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Part 104: Chapter One Hundred and Five: No More Heroes

Part One Hundred and Five: No More Heroes

Final removed event!

Second school brother!

Ah, school brother, good timing. I was frowning about the lack of training partners. Let’s have a brawl!

I… I can’t defeat you!

You won’t know until you try, en garde!


… Stop being a wuss! EN GARDE!

Ah! Wait…

Thorn is Christ’s most respected brother, but if a fight is what he wants, he got it!

This time, Christ will defeat the strongest brother!

Unfortunately, Thorn was able to barely defeat Christ.

Hmph! Not bad! Keep up at your training, and we will have a rematch next time!

… (I have to do it again!)


Ah! Master…

He’s always watching…

I have watched your match with Thorn.

… I didn’t train hard enough, so I can’t beat second school brother…

Like an approving father who rewards his child’s good behavior…

Hoho… you’ve only been joined for a few months, and you did a good job to reach your level now. Now let me teach you our own sect’s special movement style!

Thank you master!

Always laughing heartily at the joys of life…

Hohohohoho… this Carefree Roaming step is our Carefree Valley’s secret movement technique. Practice this when you can, and once you mastered it, you will be able to easily dodge enemies’ attack.

Yes, master!

Christ remembers…

Those happily silly and wondrously stupid days…

Living a carefree life without worries…

Trying to become as strong as the school brothers he admire…

Striving to become a hero like Little Shrimp…

All of that are now in the past.

Don’t blame me, master. Only this way can I discard my last speck of benevolence. To become the man of men, I can’t have feminine kindness.

Your reputation increased, it is now 999
Your moral decreased, it is now 0

For the next few days, Sura refused to join and it’s wiped out, and the forces of Begged Sect seem to be mostly wiped out by the corrupted Eastern Agency. Everything is dealt with, so Christ heads back to report to school uncle.

School uncle, let’s go for Naga.

The bird follows to witness a much darker version of ‘Wulin Gathering’ that’s about to begin.

Notice, everyone on Christ’s side will be facing Naga and vice versa.

Dark Mysterious, to think you would betray me.

Huhu, as the saying goes “Great men use poison”, and I happen to study poison, so I would obviously be an example. You always are cautious of me; never trusting me, so if I don’t do it now, someday you would have tried to kill me.

Good, I will show you all what it means to betray me. Everyone go!

[Sigh] Watching these bunches of losers fight would be fun if Christ is not helping. Once again, Yasha is stuck with a bunch of weaklings.

Let’s get rid of the weak stuff and move on to the next group.

Ouch, a bunch of weaklings against Christ and four masters.

“Take the lead, Lord Any. Don’t disappoint me.”


Christ wonders maybe he should had left some sects as enemies so this whole battle won’t be so one-sided.

Ah, much better. Three strong poison users, they should provide a decent battle.

Wow, that goon and that wild woman’s aerial attack is quite dangerous.

This peaked Christ’s interest, so he shoots down all the flying birdies to death. Next!

Oh, Naga’s turn already? Along with a goon and an old lady… what a pitiful state he’s in.

The old lady did some weird hook attack, and I don’t know how it works.

It didn’t even hurt that much at all; our guy there took pity and gives that woman a pat on the head and a few dozen silvers to send her away.

But then Bear comes up and yell something about size bonus and attacked.

Everyone just watches the gruesome scene with awkward silence.

Except Christ; he’s used to this horrible stuff so he rushes in and cleaves Naga’s head off.

All your battle stats increased

Hahaha, listen up everybody, Naga has been subdued, so from now on I, Dark Mysterious is…

School uncle, those remaining orthodox sects has invaded the mountain.

These fools dare to come for your death, fine, we will take them down first.

School uncle finally decides to step in, that lazy ass. Looks like the orthodox sects are expecting Christ and Dark Mysterious to step in the middle gap to line up for battle.

Hell no, lining up nicely like that just invites a bunch of rocks in your face.

Huh? School uncle is lining up too!? What? Now Christ just looks bad.

Everyone ignores the naughty kid that breaks the rule, so Christ can only watch at the corner until next battle.

Oh no! Sword Saint, Wintry Sword, Beggar Sect master, Agent Zhu, Shaolin and Wudang semi-master! All the orthodox badasses have been gathered in one place!

What!? Christ was gonna snipe everyone, but Sword Saint spammed his swords first!

Ah crap! Christ barely lifted off and the Beggar Sect master is already blowing things apart!

Finally, those two must be one of the top ten strongest to get off before Christ.

Then the rest of the orthodox pugilists attacked. I guess every cultist here was pretty tired… wait a minute…

Agent Zhu is an ancient Chinese Terminator!

Abandon Thread!!

All your battle stats increased

Hahaha, we have cleared those left over scraps of the orthodox, all others have submitted. I, Dark Mysterious can now rule the mountain and land, for a thousand and million eras, hahahah…

Then Christ walks up to Dark Mysterious’ face.

Don’t get excited so soon, school uncle. This ruling of the mountain and land for a thousand and million eras will be done by me, not you. You are getting old, it’s about time to retire.

What did you say!? You want to betray me?

Indeed, this is all taught by you, “Real man use poison” isn’t?

You are dead, Thorn, let’s get him.

“Now, to go for Thorn first or school uncle first?”

“Why not both?”

After another round of shooting, Thorn catches up to attack.

“Sure, I will play with you, school brother.”

“Remember all the time I lost to you? Yeah, not this time.”

“Hold on, let me send school uncle to his brother first.”

“Alright, now it’s your turn to die.”

All your battle stats increased.

Hahaha, from today on, I am Wulin Mengzhu, one to rule Jianghu… hahaha

Wow, I am surprised that you actually did that. Now I’m sure you remember our deal about making Wulin a better place?

(Of Course, how could I forget about that?)

Hm, you are hiding something…

With your capability?

Then, the last four members of the ex-guardians have appeared.

You are… Deva?

Young man, I should give my thanks to you for taking care of the traitor Naga, but you would still need to go through me to become the ruler of Wulin.

I don’t care if you are Deva or Naga, no one can stop me from ruling Wulin.

“Get out of my sight, you underlings!”

“You and me, let’s go!”

“Hahahahaha, what’s this? Master Flawless’ chi blast is much thicker and stronger than this smoke!”

“Clearly you need to retire, so let me show you what a real blast looks like!”

All your battle stats increased

…wait a minute… Dark Mysterious is dead! Then who is going to make those relief antidotes!?

(Hahaha, you finally caught on.)

Wh-what do you mean by that?

(It’s impossible to prevent any sort of conflict as long as Wulin exists.)

You… you mean…

(That’s why I concluded that I will eventually kill everyone and destroy all manuals of martial arts. No kung fu, no sect, no cult, no good, no evil, and no more suffering in Wulin!)

N-no, nooo, y-you are mad…!

(Hahaha, what’s wrong? It’s clearly the best way to fulfill your wish!)

Suddenly, Rater Ye walks in casually to meet Christ.

Congratulations for becoming the new generation of Wulin Tyrant, Christ buddy. You defeated the Eight Sections of the Sky Dragon, becoming the ruler of Wulin, and I will certainly record your story entirely into my Wulin Compendium.

Hahaha, you are here, Ye buddy. Let me ask you one thing, who is the number one in Wulin?

That of course is you, Christ.

Ah… hahahahahaha… ...Hahahahaha… ...I AM NUMBER ONE!

… To be able to left such a radiant light in the pages of Wulin history, and have his name be remembered for years to come, such number of people in history are few and far between. After Little Shrimp, Christ is the second person in Wulin records to have created a great legend… …excerpt from Wulin Compendium.

Note: There’s no achievement ending in Evil Route.

Death Count List
Everyone in Wulin

Bonus Ending

This is a removed ending picture for a much more evil ending named Evil Tyrant of the World. There’s a few character parody added within the pile of defeated characters.