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Part 4: Chapter Four: Story and Tea Time

Seem like you all are very interested in…everything, so this chapter will hopefully satisfy you.

This is an informative chapter that you can skip without missing anything.

Terms to know:
Music: Gambling House

Wuxia: A martial artist (or pugilist) who follows the code of Xia(Knight-like honor/code of chivalry system that can affect your reputation in the world)

Wulin: A fictional society of Chinese martial arts heroes in Wuxia fiction. Part of the broader term Jianghu. AKA the society of Wuxia. (Like the mafia world)

Jianghu: Milieu, environment, or sub-community in which many Chinese classical wuxia stories are set. AKA the world.

People, society, world, got that? Good, that's all you will ever need to know in this lp.

Part Four: Story and Tea Time

Q & A

Z the IVth posted:

Apart from that, I was wondering, does this game have the various sects/schools of martial arts hiding up in the mountains like they have in the old wushu movies, or are all the "grandmasters" wandering around solo like the guy we met at the gate.
The school can be anywhere, and mountain just a preferred place to start a school because of the fresh air, mountain climbing, etc. that's good for martial art training, but some that focus on certain operation (for profit or reputation, etc.) could build the school within a city, in a cave, underground structure, etc.

Anyone can become a kung fu user if he/she find a tutor(with money, effort and/or luck), for now the guy we meet at the gate is just a rich and reputable guy that know kung fu.

Z the IVth posted:

Mmm, does it normally translate to Sect or School? The translations I used to watch tended to use Sects (Wudang Sect, Sun Moon Sect, Beggar Sect etc) rather than Schools.
Edit: Found the epic list. However, I will split them to sect and cult for their general good and bad reputation respectively.

Apocron posted:

So what impact does learning skills like cooking, gardening or chess have on the game? I mean do they just increase your stats, do you get different dialogue choices or maybe you get special sidequests?
Skills unlock various things and also boost certain stat. All of it are worth raising and some will be helpful in certain situation or event.


1) How is Wulin lately?

Ever since the appearance of Little Shrimp, there weren't anymore unique characters until thirty years ago...

During that period, the Sky Dragon Cult had a prevailing individual named Exceed Tien. It is unknown where this person learned such powerful Kung Fu and became the cult leader at a very young age.

He is a vile person who tried to destroy all the Kung Fu schools and rule over Wulin, and unfortunately no school at that time could match him.

Just when it seemed Tien had almost destroyed all the schools, all nine of the strongest schools finally settled their differences and united together to execute him once and for all.

Although we avoided this calamity, all the schools were also greatly weakened, which led to the balance of power between the schools, factions, and cults for these three years.

Speaking of power, the current superpower in Wulin are Sholin Sect and Wudang Sect,Beggar Sect, and the vilest Sky Dragon Cult.

Other small organization include Emei, Kunlun, Hoton, Mount Hua, Green Fortress, Chakra, Heavenly Sword, Absolute Saber, and Bagua.

There are also certain special factions including:
Swordsmith Manor that specialize in smiting swords…
Hundred Herb Sect that specialize in herb and medicine…
Poison Dragon Cult that specializes in poison…
Beast King Manor that specializes in hunting…
And Tong family that specializes in hidden projectile weapon…

2) About your book?

In my book, the Wulin Compendium contains parts. There are: Characters, Kung Fu, and Weaponry.
The Character section records the exploit and venture of various notable individual in the history of Wulin. Example includes Zhang Sanfeng, Little Shrimp, etc. Obviously, you will be recorded into the book when you perform some remarkable deed in the future.

Kung Fu section records all the known kung fu’s rank that include Chi method, swiftness method, fist, palm, sword, etc. For example, the long lost most powerful Dragon Deity Palm and the best sword skill isn’t Tai Chi Sword technique from Wudong.

Weaponry section include famous weapons and their ranking. For example, the Swordsmith Faction’s leader Blazing Yun’s sword named Stronghold is ranked number four, yet he still brag that it’s number one.

Currently, nothing of you is recorded in the book, so please work hard.

3)You like tea?

I don’t have many hobbies, but drinking tea is my passion, and I know some facet of the art of tea. However, I won’t bore you with it if you are not interested.

4) I will utterly regret this Please tells me about the art of tea.

A quality tea are strongly associated with it’s color, smell, taste, and water quality.

Lu Yu's The Classic of Tea state:
Mountain Water High, River Water Middle, Well Water Low.
(The book are written in poetical way, and these just mean what kind of water is high, middle, low quality)

As for Tea Leaves:

Pu-erh tea from the North Eastern region is gentle in taste, thirst quenching, detox alcohol, lung awaking, and help digestion.

Dong-Ding Tea "Frozen Summit" known as the Zen of Tea due to it sophisticated aftertaste that resembles honeydew melon with its eternal golden appearance.

Or the twisting motion of Water Moon Tea, the whiteness of the foam, silver green reflection, assaulting aroma, also known as the Assault Killer.

Another notable Tea is the Yellow Wing Feather. When you soaked this tea, the leaves will stand straight in the cup at a three raises three falls ratio, expansive freshness, renowned as a rare delicacy.

Zhejiang’s Longjing tea (Dragon Well Tea) is one of the top ten teas of China for it’s shiny appearance, jade green color, enthralling aroma, and mouthwatering freshness that make it popular throughout the world.

Is like an enlightening experience to be able to taste Dragon Well Tea. Is not art, but it surpass art; is not poem, but it surpass poetry. No wonder our ancestor said “The beauty of tea, non other than Dragon Well Tea”.

Yes, we know you are a tea addict.

Wow, all these make me really dizzy! I better drink some tea.

Speaking of staying alert, there’s non other than the Spring Morning Tea from the North Western Seashore region, as if it was still a seedling, yet it has a long life span. This belongs into the White Tea category for its light color, light aroma, and mild sensation. It’s good for the lung and cooling effect.

Mr.Ye, you are very knowledgeable person, I’m sure I will have more enquiry for you in the future.

It took me forever to translate those poetic tea-speak and look up those English names in Wikipedia.

Your Tea Skill increased, it is now 20



4) How Should I start?

First, you have to find a master, but you should leave it to fate to guide you instead of forcing yourself into one. Just like how you met Moon today, you better treasure this opportunity and build up a good relationship with him.

Didn’t you two suppose to meet at the motel at evening? Throughout your venture, you will meet more and more people, and you should send gifts to improve relation. It’s better to have one more friend than one more enemy.

Why don’t you use your free time to hang around Louyang and make some money to treat Moon for some good beer? There’s many ways to make money; you just need to ask the right person for the vocation.

Here’s a hint, everyone has their own hobby. Like me who enjoy the arts of tea or someone who enjoy music, chess, etc.

You should know their interest just by having a conversation with them and that’s the secret to improving the relationship.

There are some cases of Wulin practitioner discover new Kung Fu through deep comprehension of their hobby. From here on, you might also be addicted to certain hobby, and you might be able to create new Kung Fu when you become proficient in the field.

Here’s one more advise, when you train, please understand your mood, as it’s best to have a sharp mental focus. You will have larger improvement, when you are training under this state, and make sure you don’t diversify the training so you can have mastery over one subject.

Lastly, those two elders from the table over there seem to be gossiping about lots of things. You might learn a few interesting information from them, but it seem they talk so much it would take one time unit for them to change topic.

Screw them! They just offer hint of certain event happening on the current hour and I already know where it is anyway. ENOUGH TALKING, IS TIME TO EXPLORE LOUYANG!