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Part 5: Chapter Five: The Four Stooges

Part Five: The Four Stooges
Music: City of Luoyang

I have a feeling those four faces are modeled after the developers. Let’s take a closer look.

Yeah man! He didn’t even grow a mustache yet! If he can become a hero, anyone can.

He’s lucky he was born before me or I would squeeze him with my hammer!

His face is all over the portrait.

Then I would hit all over his body’s pressure point so he can’t move at all.

A punch, a swiping kick, and he would be upside down!

With the final swing of my spear, he'd be off to heaven!

I overheard your conversation, it seems your Kung Fu is strong, but what kind of title and name do you all go by?

Don’t scare off your pants when you hear it, kid! My name is Sky Thunder and people call me the Heaven Breaker

…I will call him Thunder Midget from now on.


I am Chop Five Tigers, Cut Six Lions, Sun and Moon Spearman Long!

(Spearman Long?)

Everyone calls me the Shapeless Fist, Vanishing Leg, Undefeatable Race Boxer!


I come without a shadow, I go without a trace, fast as sound, and people know me as Speedy Like a Wind, Speedy Wind!

(He is that quick!?)

We are the Four Dragons of the Five Mountains!!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…

These guys are overload with titles.

Let’s visit the Buddhist Merchandise Store next to the teahouse.

Music: Buddist Store

Statue, book, incense, and every ritual item you can find.

Hello, you don’t look like a local, did you come to pray at the White Horse Temple.

Ma'am, I heard the White Horse Temple is known as the “cradle of Chinese Buddhism”, is that true?

Of course. You mean you don’t know the origin of the temple?

Please tell me about it.

Legend has it, following Emperor Ming's dream vision about a Buddha who established Buddhism in India, two of Ming's emissaries departed to search for Buddhist scriptures. They encountered two Indian Buddhist monks in Afghanistan, and persuaded them to join them and return to China, bringing their book of Buddhist scriptures, relics and statues of Buddha with them on two white horses. Pleased with their arrival in China, the king built a temple in their honour and named it the 'White Horse Temple'

That’s an interesting origin.

If you are here in Louyang, you should at least visit the temple. Oh, and don’t forget to purchase two pack of incense sticks to make a wish, people say it really works.

I want a refund if this doesn’t work.

Anything you need?

Wooden Buddhist Statue. Cost 660 Silver.

Buddhist Painting. Cost 300 Silver.

Sandalwood Incense. Cost 10 Silver [Purchased]

Dragon Origin Incense. Cost 16 Silver [Purchased]

Diamond Sutra. Cost 482 Silver.

I got those incense sticks! Let’s hurry to the White Horse Temple!

Music: White Horse Temple



What are you two arguing about?

This bastard bumped into me and won’t apologize!

It was you who bumped into me, YOU should apologize!

No you!


You two shouldn’t argue about such a trivial thing,

Shut up! You know nothing!

This is none of your business!

Hey! Why are you scolding me now!?

So what? You wanna fight?

How dare you~~~

[Suddenly a soothing musical melody begins, and all three of them stop their argument to listen to the beautiful music.]

Music: Peace

Ahh…such wondrous music.

This music is so pleasant…

Yeah, I wonder who's playing it…

Must search for the source of the music…

Your music is so beautiful!

Thank you. I saw you three were having a heated argument, so I played the Lucid Heart Melody, are you feeling better?

Oh yes, I am so much calmer.

It seems those two are also making up.

I’m sorry for what happened.

No no no, it was I who should apologize.

It so shameful to be arguing for such a trivial thing

You are right, let’s have some tea together!


I would never have thought that music could help people relax.

That’s not all. Music can stir up anger, wildness, happiness, sadness, excitement, depression, and all sorts of emotions. A good musical artist can even affect life forms other than humans.

That’s so incredible. Do you think I can ever reach such a state?

Yes. If you willing to practice, you will definitely be able to achieve it eventually, and who knows, you might even become famous throughout history.

Thanks for the advice.

No problem.

Music Skill increased, it is now 10!
New information added to skill book!

Master, I had some uncertainty in this proverb, please enlighten me.

Please do, Little Kung.

The proverb is: Long but only three inches long, fragile as green grass, who knows what generation, can see this grow old.

It means a tiny Pinaceae, containing unlimited hope, and this is also symbolic of the will of Buddha .

It’s ok if you don’t understand.

Symbolism of the will of Buddha? Now I am more confused.

A will is shapeless, so even the smallest…

Oh! Master means the smallest of things, due to their simple and purity, usually contain the largest mystery. Just like the will of Buddha is not affected by time, and so it’s endless; Yet the will encircles the spiritual boundary, and thus it is the largest.

I repeat, it’s ok if you don’t understand.

Impressive perception little one, I am very impressed.

(Both of them are discussing some really deep philosophy. I should have a chat with them.)
My name is Jesus, I heard your conversation that’s is so philosophical that I can't resist interrupting and wish to convene with both of you. May I ask your name?

This person is the Host of the White Horse Temple, everyone calls him the Master Spiritual.

Nice to meet you, Master Spiritual.

Amitābha, peace be with you.

I am Little Kung, pleases to meet you.

Nice to meet you Little Kung. I am honored and very fortunate to be able to meet both of you today, and hear such a profound conversation.

Oh no, you have overvalued this meeting. It is a monk’s duty to enlighten confused souls and help them clear up their inner trouble in order to open up their path of enlightenment.

Listening philosophy of Buddhism make Jesus smarter!

Your IQ increased, it is now 6

Mr.Little Kung …

Jesus bro! I’m just over fourteen this year, so I don’t deserve such courteous honorific.

Then I will call you Little Kung bro, but I am quite impressed by your understanding of Buddhism at such a young age.

No no, I just happen to live nearby and I always visited the master for his stories when I was young, so it’s natural for me to become interested in philosophy.

Time to talk to Master Spiritual.

Amitābha! You are looking well, it seems like you are in a good mood!

Wow you see through my heart with one glance! You are amazing! I totally feel all fulfilled when I finally saw the statue of Little Shrimp and swore to become like him.

Amitābha! I am happy for you to discover your path at such a young age.

Thank you master. I'm just getting started, I hope I can train up fast and then go help people. Master’s Kung Fu might be strong too, I heard most monks know Kung Fu, especially from Soulin Temple.

Please do not rush yourself! Training is for strengthening the body and escalates the spiritual growth. So you should keep a kind heart when training and maintain the value of Buddhism in your mind or else you will become emotional and hurt yourself in the end.

This is especially important when you are learning high level Kung Fu as you need the maturity obtained from the life comprehension through the way of Buddha to cancel out the strain and anxiety of your mind and body.

This feature never seems to be implanted, so we don’t need to read those Buddhist books to maintain sanity or whatever.

I would never anticipate such an approach to training. Thank you Master, I have learned a lot from you.


Hey mister, my dad is the number one chef in Louyang, go to Louyang Lounge for any good food you want to eat.

Oh really?

If you don’t believe me, then go to Louyang Lounge and order the fried chicken, the one with the cake shaped, honey like color, eight type of flavor, and the melt in your mouth sensation will make your mouth fill with praise.

Her dad definitely planted her here to advertise his business.

Hey Mister, how about you try to solve my Riddle song?

Sure, and since there’s already someone who played the game, I will use other riddle that I found on the internet.

First person to get both right gets a +5 voting power on next vote.

Now to pay Buddha a visit.

Excuse me ma'am, what are you wising about, does this really work?

Well then, let’s perform the praying ritual.

Pray with the first pack of incense and insert them into the incense pot.

Pray with the second pack of incense and insert them into the incense pot.

Will Buddha answer? Will someone make his wish a reality?