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Part 1: Chapter One: Appearance of the Hero Wannabe

Part 1: Appearance of the Hero Wannabe
Music: Beginning

Little Shrimp is a good name in Chinese so get used to these crazy name.

More about him when we reach the statue inside the city of Louyang.

An incoming Litter, better move aside to clear up the road for it to pass.

Meanwhile, something seems to happening pass the gate. (Btw, that is a logistics services post for mail or item delivery like FedEx.)

Music: Battle Theme 2

An escaping convict chase by the cops!

Probably the first law enforcement in the world to wear red.

He blocks the spearhead with his bracers.

Then knocked down those useless guards with a twin punch and break the spears in half.

The voice came from the Litter.

The blue-dressed man jumped out of his to litter to the height of at least 8 foots and Vengeful Ba also jumped to meet the challenge.

With a powerful palm strike empowered by chi, the convict is no match.

He’s alive and the guards are back on their feet.

Ancient Chinese wooden handcuff, it’s tougher than it look.

Now Ba is the small fry. Maybe one day our hero can call other people small fry too.

For those who didn’t check the wiki link, this is the Chinese litter.