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Part 6: Chapter Six: Shopping Spree(Cheap Edition)

Part Six: Shopping Spree(Cheap Edition)
Music: White Horse Temple


I just want to pray, nothing else.

Our Jesus is quite saintly.

I have seen people pray to Buddha for their own gain, yet you are an exception without greed, Ho ho ho, very good, very good. I am Nun Jing, what is your name?

I am Jesus.
I never expect the name to sound so appropriate.

I can see you have some intellect within you, would you like to listen to my sutra?

Yes, please do.

"Light drills on paper for searches of love,
intricate from inaccessible site.
Sudden impact of road of time,
enlightened that life is hidden by the eyes."

May you be released from the shackles of society, and return to the true self of enlightenment.

Thank you for the lesson.

IQ increased by 20 points

Now to solve the riddles.

Wow Nick Buntline is so amazing! He got all of them correct!

Hehe. It's nothing...wait what?
Too bad his +5 vote for luck failed. At least that proves the +5 vote is not broken.

Back to outside of teahouse.

The npcs are slowly walking to their destination.

Let’s go down and check out the market.

Hey kid, how about a big fat Yellow River Carp for your mom to cook you Fried Alcoholic Yellow River Carp?

Wow you are amazing ma'am! Look at all the fish you caught!

Oh hoho, don’t joke with me now; there’s no way I could fish all of these. All of them came from Fisher East who lives outside of the city. He sold it to me.

So if I can catch some fishes, you will buy them?

Of course. But…it looks like you'd better learn a bit from East first, fishing is not easy.

Brought them both to raise I.D. Skill by one point.

Noodle stand, faster than your instant noodle.

Hey there, you want some Carp Noodle? I choose the freshest Yellow River Carp and steam it with vinegar and sugar on top of my flexible tasty yummy Dragon Hair Noodle, Guaranteed!

Jesus is Very Full.

Please come again!

The game makes food stand like this free to eat to refill energy over time, but time is an expensive resources.

My Little White Soy Milk are made of pure Yellow Beans, guarantee to be gooey and good. If you want a bowl of it and a steam bun, please sit on at the table there.

Jesus decide to eat until he become like Budai

Are you done, sir?

Jesus stopped eating after he checked the wiki link.

Thank you for your patronage, please visit Little White Soy Milk again.

You feel stuffed. (Energy 100%)

Hello, take a look at my vegetables.

Both are varieties of Chinese cabbage with the same name but different scientific name...why am I researching the difference between bok choy and pak choy.

Identification Increased by 2 points.

Oh, a chef is buying meat from a butcher.

I am Butcher Wong, and I have all sorts of wildlife meat, take a look at it.

All of these are from the wild?

Of course, I only sell meat from the wild because wild animals living in the forest are always active unlike that home raised low quality crap, and you will know the difference when you eat it.

Where does all this meat came from?

All thanks to Hunter Lee who hunts it from the forest. Speaking of him, his archery is dead accurate. But I don’t know what happened, he has been selling less lately.

So you will buy all the wild animals I hunt?

Oh yeah, please do. However, you should be careful in the forest because there seems to be dangerous bears lately.

Come, take a look.

Purchased both again for I.D. skill boost.

Ah, the master and servant are looking at the painting.

Look at this! These paintings have the atmospheric aura of Huang Wei from Tong Dynasty, but unfortunately lack the amalgamate of painting and poem.

You know a lot about painting?

Oh, not really. I just happen to see a lot of real examples. But you look like you’re hoping to learn something out of the painting like new theories of kung fu. From what I know, sometime Wulin Masters might unconsciously imprint secrets of kung fu into their painting.

Your Painting skill increased, now is 10.

Dude, what do you want, why do you keep following us!?

Hidden free painting boost.

Hello there, I have all sorts of famous artist’s masterpieces that you might enjoy.

Old man, are these all real?

Tha…that…obviously all of these are copies, if they were real I would had sold them to Mr.Cho.


He is the master of Mount Hua Sect and he’s an enthusiastic collector who will pay a very high price for an old painting. Last time he paid five thousand silvers for the Double Happiness Chart by Cuī bái.

Let’s go visit the General Store.

Music: General Store

If only everything is a dollar.

Hello, what do you need?