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Part 102: Chapter One Hundred and Two: Control

Part One Hundred and Two: Control

Back to Wudang, let’s see how Swordsman Just will react to the bloody handkerchief.

The sly fox came to greet Christ alone this time.

What business do you have to visit Wudang Mountain again?

Huhuhu, I wouldn’t have come here for no reason. My trip here is to discuss something with you.

What thing?

Just buddy, Wulin is in chaos; Deva escaped Shaolin, and the every sects are skirmishing with each other. Wulin’s Mount Tai and Wudang’s master are getting older; at this rate, the future of Wulin is grim.

Hmph, isn’t that what you cultists wish for?

Looking at Jiangwu, within this generation, Just buddy’s kung fu and knowledge are about average, but if Just buddy is willing, I will fully support Just buddy to become the Wulin Mengzhu (Alliance Chief) in order to save this crisis of Wulin.

I appreciate Christ buddy’s approval, but I am just a Wudang student, so talking about Wulin Mengzhu would be a bit too early. In terms of capability, Wudang’s master would be a better candidate, so there’s no way I have a say about it.

(The fox has shown his tail) That’s incorrect, Just buddy. Sure ,your sect master’s kung fu alone is enough to qualify for the candidacy of Wulin Mengzhu, but your master is getting old, and what he does will be unavoidably decrepit, lacking charisma, which is incomparable to Just buddy’s guts.

In fact, someday you will surely surpass your master.

Christ buddy, pardon my bluntness but with guts alone, I doubt speaking about Wulin Mengzhu is insufficient.

Our strength alone it definitely won’t be enough, but how about including the Sky Dragon Cult?

Ah!!! Sky… Sky Dragon Cult, you mean the demonic cult.

What demon this or that, it’s just a misunderstanding by the people of Jiangwu. Sky Dragon Cult’s cult leader is actually a person with great dreams, and it’s just that his way of doing things is uncommon, so those people that call themselves orthodox throw random demeaning words at it.

I am under the cult leader’s request to inform you that since Deva has escaped, Wulin will be dragged into another crisis. So if you are willing, we will fully support your rise toward Wulin Mengzhu in order to fight on the forces of Deva.

Even so, I still… still…

Just buddy must mean master Zhuo. This is also the reason I visited.

Note: They are talking about Clean Man.

Christ buddy means…

If you would put poison into master Zhuo’s food, then you will be on your way to being the master.

Such inhumane thing, I cannot do.

Then the things you do in the broken temple are humane!?

I don’t know what Christ buddy is saying…

Just buddy, seen this before?

Ah!! Th-this is…

This is lady Weave’s handkerchief, and on it are a few words that mention her killer! Who would have thought that lady Weave would leave this proof right before her death, so if I were to bring this to your sect’s master, what do you think will happen?

W-what do you want?

Simple, as long as you are willing to poison master Zhuo, then I will assure you can get the seat of Wudang master.


Hahaha, of course it’s true, this is what Naga himself has said, how it could be false!

Alright, I promise you! But I don’t have any poison, and our master will shut himself up for training on August 15.

Since you promised, then the poison won’t be a problem. I will bring it to you before that Zhuo old head locks up for training! Good bye!

School brother, let’s go back to school uncle and get the poison.

The bird follows Christ back to Sky Dragon Cult.

You two, how are things going?

Reporting, everything is under control, and we are just lacking one thing.

What thing?


What for?

To use it on Wudang’s master Zhuo.

Wudang Master Zhuo… his chi power is pretty strong, so normal poison might not be able to harm him.

Then… school uncle…

Hahaha! Making poison is mine, Dark Mysterious’ specialty! More poisonous requests will not deter me. However, I just used up all my poisonous ingredients.

What kinds of poisonous ingredients does school uncle require?

To distil this special heart invading poison, I would need three ingredients. One is the blood of Golden Winged Bird, second is the Weird Catfish, and third is the Soul Cutting Grass.

Blood of Golden Winged Bird, Weird Catfish, and Soul Cutting Grass? School uncle, where would I find such things?

If I knew then I would have got it myself, what else do I need you two for!

Ye-yes, school uncle… we will take our leave now!

Blood of Golden Winged Bird and Weird Catfish are creatures of legend, so ask some beast and fishing expert for some clue. As for Soul Cutting Grass, it is a very rare herb, so go ask the Hundred Herbs Sect.

Good, we will go do that.

Both Hundred Herb Sect and Beast King Manor is in Chengdu, so Christ will check on them.

You’re from Sky Dragon Cult? Great timing! Please save our young master! I heard he got into trouble with the people from Sura Sect when he was gathering herbs and got captured. Please save him!
Oh boy, Hard Gong has probably been skinned alive by now.

Where’s Sura Sect?

I heard its located South East outside of the border.

Next we check on the Beast King Manor.


It’s been a while, lady Tracey.

Who is this, Tracey?

Foster father, this is the Christ I’ve mentioned to you.

Christ, this is my adoptive father, lord Million of Beast King Manor.

Greeting, lord Million.

So you are Christ, little Tracey always talks about you. So for what business do you come to Beast King Manor today?

Nothing of great importance, just happen to pass by and decided to pay lady Tracey a visit.

Thanks for coming to see me.

Don’t come if you have no business here, Beast King Manor is not for touring.

Brother Ji!!!

Dad, sister Tracey always says this Christ guy is great and strong, but I don’t think so. Christ, how about a little brawl?

Little Ji, have some manners.

Ah yes, lord Million. I have something I want to ask.

What is it?

Has lord Million heard about the Golden Winged Bird?

You are looking for the Golden Winged Bird?

Yes sir. If you know the location of the bird, please tell me.

The rest is same as the last playthrough, so I will fast-forward a bit…

Sir Christ let me join in your adventure.

On the way to Luoyang, Christ fished out one of the ingredient: Arsehole Weird Catfish.

Christ also got the hunter in Luoyang to make a special crossbow for shooting that golden bird.

On the way to the great desert, Christ spotted a place that seems to be the location of Sura Sect.

Christ is reluctant to go in, but his great buddy Hard Gong is in there… probably in pieces.

Something is wrong here… why’s Faire Ren here? Nonetheless, Christ should give his greetings.

Who are you? How dare you intrude on the Sura Palace!

I am Christ of the Sky Dragon Cult.

You are from Sky Dragon Cult? What do you want?

She doesn’t seem to remember Christ…

Don’t think about it.

In fact, everyone here doesn’t seem to recognize Christ.

Forget it, you have business here.

I am a friend of Hard Gong, did he do something to disrespect your greatness? I’m here to beg for your forgiveness and hope you will spare him.

You have some guts to intrude on Sura Palace and tell us to release him? You think we are afraid of Sky Dragon Cult?

I won’t dare, but I must save this friend no matter what, so please pardon any unpleasantry.

Good, you got guts, I, Asura will give you a chance. If you two can defeat me then you can take him home.

What is this!? Just like that? Where’s her harshness that she displayed? Why didn’t she rememb--


Then pardon me.

School brother; let me face the legendary Asura.

And school brother got laser-ed to death.

Alright, let me try.

Thorn wears her hp down a lot, so Christ easily finishes her off.

So you do have some skill. Fine, you can take him away. If I see any men in this Sura Palace again, you won’t be this lucky.

It’s like what happened was just a dream… it… never… happened?

She… doesn’t… recognize… me?

Hey! Hey! HEY! Let’s go! You gonna make Asura mad again!


Wha... what?

(You said ‘again’. Why did only you and I remember that event?)

I-I… I…


Ga… aaa… I.. I will explain later, n-now is not a g-good time.


A-ah… gah… FINE, I will tell you after you are done with this poison business.


Thank you, Christ buddy.

Not at all, if a friend is in trouble, helping him is a normal thing to do. In truth, I have something that requires your assistance.

What is it? Christ buddy just say the word and I will do it perfectly.

Have you heard of Soul Cutting Grass?

Soul Cutting Grass? It’s a rare herb indeed, but as long as I am here, finding it won’t be a problem.

Where can I locate this grass?

The forest at the back of Chengdu has it, but you need me by your side or you all will never find it. Now let us go to Chengdu’s forest and gather the herbs together.

Before that, Christ goes north to the Great desert and shot down the golden bird.

The owner shows up and Christ just proceeds to beat him up.

By Christ, I mean Christ’s gang.

All your battle stats increased

You will pay for this, kid. *tele-jump*

Obtain Golden Winged Bird’s Blood

Back at Chengdu, Christ searches with Gong for the Soul Cutting Grass at this herb gathering spot.

The herb only shows up when Gong is in the party and it only occupies one slot on the “roulette wheel”, so it takes a while to get it.

Obtain Soul Cutting Herb

Now that Christ has gotten every ingredient, it’s time to give it to school uncle.

School uncle, I got them all, hurry and make the poison for us.

The bird watches Dark Mysterious make the poison.

All done, take it.

Time to put a finish this poison business.

Swordsman Just, take this packet of poison, your work is done when you put it into your master’s food or drink.

I hope Sky Dragon Cult won’t forget about your promise.

School brother, I will take a trip to Heavenly Mount and bring the news and proof of Little Weave’s death to Penultimate. We will have a good show when the times comes.

You go back to Sky Dragon Cult and tell school uncle this good news.

Hmm, you all performed wonderfully, and even finished it early. During this free time, school uncle will teach you a bit about kung fu.

All your kung fu stat and mastery increased.

The stats raise is about x random points per free day, and Christ now got everything maxed at 100.

Note: If Christ fails the mission, then he won’t get this reward and the plot will proceed with Yaksha and Mahoraga being the ones who poisoned master Zhuo instead.




(Ahh.. uhh… now is a good chance to train your kung fu, so you should focus on that for now)


Whoa whoa whao, you don’t need to shout. I will tell you, but it’s a long story, and now is a great chance to have school uncle to make you stronger, which I don’t want the story to interfere with your training. Remember, all this is for the sake of a better Wulin.


Eh… ju-just trust me, I will tell you when the times comes.

The bird watches as time goes by and Christ gets stronger and stronger under the intense guidance of Dark Mysterious. Two weeks later…

Hahaha, Dark Mysterious, you did a great job. I heard that old man Zhuo Clean Man caught a poison and is now dying, and Wudang and Heavenly Mount fought each other to ruins, so the Wulin Gathering will not happen now.

All due to the blessing of heaven upon cult leader. All I did is fulfill it with my best.

Hmm, I heard your two nephews did pretty well. There will be a heavy reward later.

Then your promise from before, cult leader?

You mean the seat of vice-master? Hm, I still need to think about it.

…Cult leader, I have another suggestion.


The orthodox always plots to resist us, and such conflict will eventually cause some harm to our side.

You have any good ideas?

I want to invent a poisonous drug that can control people, forcing those orthodox to swallow this will make them submit to our cult, and be loyal to cult leader.

That’s indeed good, hurry and research it.

Then, I would like to go to Poison Dragon Cult to research, since there are lots of poisonous things there that I can experiment with.

Alright, then you three will go there immediately, and come back when it is done.


HMPH! I can’t believe the Naga still won’t trust us, and he still refuse to fulfill his promise of making me the vice-cult leader.

Then school uncle still wants to help Naga research that drug?

Dumbass, that’s for us to use. When I brew it up, we will use this drug to control every sect to make them listen to us and not Naga.

School uncle is so wicked.

Now you are learning.

Then what now?

We will go to Poison Dragon Cult and use their poison to make this drug that can control people, and then we will act as we see fit.

Alright, let’s go.

The bird watches as the trio travels to Poison Dragon Cult to make the drug while Ba still makes up excuses to not talk about it.

Sir Mysterious, the Poison Dragon Cult and Sky Dragon Cult have promised a cooperative relationship, but what is the meaning of you continually using my people to test your poison?

He~he~he, it’s just one or two people, cult leader Yellow doesn’t need to be so angry. We all are working for Naga, so there’s no difference between me and you.

To you it might be one or two people, but at this rate, morale will be drained, then how will I keep my seat as the leader?

Hoho, I believe cult leader Yellow is smart and wise, solving this trivial matter will be easy.

It might be a small matter now, but at the rate, it will become a huge problem. Please stop your work or else I will have to drive you out.

There’s no need actually, since I already created it.

What kind of medicine? Can I see it?

Of course, not just to let you see it, I will let you be the first to eat it.

What are you saying?

Christ, Thorn, go!

How boring, more Miao people to kill.

They are no match if Dark Mysterious is willing to help out.

During the chaos, Dark Mysterious forces a pill down Yellow’s throat.

All your battle stats increased

Hahaha, you rotten wrench. I only killed a few of your underlings, and this is a little punishment for being uncourteous to me.

W-what did you make me swallow?

Nothing much, just my newly invented On My Orders Alone Pill.

On My Orders Alone Pill?

Yes, this is brewed from bone-eroding salamanders and other herbs, no need to explain much, you as the Poison Dragon Cult leader should know what the effect is.

You… venomous scum, what do you want?

Not much, as long as you listen to me, then I will give you the antidote on time.

Our Poison Dragon Cult always had good relationship with Sky Dragon Cult, so why do you treat us like so?

I think you are mistaken, I said listen to me, not Naga.

Huhu, didn’t think you had such wild ambition, to even betray Naga.

Say what you want, but I can tell you that only I have the antidote to this On My Orders Alone Pill, so if you don’t listen to me, you don’t need me to tell you the result right?

You... …I surrender.

Hahaha, that’s it, no need to give up your life for emotion.

Christ, Thorn, and Yellow, you all take these drugs with you and use them to control every sect. When the time comes, Wulin will be ours.

Just this little pill?

You know nothing. After swallowing this alone, if you didn’t take the relieving antidote, then your whole body will begin to itch, as days go by, your body will get thinner and weaker, thin to the point of your skin and meat disappearing, weak to the point where your four limbs will become useless and immobile, and finally you will slowly lose your mind to die in insanity.

Such powerful effects from this little pill.

Hahaha, isn’t it.

Affirmative, school uncle.

Obtain On My Orders Alone x 19

Well now, things have gotten interesting, but there’s still one thing Christ need to do.

You feel like telling me now?

Ah… ehh.. maybe after…

That wasn’t really a question.

Uhh… come on, it’s best if you don’t know about it…

You know what this is on my hand?

A… a grass?

Soul Cutting Grass. What do you think will happen if I eat it?

Uhm… I-I’m sure you will just die.

That works too, you brought me into this mess and now I have to do all these horrible things to people, so why should I keep living like this?

Ehh… for Wulin?


Gahh, alright, alright, now is a good time I guess…

… Well?

… You never liked flowers.

… What?

Death Count List
Miao People x25
Little Weave
Wudang Master Zhuo (Indirect)
Wudang Members (Indirect)
Heavenly Mount Members (Indirect)