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Part 7: Chapter Seven: I am feeling Lucky

Part Seven: I am feeling Lucky
Music: City of Luoyang

Time to explore further southward.

This is a courthouse and police station/detective agency in one that controls and rules by appointed government officials who govern the local prefecture or sub-prefecture while also acting as a judge and police chief. If you want to sue someone, just hit the drum near the door and the official will meet you.

Oh well, let’s look at the bounty poster…oh it's Vengeful Ba’s face.

Young man, can you believe this!?

What happened, sir?

This villain Vengeful Ba almost escaped.

Yeah! Luckily Honourable Kung’s kung fu is strong enough to take him down, otherwise we would have days of worry ahead.

What crime did Vengeful Ba commit?

What crime?! MURDER! He massacred the ten members of the Jing family in cold blood!

I heard he didn’t even spare the three years old child!

The officer's kung fu is too weak. Why else would he nearly escape?

Shhh, you will get in trouble if the officer hears you!

He’s right; we shouldn’t stay with big mouth over there.

An antique store! Back to shopping mode!

Music: Antique Store

Pretty atmospheric… antique stores are always so packed.

Hey there sir, any of these antiques interest you?
Is it ornament or Porcelain? Or do you have something special to sell?

I heard that antiques are very expensive, is it true?

Of course. For example, although everyone knows the city of Jing de zhen produces the best Porcelain, but which manufacturer and era it comes from will make a huge difference.
Normal people won’t understand it, sometime they treat trash as treasure and visa versa.

Sometimes I see some rare antique at the pawnshop, and it gets sold to people for a cheap price. However, for someone with a high level of identification ability, they can instantly disclose the true value of the antique. But, such ability takes a long time of training and experience.

Your Identification Skill Increased, it is now 23.

Show me! Show me!

Take a look, you might find something you like.


There must be a fast and easy way to make money…


This is a Protected Delivery Agency, in short, Fedex with bodyguards to protect and deliver your stuff or person, safe from bandit and pirate…with Kung fu.

Please take care.

Be careful out there son, always be cautious of your surroundings and come back safe.

Yes, dad. I will now depart.

Mr.Lee, although my son is young, he has an excellent work ethic, so don’t be concerned.

Long Rainbow Agency’s reputation is known by everyone in Jiang Wu, there’s no way I will be concerned.

Thanks you for your kind words.

Back to our hero...

YES! That's it! The gambling house!

Maybe we should ask for some tips first.

Mister, how does this game work?

You just bet high or low.

That’s easy!

You are wrong, if it’s that easy, I wouldn't have to ponder for so long on my next move.

How hard could it be, watch me go on a winning steak!

Come give it a try, if you are lucky, you can be rich.

Dude, follow my bet and you will win!

You sure, man. That would be amazing!

My Sound Locating Hearing Ability, is top notch, the noise of dice hitting and its landing location can’t escape these ears.

Sound Locating? I heard that’s an important requisite for hidden projectile kung fu. So does that mean you know how to use hidden projectile kung fu.

We Tong Family…

You are from the Tong Family…

Oh, no no no, I said Tong farming facility don’t have such an ability. Mister, if you don’t have anything, please don’t bother me.


Music: Gambling House

Let's go BIG!

Hell yeah! GO SMALL!


Five rounds later...


We have nothing left...wonder how the others are doing...

Quiet man, if I can’t win this, I am ruined.


I have no time to chat with you, for I only have a few silvers and this family jade, so if I lose, I will have to sell my jade.

Gambling sure has destroyed many people’s lives.

Jesus' realization of the evil of gambling.

Yo! Dude! Stop bothering me, my Fancy Hand is leading me on a streak!

Fancy Hand? I suggest you change the name.

What did you said, man! This is named by my Master; I can’t just change it whatever.

Fancy hand, fancy hand, I guarantee you lose with your Empty hand.

Jesus! Venting your frustration on another gambler that do better than you is not the answer.

My Fancy Hand been with my master throughout China and never lost. Boy, you better shut the hell up with that mouth and get out or you will eat my fist.

Oh man...

What's the matter? Why are you so gloomy?


You lost all your money?

I really should never gambling, but the greed got to me, what?

If you have any problem, I might be able to help.

How can you help? I borrow three hundred silvers and all I have now is fifty silvers, what can you do? I lost all my hope to making the next bet. Unless you want to bet it for me?

Believe in yourself, Jesus. Go save the man!

Yes! Back to one hundred! Just four more wins to go!

Come on! Come on!


Yes! With this money...we could go for another shopping spree or use it to gamble more money...

Your Hearing ability increased, it is now 4.

This...this...three hundred really won it back? I don't know how to thank you...

Is nothing, but I suggest you never touch gambling ever again.

After this lesson, I will never gamble ever again, now I can go back to work in the forest.

You have my eternal gratitude, my friend. Now I will go back to hunting in the forest.

And so, but giving all his wealth to the needy, Jesus has conquered Greed.