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Part 10: Chapter Ten: Within the Lush Green Forest

Part Ten: Within the Lush Green Forest
Music: Hunting

In this instantaneously ever-changing forest, you must always be alert of the sudden appearance of wild life, and quickly aim with your bow and fire.

This forest has rabbit, wild boar, deer, wild goose, and snake.

With the exception of rabbit and deer, you should be careful of wild boar, wild goose, and poisonous snakes that will attack humans. If you see any of them, remember to shoot them first.

Also, I heard someone sighted a large bear in this forest, you better be careful.

Obtain Yellow Betula Japonica Bow
Obtain Arrows
Your Hunting skill increased, it is now 15!

Ouch! Damn high hp boar!

Gahhhh! I’m gonna die! *Mini-game End*

What do I do with the booty?

You can sell the meat to the butcher, sell the deer antler, and snake’s gallbladder. Of course, it also depends on how skillful you are at extracting it.

Great, now I can make money, but I fear I might steal your job when I have a bit more practice.

Hm…hm…just aim your bow at the forest and you can hunt again.

Thank you Mr.Lee. Don’t gamble again!


Yes, we can only eat those Snake Gallbladder…well Jesus can…well, let’s hunt one more time!

Incoming revenge!

Bull’s eye!

Nothing in this forest can stop Jesus!


Ahhhhhhhh! (I fail to capture the wild boar and bear’s hp bar that appear when I damage him)

Barely…killed it.

Your Hunting skill increased, it is now 35!
Your Speed increased, it is now 24!

Note: Each animal gives a certain amount of points for killing it, and if I can get 330 points in one session, my loot doubles, which I did on a seperate replay without hinderance of screenshoting.

Kill Count:
Bear: 1
Bird: 25
Snake: 20
Wild Boar: 56
Rabbit: 50
Deer: 6+ (Since antler is rare loot at low skill)

Judging from the time, it should be 7:00AM now so that means hunting takes about 30 minutes per session. So Jesus can hunt 70+ things in 30 minutes…he gonna destroy the local food-chain at this rate. ..or already did.

Let’s go see how much we made with all this meat.

Let’s sell all the meats except the gallbladder for Jesus to…enjoy.

1347 Silvers, pretty good trade off for a much quieter forest.

This…this bear paw is…

Is from the forest where I hunted moments ago.

In-incredible! Everyone heard that? This kid took care of the bear in the forest! Amazing! Boy, you’re gonna be a hero one of these days!

Hehe…it’s nothing…hehe.