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Part 2: Chapter Two: Meeting a new Friend

Part Two: Meeting a new Friend
Music: City of Luoyang

Let’s hurry to the statue!

But this rich guy’s house is also worth admiring!

Pardon me, but who’s the owner of this house?

What!? How can you not know! Listen up! Our boss is the great Honorable Kung, known in Wulin as the Chivalry of Heluo and everyone in Central Plain knows his name.

How could you to not know such basic things!

Yes, yes, my bad…(Chivalry of Heluo…what a grand title, I wonder what title I will get when I become famous)

Almost there, so very close…

Little Shrimp is actually the hero from a hundred years ago of an other game where he's  a gamer who was sucked into his computer game and had to fight the strongest ten in order to exit the game. 

(This person has the same ambition as me! He's worthy to be friends with...) I had overheard your admiration of Little Shrimp and your words have earned my deepest respect.

This is my first time visiting Loyang and under this fateful meeting with you next to the Hero Statue, may I inquire of your name?

My name is Vale 'Moon' Pavilion, and what do I call you?

Is time to give our hero a name! His default name is Unknown of the East, parody to Undefeated of the East. If there's not a clear favorite, I will pick the one I like best.

Name Format: Last, First/Nick, Middle
Example Name: Kick My Ass