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Part 109: Chapter One Hundred and Ten: MORE SLEEPS

Part One Hundred and Ten: MORE SLEEPS

If I am in Wulin, then I’ve got to visit Wudang Sect!

Welcome to Wudang Mountain, please tour at your leisure. If you have any question regarding Kung Fu, our master would glad to chat with you.

You must be Master Zhang Sanfeng, it’s an honor to meet you. To have such fortune for meeting you; the people where I came from really look up to you. It’s not an overstatement to say that you are one of the first and foremost pioneer figures of China’s Wulin history,

Note: A legendary culture hero, Zhang Sanfeng is credited by modern practitioners as having originated the concepts of neijia (內家); soft, internal martial arts.

Not at all, not at all. Where are you from, youngster?
Even great master like you might not understand it since the people here might not be able to comprehend. I come from another world, over there, everything here is a legend. You probably won’t get it, sir!
I recall when I was young, my master and I met a strange person with probably the same speech as you.
You also met him!? I heard people talk about him, so I’m looking for the thing that might help me.
You must mean some books, youngster.
You know about the Fourteen Heavenly Books, sir? Do you have clues to their whereabouts?
I had retired from Jianghu for a long time, so I’m not sure the location of the books. Are you in a hurry to obtain those books, youngster?
These books are important for my “Future”, so I am in a hurry to find them. Regrettably people on Jianghu have been fighting over this book for some hidden ultimate Kung Fu and now their whereabouts are unknown. To my understanding, these books are not actually secret manual of Kung Fu.
Practicing Kung Fu is actually just a way to strengthen the health of the body, but people today uses it as a tool for getting what you wants, which is an erroneous ideal.
But I feel Kung Fu does have its uses sometime. Like during my journey, if I didn’t have cheated strong Kung Fu, then I could have died long ago.
[Sigh] If nobody fought for the sake of proving who was stronger, then the world would have much less slaughter.
But for some people, practicing it could become an addicting hobby like playing chess. It’s just a byproduct that it’s easier to harm your body during the process.
Practitioner not only strives for a stronger and healthier, it’s more important to strive for a stronger heart. If they can control their urge of fighting and maintain a chivalrous heart, fight evil and help those in need. Using what you learn in what you should use on is the true spirit of practicing Kung Fu.
You words speak true; I will engrave it forever in my heart.
During your journey in Jianghu, if you can maintain a chivalrous heart, then I am willing to practice the art with you, hopefully be of some help to you.
Really? Your guidance would be useful for the rest of my life.
Remember one thing; practitioner must always maintain a chivalrous heart. So, would you like to have a spar with for the marvel of Kung Fu?

Spar with him? (Y/N)

Looks forward to your guidance, good sir.

Since you can’t get exp outside of event, spar battle like this is very useful as failure will still give a little xp for each action you took. Zhang Sanfeng however, should be train at around mid to high level player or he will one-shot any weak character.

Of course, our Little Shrimp easily toast him with Heavy-Iron Sword Style.

You are already at such a level that I have nothing more to teach you.

Once you beat the trainer, they won’t offer to spar with you anymore since beating them give chucks of exp.

Don’t mind me looting your most treasured sword. It’s the rule of all old school RPG.

Today is the day where Master Flawless send Moon to take out the bandits.

Rumor has it that the Shady Mountain has a bandit base known as Black Wind Fortress, and they are causing problems with the peacefulness of the nearby citizens.

So I want you go there and apprehend those law breakers.

Master, I want to go with school brother.

Jeez feel really motivated by Master Zhang Sanfeng’s speech.

What do you say, young Moon?

That umm… Shady Mountain is a dangerous place; I think going alone would be better.

Alright, we will go with that. You shall leave immediately, and I will wait for your good news.

Yes, master.

Jeez thoughts about the philosophy of Master Zhang as he falls asleep. The true goal of Kung Fu.

飛狐外傳 (Other tales of the Flying Fox) & 雪山飛狐 (Flying fox of the Snowy Mountain)

Note: There shouldn’t be any real spoiler in here since the book outright show the reader about what really happened and left the characters in the dark and misunderstood by the folds of events.

Arriving at the Home of Yán jī [396:374] (閻基居)

This house looks empty, but the incense that’s still burning over there must mean someone has lit it not too long ago.

Strange, head is feeling heavy… maybe…
My poison gas trap that specifically prepared for Miao Renfeng (苗人鳳) has been sprung by you!
You… you…
Jianghu has rumor about a kid who’s been looking around for the “Fourteen Heavenly Book”, is you isn’t it? How many has you found? Give it to me.
You dirty bastard.
I, Yán jī only care for result, never the method. What? Still not giving up? You want the great me to take it from you? Do should know books is useless to dead people.
We will see who’s dead.

Looks like my cheat wacked the save a bit and now I got two Yang Gou in my party.

The poison empty out our chi reserves, so it would’ve been a tricky battle if he isn’t so weak.

To think young hero are so powerful, even the poison gas is useless against you. The Fourteen Heavenly Books truly belongs to you.
You sure changed your tone pretty quickly. A ‘kid’ is now a ‘young hero’? No wonder you got so far with that weak skill of your.
Pitiful’o me’s tricks can’t compares to the great you; just for survival after all. Ah yes, I do know a bit of medical skill, if young her have any injury or sickness, I could give you a look.
I suggest you give up. Letting you check on me is like letting the wolf have the chicken.
Not at all, young hero is welcome to look around and if you don’t mind, you can take whatever you like.

Since he’s sucking up so hard, I just have to take this Saber Style Manual with only two page of it.

Obtain Saber Style (Two Pages)

Outside at the world map, I kick the extra Yang Gou out of the team and hopes for the best.

Moon has return!

Master, I have captured the Twin Demise of Black and White of Shady Mountain and delivered to officer Zhu.

Very good, very good, a good student of me, Master Flawless.

School brother, you are back.

Jeez, your school brother has done another great deed, taking down the Black Wind Fortress and brought their leader to Luoyang authority. You should learn more from him, understand?

Yes, master.

Jeez thoughts about the chivalrous action of Moon and the meaning of using Kung Fu as he slowly falls back to sleep.

Next stop at Hu Fei’s home [86:94]( 胡斐居).

Youngster, to have come all the way to this snow-white land, what do you need?
You are Hu Fei?
It is I.
I heard your nickname was “Flying fox of the Snowy Mountain” and your saber style is mystical in movement with speeds as dexterous as a snowy flying fox.
I bet you are here to challenge me. Then let’s do this!
No, I just want to ask you the location of a book.
Hmph! Another delusional kid. Enough talks, let’s do this! Feel the wrath of Hu Family Saber Style, come at me!

Spar with him? (Y/N)

Pardon my rudeness for challenging the senior.

A curve Janken punch to the gut later…

The infamous Hu Family Saver Style is just this much. Rumor in Jianghu is probably overstating it.
Shut up; if it wasn’t for the lack of a complete manual, you won’t even be able to handle ten rounds.
Lack a complete manual? You mean the Hu Family Saber Style is not a complete copy?
Indeed, when I finally found the lost pages, then we will fight again!
Then do you know the whereabouts of the book “Flying fox of the Snowy Mountain”?
Just because my flip backward sounds like ‘Flying Fox’ and the fact that I live in Northeastern snowy land that people in Jianghu gave me this nick name of “Flying fox of the Snowy Mountain”. This nickname just happen to be the same as the “Heavenly Book of Jin’s” title, and so these few years have been visitor after visitor coming to this door. However, I have no idea where the book is located.
Then farewell, we shall spar again on the next chance.
When I found my saber manual, we should have a good fight!

The missing two pages shall be return!

Eh? T-this is…
These two pages of Saber Style is found in the home of Jinagnan’s vile scum Yán jī, maybe it’s what you lost?
It is the finale of the saber manual, after all these years, to think you would have found it. When I was young, my uncle Peng said the one who stole the manual was the same person who murdered my father. So I will train hard with this saber style and find that Miao Renfeng and vile scum Yán jī for revenge.

I don’t know how to thank you for your kindness, young buddy! If there’s anything you need, please say so!

Finding the missing pages is good and all, but I still haven’t found my “Flying fox of the Snowy Mountain”, [Sigh]!
Although I don’t know the whereabouts of the book, I do thought about why my name and the title of the book having such similarity. Maybe my father has something to do with this book? How about this, if you need to, I can go with you to look for it since I plan to go on a training trip anyway, and to find the killer of my father Miao Renfeng.

Of course, I also need to find that bastard Yán jī who stolen the Hu Family Saber Style Manual, and cause me to not able to train for so long, let’s go and look for him! If you need anything in my house, take whatever you want.

Let him Join? (Y/N)

Hu buddy willing to go with me?
Yes, I will go with you.
That would be great.

Obtain Dashing King Army Saber
Obtain Hu Family Saber Style Manual

Next at the home of Miao Renfeng [223:187] (苗人鳳居), he seems to be surrounded!

You must be hirelings from Tian Guinong! Since when did Sky Dragon Cult joined up with Tian Guinong.
All thanks to Tian buddy that we know the book “Other tales of the Flying Fox” are with you. You better give it up if you know what’s good for you.

Note: Other tales of the Flying Fox is a sequel book that’s a prequel to the Flying fox of the Snowy Mountain’s story.

Where’s Tian Guinong? Too afraid to come see me?
I bet you won’t be seeing him anymore. The Intestine Cutting Grass Tian buddy gotten from King of Venoms is very potent and since both your eye is blinded, I say the “Undefeated Champion” nicknamed ‘Golden-Faced Buddha’ Miao Renfeng will be going to heaven today. Everyone, get him!
Sir Miao, let me assist you against these brigand.

I jumped inside to protect Miao Renfeng but he already jumped out. Time to go all out everyone!

Oh god, I don’t mean full power ‘all out’! Now there are explosions and bloods everywhere.

Learned Hu Family Saber Style

What’s your name, young man? Is there some relation you have with me?
Real men makes friend with chivalry, all they need are guts to care for each other, and name is unnecessary.
Excellent. I, Miao Renfeng always acts alone, and my whole life only make two friends: one is Hu Yidao from far east, and the other one is you who I don’t know you name and never met before.
Sir Miao, since this concoction is made by King of Venoms, then we should go to him for a cure, and we might get it.
Plead to King of Venoms? That would be futile, no need to go.
No, nothing in this world is impossible! Where does this King of Venoms live?
I heard this person live in solitude near the Cavern Pond.
I shall take my leave!

Before that, we are going to the Home of Yán jī again to have some revenge.

Yán jī, why do you have the missing pages of Hu Family Saber Style?
Hu Family Saber Style, OH! That was when I was young and happen to obtain it at Cangzhou.
Why do you have the missing pages of Hu Family Saber Style?
So the son of Hu Yidao has all grown up.
When I am young, uncle told me a doctor was in cohort in the murder of my father. Not only that, that doctor even tears away a few pages of Hu Family Saber Style Manual. That means… it’s you!
Exactly, this guy knows medical skill, and he even told me to let him check me up.
Since you both have discover it, then there’s no point to hide. Indeed, that doctor is me.
Why do you want to help Miao Renfeng in murdering my father?
Blame the face that the book “Flying fox of the Snowy Mountain’s” that he have. If it wasn’t for them stupidly sparing each other, and I put poison on his sword, how would I get all the loots?
You cercopithecus! You will pay for the life of my father!
If I am not prepared for this, do you think I would have the guts to reveal it to you? Little kids, come and try my new toy, the most poisonous “Seven Heart Flowering Quince”.

Either you are very confident or you don’t know how outnumbered you are.

However, this is Hu’s revenge, so I will let him have the kill.

Obtain Seven Heart Flowering Quince.

Speaking of poison; today is the day where Master Flawless sends someone to Green Fortress Sect.

The bird babysits for its friend while Jeez goes to Green Fortress Sect for more uninterrupted sleeping?

Jeez thought about the reverences of the poison in his dream and this event.

He decides not to prevent it and goes back to sleep.

Now to visit the King of Venom at the Medicine King Manor [323:318] (藥王莊).

What is this strong fragrance? My head is getting dizzy, AH! Maybe these red trees have poison…

Eh? Where am I? How long have I become unconscious? This place is not normal.

From what I learned in the last event, a cure is always near the poison, so maybe this blue flower will do?

Obtain a Blue Flower

Eh? My head is not dizzy, and I can smell this nice frail fragrance. This blue flower is miraculous.

What’s your business in the Medicine King Manor?
“Golden-Faced Buddha” Miao Renfeng was poisoned, and the poison was stolen by the vile one from you, so I wish you would grant us the cure.
Hmph! School brother Jiang is giving poison to outsider again. Now another person in Jianghu is blaming it on my master again. What poison is it this time?
So King of Venom is your master, what a waste to be so polite to you.
I didn’t tell you to be polite; it’s you that love to do it.
Please call him out, ‘lady’. I need to ask him for the cure for Intestine Cutting Grass.
My master already passed away.
Then what to do?
This Intestine Cutting Grass’ poison is not too difficult to cure.
So you have inherent the skill of your master, then please grant us the cure.
I can give you the cure, but you need to help me with one thing. How’s your Kung Fu?
I am going for Wulin Mengzhu, so my Kung Fu is obviously not too bad.
You do talk big. Alright, then I want you to help me recover one thing.
What is it?
Seven Heart Flowering Quince. This thing was missing even since my school brother Jiang stolen it. If we don’t find it soon, who know how many more grudges will be added to the Medicine King Manor.
Where to search for it?
If I know, would I have asked you to look for it? But you could keep a lookout for those people that use poison to harm people.
May I know your full name?
Cheng Lingsu
Then farewell to you, lady Ling.

Already gotten this from the previous battle event, so here you go.

You found it? Impressive! The cure for Intestine Cutting Grass is here, take it.

Obtain Cure for Miao Renfeng’s Poisoned Eyes

Well, when it’s named so specifically like that, I guess I can’t use it to cure Yang Gou in his event.

Back to Miao Renfeng’s home. The poor guy is all blind and all alone in his home.

Time to cure his blindness!

Sir Miao, let me pour this on your wound. How do you feel?
Hm! I feel much better. Your journey must be harsh, I am truly grateful to you. If there’s anything you need in my home, then please take it.

This King of Venom is pretty amazing, using poison to such depth yet his medical skill is just as good.

The King of Venom has passed away. This cure is made by his student.
So that’s why. I had a clash with him in the past, so when you say to ask him for the cure, I told don’t bother to go.
What happened?
This event is something I don’t understand till this day. Eighteen years ago, I accidently harmed my good friend, but due to the poison on the weapon that killed him outright with the cut. I figure such powerful poison could only be related to the King of Venom, so I went to inquire him about it, but he refute it and say he know nothing about it. Since I’m not a good talker, and I’m in a really grim mood, so we end up fighting.
So that means this good friend of yours is killed by your own hand?
What’s the name of this friend?
Hero of Far East, Hu Yidao.
So it is you who killed my father.
You are the son of Hu Yidao! Great, hurry and kill me to get your revenge for your father!
Hold it, there’s a big misunderstanding in this.
What misunderstanding, he already confessed.
Listen to me, Sir Miao’s sword was poisoned by that Yán jī guy because he knew Miao and Hu have two important books with them, so that’s why he secretly add poison to both weapon before the duel began to make them both suffer. Then he would be the one to gain from it, however, why does you two wanted to duel that let such a thing happened?
[Sigh] All because we both was under the favor and care of Mister Jin. When we each found one of the books and we both want to send both books back to him ourselves, so we decide to have to duel to decide it. If we had just talk it out, then we could have look for the books together instead, but since our reputation is so great that we both secretly want to have a duel with each other to see if Hu Family Saber Style or Miao Family Sword Style is stronger.
What a great misunderstanding. All these are because of that vile bastard Yán jī that started it, but thankfully this person won’t be doing evil anymore.
Base on what you say, our Hu Family Saber Style can’t beat your Miao Family Sword Style, which is why my father died?
Actually, this is a regret of my heart. When I made a cut at your father’s arm, he kicked me down to the ground at the same time, and it’s due to the poison that your father was death. So there’s no answer to whose Kung Fu is better. To see you all grown up makes me really happy, but I really hope that you could train the Hu Family Saber Style and defeat me.

Let the Hu Family Saber Style shine so I could at least make up a bit for your father. By then I will even give you the book “Other Tales of Flying Fox” to you. Visit me anytime you done training Hu Family Saber Style.

This will be a special battle where Hu Fei will solo Miao Renfeng, and Miao is really tough so Hu Fei have to level up a dozen times first and I know just the place to do that.

Then Jeez is waked up by the announcement of the ceremony going to start.

Jeez watched the poisoning of Green Dawn and wonders if there’s a relation to the story in his dream. He though about the philosophy of the great master Zhang Sanfeng, and realize the tragedy in “Other tales of the Flying Fox” could had been avoided if Kung Fu was not used as a mean to “fight for who is stronger”. Even this Green Fortress Sect fight-to-be-the-master duel could have avoided its fate.

What could these all means? Oh well, too lazy to think about it, let’s fly home and sleep some more.

Back at the Valley, Thron is readying to go get the Buddha Sword and Demon Saber!

Second school brother, you look like you are leaving for a long journey.

Yep, I got news that the Buddha Sword and Demon Saber have appeared at Giant Buddha of Happy Mountain, and I am going to get em.

1) I want to go with you.

Jeez feels that he should join him since he rejected him last time.

No, you will just cause troble for me!

It's regrettable, but it seems like Jeez are doomed to be lazy forever, now back to slee... is winter already!?

Finally reach this secret mountain cave at [64:52]… better turn on the light with the L button.

Much better, but look at all these skeletons.

Walking around and we find the… umm… muscular snowman?

Wow! This cave have monster, maybe they are the snowman from legend. Oh no, they spot us!

Good chance for a Hu Family Saber Style tag team slashing.

These monsters use ice punch and I reply with Heavy-Iron Sword style.

Hu Fei Level up!

Aww, it just a Thousand Years old Ginseng. Let’s look deeper.

This cave has so many snowmen, maybe there’s some hidden treasure? Whatever, riches found in danger.

Decapitation at its finest!

Learned Jiuyin Zhenjing
Hu Fei levels the hell up!

Treasure room! But it’s locked but there’s a weird hole next to the door.

Ah! This rock wall has a curved hole, like the shape of a sword saber.

Oh hey, is the King Army Saber that Hu Fei gave us when he joins.

Loot time!

Obtain Golden Silk Vest
Obtain Gold
Obtain Ying Saber
Obtain Sky full of Flowery Rain
(Hidden Projectile)
Obtain Flying fox of the Snowy Mountain

This book title is, “Flying fox of the Snowy Mountain”… So it’s hidden in here, the Army Saber of Hu buddy sure is useful. Eh! There’s a letter here, what’s in it…

“Due to the great favor of Mister Jin, I’ve been think from time to time how am I going to repay him in this lifetime. Now that I had taken the ‘Flying fox of the Snowy Mountain’ from the vile people, the other thirteen books are still reminded missing, so I swear that I will do all I can in this life to find them all and return them to Saint Hall… Looking at this book’s title greatly interested me and my wife will deliver a child shortly, so if she gives birth to a boy, let’s call him Hu Fei.”

Ha! “Flying Fox (Fei Hu), Hu Fei… Hahaha! Interesting… Hu Yidao left such an interesting tale.

Thorn returns with his treasure loots, but Jeez decides ignore him and go back to sleep.

Now let us bring an end to this generational struggle.

Hu Fei, are you ready?

Fight him? (Y/N)

With the maxed out Hu Family Saber Style, Hu Fei still have a hard time barely beating him thanks to over leveling.

Well done, with this amount of skill, even your dad will be relieved. Come, kill me and have your revenge for your father.
Let’s go, buddy. The vengeance has already been settled.
That’s right! That’s my good bro!
Before you leave, take this Cold Moon Saber; a saber that suit you. Also, take this book and I hope it will help solves your problem.

Obtain Cold Moon Saber
Obtain Other Tales of Flying Fox

Yahoo! Found “Other Tales of Flying Fox”!

Gentlemanly Advise of the Day
Although “Other Tales of the Flying Fox” is a prequel that published after “Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain”,
I recommand you read “Other Tales of the Flying Fox” first to buildup the flavor for “Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain”.
The ladies loves buildups.