 24, Moonsault 12, Double Jump 16


You just annihilate an enemy, dealing huge Gold-elemental damage with a chance of inflicting paralysis. The strongest single-enemy spear ST by far.

Requirements: Spear 100, Retreat 12, Spin 26, Evade 20, Defensive Lunge 18


Does major damage to all enemies in front of you, as well as a chance to both increase all your stats and decrease all stats of any enemy who happens to survives. Not too shabby for the ultimate Spear ST.