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Part 8: Chapter Eight: Rejected and No Thanks

As usual, I added and tweaked somethings for possible improvement. Tell me if anything dissatisfy you.

Z the IVth posted:

Would appreciate a more in-depth explanation of the gambling game
Basically the dealer shake the dices in between two bowls or a long tube and slam it down on the table, then people make bet of high or low with 1:1 payout or whatever rules set by the house.

kung fu user use hearing to like echo-visualize the dice inside. Here's an example with the rule of the player rolling the lowest to win.

Part Eight: Rejected and No Thanks

Hey boy, are you also here for delivery? Then Long Rainbow Agency is the place!

Hello, you have something you need us to deliver?

How safe are you guys?

Nonsense, everyone knows Long Rainbow Agency is the number one delivery agency in Jiang Wu. Bro, are you sure you never heard the slogan of Director Guan?

Please tell me.

Listen up, don’t get scared. Renowned all eight routes, million miles of long rainbow!

What a grand slogan!

This looks like a kung fu school.

Is there anything you need?

May I ask what this place is?

This is the Heavenly Sword School.

(Heavenly Sword School! Sounds very strong)
Are you guys enrolling students? I want to learn swordsmanship.

My apology, we don’t recruit just anyone, please leave!


Screw swords. Screw them.

The blacksmith shop will have something better than sword!

Music: Blacksmith

It's the dwarf blacksmith.

(Hmm, since I decided to step into the world of Jiang Wu, I guess I should get myself a weapon.) Blacksmith, I want a weapon.

What kind of weapon boy? Saber? Sword? Or Staff?

Ummm…ummm…I’m not so sure…what do you think blacksmith?

Kid, you don’t know what you want and you want my opinion? You must be a newbie!

Hmm…hmm…the truth is, I really just began in the world of Jiang Wu. But when I become strong enough, I want to travel through Jiang Wu to help people…

Enough, enough, stop talking garbage. I have seen enough of idiots like you with big dreams and stuff.

Hey, I really am determined.

Well you do look like you’re serious, so I, Blacksmith Chang, will give you a lesson.

What weapon a person uses should be compatible with what kung fu they use. For example, the Heavenly Sword School in this city teaches swordsmanship so they obviously use swords.

Then I guess I will use a sword too.

The sword is the leader of weapons, hardest to train with, not really suitable for beginners.

Not to mention sword also categorized into the light type, like the Green Bronze Sword, or the heavy type Iron Sword, etc. There’s even special made weapons designed to match with the owner's style. It is not something you can just pick up and go.

Now I understand, there’s also lots of comprehension behind weaponry.
But Wow, Blacksmith Chang, you need such a big hammer to make this sword.

That’s not all. In the process of blacksmithing, from mining to refining a good piece of metal, and hammering thousands of times in the smiting process, you have to keep a close eyes on the temperature, control, water quality, and even a good timing to create a good weapon.

I would never have thought that making a weapon required so many processes. I wonder if I will be able to make my very own weapon.

If you want to learn about blacksmithing, I suggest you start with mining ore and refining. But I wonder why Miner Chou didn’t come lately, all the bronze ore in the storage is used up.

Hey kid, if you can go check what's up with him, and if you have some bronze ore, I will teach you smithing.

This scenario looks so familiar…

Hmmm…yes…kiss the hot iron bar.

Purchased those three throwing projectile weaponry.
Identification Skill increased, it is now 25.

A show seems to be going on.

Hey boy, you should look at Chi Li’s Janken!

Ma,am, you said her name is Chi Li?

Yeah, she's been traveling with her dad on street performance since she was young, and now she's grown up to be so attractive that many people come to visit her .

Street performance!? This poor little girl can’t go through such a harsh life.

What can we do, it's all her dad’s fault, with his dedication to master whatever that Janken Fist thing is, poor girl.

What about her mother?

Oh…poor girl…her mother died of birth complications.

Oh...I see.

This dumb head just won’t give up, and is relentlessly trying to discover the secret of this Janken Fist.

This fist sure does look pretty impressive.

I still can’t see what's so great about this fist…I'd rather stay home to work on my knitting or something.

Yes mister, what is it?

Little boy, what’s your name? Where do you live?

I am Little De, I live nearby. Is there anything you want? I am watching Chi Li now.

Nothing, please continue,

Oh ho, look at where the boy’s hand is.

Yes, what is it?

Little De, what are you doing, how can you steal people's stuff? Do you know stealing is bad? I will have to tell your dad.

Jesus caught another sinner!

Wahh…please don’t, if my dad knows about this, he will beat me to death. Please mister, please don’t tell my dad.

Hmm…alright, I won’t tell, but you must never ever steal again, you understand?

I understand, I won’t do it again.

Then give back the stuff you stole.

I didn’t steal anything today, except the Wooden Chess Set Little Ren’s dad brought him, because I was so jealous so I stole it.

Then return the chess set to him.

I am afraid, sir. Can you bring it back for me instead, please don’t say I stole it, please!

Very well, I will help you return it to him. Remember not to do it again.

Perception increased, it is now 12.
Obtain Wooden Chess Set.

Oh Chi Li is so cute; my mom said I should try to make her my wife. I heard she likes to eat honey, next time I will get some for her.

Look! This babe has such a nice body, doesn't she!

Although I am old, I am still pretty active. Hic Hor! Hic Hor!

Wonderful performance, master!
But…what is this fist? Looks pretty interesting.

Watch this, it is called Janken Fist, it is the strongest kung fu in Wulin.

Janken Fist?

Translation: Janken = Japanese term for Rock, paper, scissor. Unless you all want to call it Rock Paper Scissor Fist or RPS Fist or Wild Ball Fist from Chinese.

Ignorant boy, you come to Lou Yang without knowing the Janken Fist. Did you see the Little Shrimp Hero Statue?

I did. But what is the relation of Janken Fist to the Hero Statue?

How can it not have any relation, do you mean you don’t know that Little Shrimp’s strongest kung fu was the Janken Fist?

In the previous game, Little Shrimp started with this weakest kung fu, but as a hidden bonus, if you keep training this kung fu to mastery level, it suddenly becomes the highest damaging kung fu in the whole game.


Ya, really. Back in the days, Little Shrimp learned all sorts of kung fu, but according to the description of people who battled with him, the Janken Fist is the strongest.

Then, your kung fu must be very powerful.

If my dad's kung fu was strong, we wouldn’t be standing here doing a street performance.

Shush it girl, I just haven’t mastered it yet. When I do, I will be the strongest in the world.

Oh…you haven’t mastered it.

What do you know kid, you think this is easy to learn?

Back in the old days when Little Shrimp disappeared, Jiang Wu was filled with people trying to learn this Janken Fist, but no one has succeeded so far. Just think, if it's so easy to learn, won’t everyone become a master?

You are right.

Although this Janken Fist is difficult to learn, I've never given it up ever since I created the Janken School.

Yeah, yeah, now the Janken School is just you and me.

Chi li, if you interrupt again, I will spank you when we go home.


So you two are from Janken School.

That’s right. So you want to join?

Umm…you want me to work on street performance too?

What’s with that attitude, you looking down on Janken School?
You should know, I already attained the secret of the fist, just a little bit more and I will be famous throughout the world.


Just so you know, this Janken Fist's essence is like Rock, Paper, Scissors, its focus is on guessing the opponent’s mind.
Just think, if you can know the next move of the opponent every single time, then you are almost guaranteed to win.
So if you can guess what their next move is, you can easily stop it.

That does make sense.

Let me show you my skill, and you will know how good I am. Here it comes, kid.

Not shown on image: The damn hand switching like 9 moves per seconds.

It's a draw, try again.

After like five eight reloaded games to get this perfect win.

Very Impressive, boy!

Perception increased, it is now 18.

Thank you, thank you.

[Sigh]...old river will be pushed by the new wave, kid, your talent is impressive, what’s your name?

I am Siu-Lan Wan, please call me Jesus.

Good, good, if you keep practicing, your future will be bright!

Thank you for your lessons.

Now to visit Ren.

Hello there boy!


Oh dear, this sharp looking kid is a deaf!

Keep clicking him. The deaf thing really tricked me the first time I play it and made me missed it, but otherwise, it's the shortest fetch quest ever.

Ah! Yes, Cannon three go to five.

You are not deaf!

Who said I was deaf, I am Ren, and I just too focused on playing chess.

Quite impressive for you to know Xiangqi(Chinese Chess) at such an young age.

Yeah! When I was five, my dad brought me to watch people play chess at the White Horse Temple, I became interested. It’s like a commander bringing his army to war, and the fate of the battle depends on my own hand. I want to become a commander to win many battles when I grow up.

(Such a big enthusiasm, I can’t lose to him!)

Mister, you like chess? How about a round?

This…I…I can’t, I don’t know how chess works…

That’s so unfortunate! Chess is very interesting, I don't know why you adults don't like to play like my dad. Speaking of my dad, I recall he bought me a Wooden Chess Set, but somehow I lost it. Because of that, my dad been scolding me lately.
I really want another one, but I’m sure he will refuse.

1) Ren, here’s another wooden chess set for you.
2) Don’t feel bad, Ren.

It really is a wooden chess set, thank you mister.

Be careful next time, don’t lose it again.

Mister, how about a game, playing by myself is pretty boring.

But I don't know how…

Is very easy, I will teach you, please play with me, it’s so boring playing myself.


Okay, listen up mister, this chess has seven types of units, differentiated by general, guard, elephant, chariot, horse, cannon, their movement is…so and so…this is that…

I see.

Then let’s begin the game…I move here, your turn.

I move here…

…move here…move there…

…move here…move there…

Umm…move here, I win…

Umm…I lose, Ren you are amazing.

Mister you're just rushing too much, how about this, I will teach you the chess poem, then you will not be so weak next time we play.

What poem, please don’t say it too fast.

Don’t worry, you just need to listen.

One: Cannot rush for victory,
Two: Must stay calm,
Three: Attack and also defend equally,
Four: Must sacrifice,
Five: Give up small for big,
Six: Escape during danger,
Seven: Don’t over focus
Eight: Move in sync with others
Nine: You are well defended if you are strong
Ten: Take weak with weak

Umm, I see, this and this…
I have memorized it. Next time I will have my revenge.

I await for your revenge.

Obtained the chess poem
Your Chess skill increased, it is now 10.

This is the motel to meet with Moon later.

Musc: Motel

If you want to taste some Lou Yang delicacies, please sit over there. I will come to your service in a moment.

Welcome to the Lou Yang Motel. Do you want a room?

1) Yes, I want a room.
2) No thanks.

Your room is upstairs west side.

You want to order something?

1) Yeah, I’m hungry.
2) No, I am not hungry.

Again, food is free in this game!

What would you like to order?

Bring me all your good stuff.

Right away sir!

A dish of red stuff and green stuff…

Sixth schoolbrother, Senior schoolbrother’s swordsmanship is getting faster and faster, I get dizzy just by looking at it.

Schoolbrother is one of those honorifics like –jūn, –láng, -Laozi, etc. that don't exist in English and there’s no word to describe it.

Eighth schoolbrother, you should learn more from Senior schoolbrother when you have the time. His Mad Wind Sword style is already at master’s level, not many in Jiangwu can match up with it, so if I can’t, then there’s no way you can.

From what I see, next year’s Juvenile Hero Tournament will be our Heavenly Sword School’s victory.
All depends on senior schoolbrother.

Oh, You two don’t tease me now; the people at Wudong over there will make jokes about it. Please pardon their behavior, Mr. Just.

Oh it's nothing, Mr.West.

Excuse me; are you a student from Wudang?

I am Swordsman Just from Wudang, if there anything you need?

1) Respectful respond
2) Rude respond

Vote begin.

Info-dump chapters is almost over, and next update will be more entertaining with those money making mini-games.