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Part 111: Chapter One Hundred and Twelve: Ideology

Part One Hundred and Twelve: Ideology
Swordswoman Riding West on White Horse (白馬嘯西風 )

To think there’s a secret abandoned building in the middle of a desert.

Secret hidden stair and secret maze...

A giant stone door that need a really high stats to cut through.

Finally, a treasure that might worth something...

Obtain Silver Key.

Using the key to open this gate with another chest that contain...

Obtain Swordswoman Riding West on White Horse

... what? That’s it for this book’s story?

Year Five Late July, Master Flawless need Jeez to go to Shaolin Temple. That’s where Exceed Tien will escape.

Until then, Jeez will just take more naps on his way to Shaolin like the lazy sunbathing bird.

The Legend of the Condor Heroes (射鵰英雄傳 )

Let’s hope this one is longer than the last two.

Is there smoething you need to be visiting the home of Cheng Ying, sir?
I am wondering Jianghu to looks for some books, and I just happen to pass by your resident, so I decide to try my luck at here.
What is that you are searching for, sir?
I am looking for the rumored “Fourteen Heavenly Books”.
“Fourteen Heavenly Books”? I had heard mention that it was left by a great predecessor in the past, but I don’t know the location of such books.
Yeah, not many know the location of such books. Are you here all alone?
Eversince I’m seperated with Master Huang, I’ve been living all alone here.
So you are the Eastern Heretic’s student, then your Kung Fu must be great.
Not so, my intellect is to pitiful to comprehend the essence of my master’s Kung Fu except some metaphysical art.
So you know the art of metaphysical, surely it will be useful in traveling Jianghu.
It’s somewhat useful, some puzzle that normally people can’t deciper, I might be able to solve.

Invite her to join? (Y/N)

Then would you mind traveling with me to find the Fourteen Heavenly Books?
Alright. I’m pretty bored all alone anyway.

Next stop, the Black Dragon Swarm.

This black swarm seems to be specially manupilated, but it won’t deter me.

With the help of Lady Chen, we were able to see the secret pathway that can lead us through the swarm maze.

You rotten kid, to think that you are able to intrude my Black Dragon Swarm, who are you and what business do you want?
The art of metaphysic is not just unique to you.
What business do you have here in Black Swamp?
I saw this special placement of design, and figure there must be some great hermit who live in this land, so I come for advice.
What do you want to know?
I had travel throughout Jianghu looking for the so called “Fourteen Heavenly Books”. Would you know the location so such books?
(The heaven sent this man here must be a sign for me to exert my revenge.) “Forth Loom, both Mandarin duck weave For Flying. Pity the hair turn white before old, spring waves against the bobbi glass, within the depth of coldness, bath together in red cloth.”
(Has this old hag gone nuts? Why did she suddenly start mumbling something… Ah! Could it be the key words for locating the Heavenly Books!? Dammit! I didn’t write it down!)
Kid, consider yourself lucky. I, Yinggu the Divine Mathematician just happens to know the location of the book “The Legend of the Condor Heroes”. If you will help me do something, then I will tell you.
No problem, what is it? Please tell.
I want you to kill the Royal Lord, Duan.
Royal Lord Duan.? You mean the person known as “Northern Emporor” Royal Lord Duan?
Indeed, after leaving here, keep going north and you will reach a bamboo house with this person inside.
I heard his Kung Fu is very powerful, so how can I beat him?
I will give you a handkerchief, you show it to him and he will become depressed, then you might have a chance to kill him.
I heard Loyal Lord Duan is a kind person, a ruler that is loved by the people, so why would you want to kill him?
He’s a kind person? The watch my son die without rasing an arm... kill him or not is up to you. “Forth Loom, both Mandarin duck weave For Flying. Pity the hair turn white before old, spring waves against the bobbi glass, within the depth of coldness, bath together in red cloth.”

Obtain handkerchief

Well, let’s see what is with this... monk?

Is there something you need?
I’m here to meet with the Royal Lord Duan, please call inform him of this, master.
Royal Lord Duan is long gone from this material world, my apology for your wasted journey.

Maybe the monk would know something about this handkerchief.

... This is given to you by Yinggu? What did she sent you here for?
I would like to meet with Royal Lord Duan.
Royal Lord Duan is long gone from this material world, I’m now known as the monk Yideng.
So you are the Royal Lord Duan.
Yinggu told you to bring this handkerchief is to ask you to kill me isn’t it?
(Amazing, to already know my objective). I have something I need from here, but she is adamant in killing you in exchange, but is the problem between you two?
[Sigh] This is a long story... [[some spoiler stuff that I will be skipping]]... [Sigh] Why would she need to find someone to kill me? I am a sinner, and everyday I’ve been waiting for her to stab a knife through my heart.

Attack him? (Y/N)

Little Shirmp choose not to kill him and go back to Yinggu.

Kid, have you done the deed?
I had met with Royal Lord Duan.
You killed him?
Hmph! You can’t even do a simple task, and here I was hoping that you could save Zhou Botong from the Peach Blossom Island.
Save Zhou Botong? He’s not in Peach Blossom Island. I heard he has escaped.
I feel that you should forget about revenge, in fact, your son is not killed by Royal Lord Duan.
Even it’s not by him, but he has indirectly caused it.
Royal Lord Duan won’t save your son is because he loves you.
Hmph, love me?
He is jealous of Zhou Botong. If he didn’t love you, then why would he be jealous? He because extremely saddened when he saw the “The forth loom” handkerchief. So I think you should just let it go.
…fine, if you can bring Zhou Botong to me, then I will tell you the location of The Legend of the Condor Heroes.
This will be trivial; just don’t tell me to kill good people.

Now back to this bee guy that we all forgotten.

Come, come, come, I learned a new Kung Fu lately, how about we play a little brawling.
(This naïve and strong person could be Zhou Botong). Could you be Mister Zhou Botong?
Yep, I am Zhou Botong, but everyone call me the Old Imp.
I would like to bring you to one person, sir.
To who?
If you mention the name of this person, you can’t just start running away.
There are two people I won’t meet in this world, one is Royal Lord Duan, and the other is his concubine Yinggu. Other than those two, old imp can meet anyone.
(Looks like I will have to provoke him). Seems like you lost to them in Kung Fu so you are now scared of them.
No, no! Old Imp did horrible thing to those two, and is too shameful to face them. Even the Royal Lord Duan gave up his emperor seat to become a monk, so I am so utterly in shame.
The Reverent Yideng become a monk because he’s apologic to you, not because of you to him, don’t you know that?
Why would he be sorry to me?
He didn’t save your son.
What son?
You and Yinggu’s son!
WHAT! I have a son!?
Sir Zhou, Yinggu misses you, so can you really leaving her alone?
Where is she?
She is currently living in the Black Dragon Swamp, just the north of Iron Palm Mountain… eh, where’s the old imp? He disappeared like a puff of smoke. I hope he’s going there to meet Yinggu,

Back to the swarm and the third walkthrough of that annoying swamp maze.

Kid, I would like to thank you for your help, otherwise I would be regretful for the rest of my life.
Nah, I will depend a lot on you for helping with my Kung Fu in the coming days.
No problem, next time you come to Hundred Flower Valley, I will teach you that “Left Right Brawling” technique.
You sure have a ways of doing things. I will tell you the location of the book “The Legend of the Condor Heroes”. This book is in the hand of Guo Jing in Peach Blossom Island. You should know that the island have a set of maze created by the Heretic Haung using Five Elements of I-chang, so any commoner will have a touch time finding the entrance, but I will tell you the coordinate is (341, 138).

Immdiately arriving at Peach Blossom Island, all these tree hides the secret entrace where Little Shirmp is standing.

Thanks you yinggu telling me the entrance or getting into this island is really difficult.

And here we meet the protagonist and heroine of the book.

Greeting to the great xia Guo, and xia lady Huang.

Note: Xia (俠 ), meaning "honorable", "chivalrous", and "hero".

You must be here for “The Legend of the Condor Heroes”.
True to the rumor, the great xia lady Huang is admirably smart. That’s right; my goal here to meet you two is for this book “The Legend of the Condor Heroes”.
You must have exerted quite an effort to get here.
It’s indeed quite a chore, but it’s worth it if I can obtain “The Legend of the Condor Heroes”.
Indeed, “The Legend of the Condor Heroes” is with us, and I can give it to you.
Thank you great xia Guo, and xia lady Huang.
Kid, you call me xia, but let me ask you why people in Jianghu would call me the great xia Guo?
Isn’t it because great xia Guo’s powerful Kung Fu, with your reputable Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms?
Then let me ask you, why do we learn Kung Fu?
Is because the person with stronger Kung Fu can pressure the other, and do things you want to do. Of course, I don’t mean to bully others, but what’s the point of doing good deed if your Kung Fu is not on par.
We learn Kung Fu, for what reason? Doing xia deeds, helping other is one aspect of it, but what really makes other willingly call me the great xia Guo is because I serve the country and it’s citizen at my early years, pitting my body and soul to defend the country. Although my ability is limited, but helping the citizen out of their woes is what deserve the “great xia” title.

I think you are ten times smarter than me, so you are likely to surpass in me due times, so I hope you will remember this: “For country, for citizen, the way of xia.” As the eight words that will lead yyou to become the world renown hero that respected by millions.

So, if you can exhibit the role a xia person, then this book is all for you, but if not, then you will have to defeat me for it. To let you train better, I will give you something in case you go stealing from others and fallen into the wrong path. In the kitchen shelf are some of the most unique and potent Peach Blossom Island medicine, you can take them.

Since Little Shrimp did so much good deed, his moral is now 100 and we talk to Guo again.

Your exploit in Jianghu has been heard by us both, so can have the book.

Obtain The Legend of the Condor Heroes

Remember, although you are now considers xia, how to maintain it is more important.

Sword Stained with Royal Blood (碧血劍 )

All these traveling and fighting is getting tiresome...

I, Yuan has be living here in isolation, so it’s quite a rare sight to see a guest.
Yuan buddy is living all alone for the sake of focusing on training?
The hated of Jianghu, and all the right and wrong, I don’t want to deal it with anyway.
I’m new to Jianghu, although I agree there’s quite a lot of emotional storm and unpredictable people, but I must walk through this. As the saying goes, “Once you are in Jianghu, you don’t control your fate”.
Can’t you see pass life? Kung Fu, Fame, Glory, which one are you pursuing?
I do have a reason to get into Wulin. You are also correct, I want to pursuit for higher level of Kung Fu, and I want to defeat the many to get the title of Wulin Mengzhu, but all these are so I can leave this place and return to my home. [Sigh] Yuan buddy probably can’t understand what I’m saying, pardon me.
Sounds like some unspeakable reason?
I thought I was a lucky guy, to be able to play this realistic game, but I didn’t think it would be this difficult. Now I really want to go home.
Although I don’t quite understand your problem, but youngster shouldn’t fet when they face a diffuclt problem. In my youth, I am a fearless young one that has faces through all the difficult.
Seems like you know my feelings well.
Yes, don’t give up. Remember, the person with the will to do it will succeed.
I feel much better after hearing your speech. I better man up and look for those “Fourteen Heavenly Book”.
So that’s your obsticle, indeed, not an easy task.
You sound like you have some clue?
Indeed, one of the book “Sword Stained with Royal Blood” does have some relation with me.
Then please help me out.
No, does youngester these day just want to get things for free! You have to work for it with your own strength, then the reward will be fruitful.
Yes, you are right.
If you want to obtain this book, you must pass three tasks.
Three tasks?
Yes. The first one is the task of “Knowledge”. You must find the secret cave in a hidden mountain near Mount Hua.

Second is the task of “Bravery”. This cave is actually the hidden home of the person known as the "Golden Serpent Gentleman", within it are a Golden Serpent Sword piece into a rock, which you must have enough strength to pull it out.

The third task is the task of “Compassion”. After pulling out the Golden Serpent Sword, come back here and I will gauge your action in Jianghu, if you maintain a good standing, then I will give you the book “Sword Stained with Royal Blood”.

Having a ‘tests’ quest in a Kung Fu game is like having a mandatory sewer level.

“... This...curvy sword... how... did... they... stab... it... in...?”

Finally pulled this out!

Obtain Golden Serpent Sword
Obtain Golden Serpent Manual

Yuan buddy, I found the Golden Serpent Cave and I pulled out the Golden Serpent Sword. That’s two task that I have completed.
Good, I will now check your Jianghu performance... Very good, all the time in Jianghu, you have manage to maintain your good standing, very well done. You can have the book “Sword Stained with Royal Blood”.

Obtain Sword Stained with Royal Blood

Afterward, Jeez reaches Shaolin. Knew there’s two cultist hiding...

... and just let those monks deal with it while he grab a quick nap.

The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber (倚天屠龍記 )

Hopefully this one will be longer than the last.

Eh! There’s a long saber-shaped hole on the wall.

Looks like it require some unique saber to unlock it. Maybe this one?

Ha! This Yang Saber fit perfectly.

Obtain Yuānyāng Saber

Now we go to Icefire Island and find a caveman in a cave.

Who are you? What’s your business on Icefire Island?
To think there’s someone living in this cold barren land, your body must be really tough.
Base on your voice, you seems to be a young kid. Just call out all your helpers.
Base on my voice? Do you have a bad eyesight?
Don’t think that I, Xie Xun, who was blinded, would be an easy target for you theives to steal the Dragon Slaying Saber, come at me!
I have no grudges against you, so why would we want to harm you?

This guy’s still not listening to reasoning, so Little Shirmp go to his bed and grab his hairs. Don’t ask.

Obtain some golden hairs

Another secret cave, I swear this game’s map designer is a sadist.

Who would have thought that there’s a place of such serenity at the back of the mountain.

Obtain Giant Peach
(max chi boosting rare item)

Hoi! What’s your name, and why are you hiding all alone in the middle of a mountain?
I’m known as Zhang Wuji, why are you here too?
I just happen to wonder into this place. Hey, could are you autism? Or maybe you are trying to learn some mystical art of immortality?
Autism? What kind of diesease is that? Msiter Hu’s book never mention about such sympton. Actually, I was hit by the chiling poison of Xuanming Divine Palm, an uncurible poison.
But your looks well, not like someone that’s about to die.
I also wonder about that. Supposively, I should had died a few years ago, but now I didn’t even have any sign of symptons.
Maybe you ate some miracle cure?
Maybe from four or five years ago, when I left the Butterfly Valley and stumble upon this wonderful place. I thought that dying here would be nice, so I decide to wait here for my final hour.

Yet few years ago, I happen to rescued a big white monkey and fond a manual on his belly that seems to be a chi technique manual, and since I have nothing to do, I studied it.

On top of that, the fruit and white fish here really revitalize me when I consume it, so maybe it’s the combination of all these that I’m still alive today.
From what I observed, you didn’t die is due to you learned a powerful Kung Fu, what’s strange tale. After all these time, don’t you want to go out?
I thought I would had die, so I just stayed here, but now that you mention it, I do want to go out. I want to go back to Wudang to meet my master, and go find my godfather.
Your godfather?
Yes, my godfather is the “Golden Haired Lion King” Xie Xun, he lost his sight, and probably still all alone on a desolate island.

Here, I brought the smelly hairs of your godfather all the way from where he live just because.

Th-these golden hair is...
Your godfathers have a whole head of golden hair?
Yes, my godfather was known as the “Golden Haired Lion King”, so his whole head is full of golden hairs.
Then I am right, and I met him on an island from the south.
Really? You know the island location? Please bring me to him immediately.
Sure, let me bring you there.
Thanks a lot pal.

Obtain Three Yellow Treasured Sausage Pill
Obtain Medical Ingredient
Obtain Jiuyang Zhenjing

Actually, let’s do that last and go meet all of the major orthodox sects like Kongtong Sect.

Hey pal, this mountain is serene and lush with clear water, which sect has settled here?
Kid, this is Kongtong Mountain, it’s the home ground of our training, not some place for some random fool like you to hang around.
I am new to Jianghu, didn’t know much about it, so it would be great if you can enlighten me.
Back in the beginning, our founder Mulingzi attained a remarkable reputation with his Seven Harms Fist throughout the world, and formed the hundred year of foundation of Kongtong Sect, and now we are listed as one of the six great sects of Wulin.
Six great sects?
Yeah! Shaolin, Wudang, Kongtong, Emei, Kunlong, and Mount Hua.
I see! Then can I meet your master and have a look at the Seven Harm Fist of Kongtong Sect?
Our school uncle might not be able to meet you since we six great sects are preparing to invade the demonic cult, but you can go in and try your luck.

You must be the master of Kongtong Sect. I had travels Jianghu and heard of the greatness of Seven Harm Fist, so may I be grant the chance of witnessing it?
At least you know quite a bit, kid, but you should know that the Seven Harm Fist can harness hardness within softness, softness within hardness, and seven kinds of fists with different forces. Altering and changing the momentum can drive the opponent into a difficult defensive… I suggest you better not face it, kid.
Big bro, I heard godfather mention that people who study Seven Harm Fist could be harmed if they doesn’t have strong chi reserve, and I can see this master has suffered internal injuries, so he probably haven’t gotten far, so it probably not worth the watching.
Who might your godfather be? To have such insight to the ultimate technique of Kongtong Sect.
He’s godfather is the Golden Haired lion King Xi—
Where’s the cultist Xie Xun? You are his godchildren, so I will take you down first.
Oops, slipped my tongue there.
Let’s just fight them, bro.

It’s good to have a full team of overkill to take cares of things.

You are right, bro, he’s nothing.
Hmph! If you didn’t kill me now, we the six great sects will destroy the cult’s hive when we join forces.

Now to visit the all ladies Emei Sect. Rumors that their leaders have some really nasty attitude.

…The demonic cult worships their holy fire as god… ever since the sudden decrease of the thirty third cult leader Yáng Dǐng Tiān and never have the chance to appoint a successor. Those The Left and Right Bright Messengers, four Guardian Kings, and chiefs of the five banner divisions all have their eyes on the seat. Due to the ensuring civil struggle, the cult has slowly become weakened.

This is just the chance for us six great orthodox sect to team up and destroy the cultist. If it wasn’t for the internal conflict, taking on such a large vile force won’t be as easy.

The six great orthodox sects will invade Bright Peak, with certainty of victory, our forces will be uniting as one, so there’s nothing to fear. Except the expected injuries, everyone must harbor the will to die, no cowardice, no fear, and show everyone the greatness of Emei Sect.

As the saying goes”Thousand coffins out the door, the house thrives. Father dies as son survives, grandchildren mourn at Progenitor”. Who doesn’t die? Just leave children of your life and blood, and then the family still strives with a hundred deaths. The only fear is that you all died and I have to lives all alone.

Hehe, even so, don’t feel bad about it, as a hundred years ago, the world doesn’t even have Emei Sect to begin with.

All we need is to have a great battle to the death; Emai’s death is nothing in comparison.


Note: Whoa, whoa, whoa, did I just walk into an ancient Chinese Hitler speech or something?

Shameless one, haven’t you eavesdrops enough!
(It was you talking too much; I didn’t even what to hear about it!) Pardon my uncourteous behavior, I am just overwhelmed by the speech that I happened to come upon, and fail to resist not hearing more. I shall now give my greetings to Emei Sect.
Who are you, what’s your business with Emei? Are you a warrior of Xia who wants to follow the six great sects to invade the Bright Mountain? Or are you spy from the cult, investigating the six great sect’s activities?
Please don’t misunderstand; I’m not the so called “Demonic Cultist” spy, so please relax. Although I call myself a person of Xia, but I don’t want to follow you all to invade that “Demonic Cultist” because I feel that such things like War should be avoided as much as possible, just like in my country, this concept of war has cause many people to live in fear, in face you are the leader of a sect, so you should think about your student. If it were me, then I would hate to send these beautiful ladies to their deaths.
Blasphemous Ruffian! Base on the sole fact that you are not a cultist, you better get out of here before I have to regret taking your life!

Well fancy you too, you bashi-bazouks dipsomaniac pithecanthropuses creathalyser! I am going to Mount Hua Sect!

Jeez woke up and notice lots of monk are down so he hurries to deliver the package and call it day.

Looks like the battle has been decided, not that Jeez would bother with it.

On Jeez’s way home to sleep more, he ponders about his dream, what it means to be a Xia, and is good and evil really black and white? Meanwhile, the bird wonders why the fox’s neck is so long.

News on Jianghu that the Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance has plans on next the 15 of next month on Mount Song to discuss about joining force. What is your opinion on that, Mister Yuè.
In the Mount Hua Sect’s two hundred years of operation, a conflict has occurred within the period and has split the sect into the on going battle of Chi Faction and Sword Faction. I still get the chills from witnessing the day where the leader of both factions brutally murdered each other…

Due to this, I deeply felt that joining force with other sects is better than watching many more years of Jianghu slaughter. Who knows how many Wulin denizen has died before their time due to the division of factions?

I always wonder what if there’s no factional different within Wulin, everyone is family, and we treat each other as brothers and sisters. Then ten out of nine bloodsheds and dramas could be reduced.

Hero and chivalrous people dies before their natural lifespan, causing thousands of widows and orphans.

Mister Yuè truly lives up to the name of “Gentleman Sword”, with hearts of great kindness. If people of Wulin have the same ideal as you, then the war and suffering in the world could have been greatly reduced.
Actually these are just minor insight, other Wulin Leaders must have thought about it too. They all know the separation of sects can be harmful, but why can’t they set their heart to do it? I am puzzled by this and have thought about it for years, until a few days ago that I finally understand the key factor.
Mister Yuè’s great insight is enlightening.
After many thoughts, I realize it’s the difference of “impatient” and “weak”. Over history, they all want to eliminate the difference of factions, and they all tries to hurry with impatience. What they did not accounted for is that the factions in Wulin, large and small could be over thousand with each faction having dozen to hundred years of heritage, so to completely remove those are harder than reaching heaven.
Then why are the Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance on rush to join force?
Zuǒ Lěng Chán’s have great ambition, he wants to become Wulin number one. Becoming the Mengzhu of Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliances is just his first step; the next step is to combine all five sects as one, with him becoming the leader. After the merger, our forces will be immensible, enough to rivals Shaolin and Wudang as three equal forces. At that stages, he will take over Kunlun Sect, Emei Sect, Kongtong Sect, and Green Fortress Sect, all engulf as one. Then he will challenge the demonic cult leading Shaolin and Wudang to pluck them out one by one, this is the forth stage.
This is a tricky situation, Zuǒ Lěng Chán Kung Fu might not be the strongest, but why would he do all that?
It’s difficult to understand a person heart, all the things in the world, no matter how difficult, will have someone to tackle it. If he can destroy the demonic cult, then he will gain great renown in Wulin. Combining with Wudang and Shaolin might not be impossible. Doing great thing doesn’t always need Kung Fu.
So Zuǒ Lěng Chán want all the Wulin inhabitance to bow down to him.
He might even want to become the emperor by then, and after becoming one, he would want immortality! This is as the saying “A man whose heart is not content is like a snake which tries to swallow an elephant.” Not many heroic and chiivorous can escape the lure of “Power”.
Few dozen years of lifespan should be live for what is enough, yet it’s not enough for some. Zuǒ Lěng Chán will eliminate Kunlun Sect, Kongtong Sect, engulf Shaolin and Wudang, who knows how many lives and how many blood will be shed. Mister Yuè, we must stop Zuǒ Lěng Chán and prevent his ambition from fulfilling, to save Jianghu from bloodshed.
Next month’s fifteenth gathering on Mount Song, I will do my best.
I will also help out too when the time comes.

Next stop, we travel to the west and reach Kunlun Mountain.

Huzzah! To think the western regions have places with cottony lush green glass and a land of fragrant fruits and aromatic flowers. Could this be the rumored Kunlun Mountain’s three holy sites? I should ask someone about it.

Doubting the guard will know much about it, so Little Shrimp go straight for the leader.

I travel the world and had heard of the beauty of Kunlun, so I came to sightsee and meet the man known as “Mister Iron Qin”, master Ho.
You must be from Central Plain! You should leave when you are done with your sightseeing because the western region is a troublesome place, beware of getting in troubles.
Is that so? Then I will be extra vigilant, farewell.

Next door, we found a distress doctor sitting on the floor.

Master Ho said that if I can’t cure his wife’s sickness, then he would kill me! What should I do? My home has an eighty years old woman and a less than ten years old daughter for me to support. Please save me sir!

Whoa! This person is ULGY, the whole body swells like a pig, why would Ho like this kind of stuff? Could he have “Pig Loving Symptom”?

After the ‘sightseeing’, Little Shrimp go to Shaolin, which was unfortunately closed.

So he goes to Wudang again to let Zhang Wuji meets his master.

Great master, great master, Wuji has return to see you.
Wuji, it’s really you? Good child, you didn’t die, Cuì shān will be happy. Was it the healer from Butterfly Valley who cared you?
No, it’s quite a stange tale... so and so... this and that... later I learned Jiuyang Zhenjing, which removed the cold poison from my body.
Well done, well done, it must be tough for you.
Now I’m following this brother to travel the land, and also trains on the way.
Training is good, but always remember to maintain the heart of Xia to be consider one of us.
Master’s teaching, I will forever remeber by heart...

Now that we are done with those five great sects, it’s time to check out the cult they plans to invade.

(Wow! This place has high security, I better be careful).
Are you from Central Plain? Probably one of those six great sect’s underlings; to dare walking through the entrance casually, could you be implying that our people in Ming Cult are useless?
Take him down first!

Little Shrimp punches the goons out of the way and find someone inside who’s willing to talk a bit more.

Which sect’s great student are you? Where’s the other five sects people?
I’m not part of the six sects. My trip here today is to find clues about the location of a book.
“The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber “is it?
So the rumor is true, the book “The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber” really is within Ming Cult. May I borrow it?
Borrow. Hmph! Does the Bright Left Messenger, Yang Xiao nothing in your eyes? Trying to take advantage of Ming Cult in their darkest time?
That’s not it; the true is that the book is really important to me, so I must find them no matter what.
Then I better take care of you before you steal it while the six great sects attack.
I’m not here to cause trouble with Ming Cult; Left Messenger Yang should save your strength for the six great sects.
Dealing with you won’t take much strength. Come at thee!

Youch! These fire worshippers have ancient Persian flamethrower! (Yes, this cult is origin from Persia, but this is the China branch).

Too bad Kung Fu explosive fire does it better.

Left Messenger Yang, I told you fighting me will be costly.
Ha! Ha! Ha! Well fought, well fought.
Who does this yelling baldy came from.
Who are you? How did you sneak into Ming Cult?
You ask how I, Cheng Kun came in? Of course I casually walk in by through the front door. All thanks to this little buddy here, he sure saved me quite the trouble,
You are Mending Thunder hand Cheng Kun, Xiè Fawang’s master?
Indeed, I am that stupid lion’s master. Thanks to his stupidity, you all and the six great sects become enemy. Having Ming Cult turns to dust will certainly realize my life long wishes.
If my guess is correct, this is all painstakingly planned by you.
You are pretty smart, kid. That’s right, stirring up Xie Xun’s wrath to make him slaughter people in berserk, leaving my own name to appear at the right time, and to let everyone know that it’s Xie Xun’s deed, causing a massive anger and hatred between Ming Cult and the six great sects are all plotted by me.
Why are you doing this?
Go ask your ex-leader Yang Dingtian, I suppose to have a wonderful marriage, but that’s ruined by him. A wife that should be mine, and yet just because he because the leader of the cultist that he just stole her away. Because of this, I had made a great vow that as long as I live, this demonic cult will never have a peaceful day. It took twenty years since the vow to see it bear fruit today. Haha! Now those six sects probably invading Bright Peak.
What! Then I better hurry toward Bright Peak.
Don’t bother going to die, you can die here instead.
Hey! Baldy, why are you bad guys always loves to tell us all your bad doing? Is it because we good guys will die and can’t reveal the truth?

Left Messenger Yang, you hurry back to Bright Peak. I will deal with this baldy and make him taste the fruit.
Hmph! With you?
Y-you really can do it?
Don’t forget, if I can’t do it, then you are worst off! Hurry, I will catch up later.

Cheng Kun begins with a wide area blasting attack, and Little Shrimp counters with scissor. Little Shrimp win.

This old head sure is getting away fast; I don’t have time to catch him. I should hurry back to Bright Peak.

Year Five End of July, Jeez awakened by the fighting noise of school brothers, it’s the day that Thorn betry the sect. Jeez went back to sleep.

Rushing into the Bright peak, Little Shrimp found the initial forces has gotten through and found a left over goon.

Please don’t kill me great xia! I will tell you a secret. Our leader Yang always disappear in his room for no reason, he know magic, so be careful.
I won’t kill you, go wrap up the wounds.

Magic or just a hidden passage in his room that connect to a big passage.

Could these two be Yang Dingtian and his wife? There’s a letter, let’s see what it say:
“The fourth level of the divine technique has just completed, but due to Cheng Kun, the chi flow lost control, power will be lost, to its base point, such is fate, can it even go back as before? My life shall ends here, failing to uphold the responsibility of processor, truly a sinner of this cult, with my wife as witness, gather everyone, to name vice-leader Xie Xun as successor, to take care of all of cult’s responsibility…”
So the cult leader Yang was caught in a chi backslash during a important training when he heard of Cheng Kun’s exploit while miss Yang… here’s a dagger, must had suicide in shame. This scroll of sheep skin should be the divine art that he was studying.

Obtain Heaven and Earth Great Shift

Going back to the entrance again, the sects are almost finish taken down the cult and it’s in formation for the final assault.

So you are faster than this eagle after all, you little bat.
Not quite so, you just let me slip though. The six great sects have invaded in, this kid probably the last backup, so we should take him down first.
Great! Let’s warm up this old bone!
No, no, I’m here to help--
Help the six great sects! We Ming Cult will not fear you pretentious orthodox.

Holy crap, are they Persian flame wizard? This is blasphemy! This is madness!

This… is… CHINA!!!!! :badamtis:

Curses, the goon are touch, Eagle King, we should go in for now.

The demonic cult is ruined, what are they waiting for if they intend to surrender? Reverent Ci, we should go and destroy all their thirty three ancestral tablet of the past leaders!
What surrender? Today the cultist won’t leave alive. Destroy all evil; otherwise the day of their revival would be another thorn to Jianghu. You heretic cultist! If you are smart, then you will suicide to save us the trouble.
Folks of Mount Hua Sect and Kongtong Sect, please eradicate all the leave over cultist. Wudang Sect will search from the west to east, Emei will search from east to west. Don’t let even one person escape. Kunlun Sect will prepare the fires, purify the hive of Cultist to the ground. Shaolin student all grab your sacred tools and chant the sutra for all the fallen heroes and purify the cultist soul of their sin.
Wow! So many people, what’s so exciting here? Don’t leave out this little Xia me, but I would say that even the orthodox sect are just as heartless murderer like the demonic cult and they just find a reason to make it sounds better.
All because of you damn terrapins that beaten me and Eagle King.
And me.
Casing us to only have Fan Yao the Bright Right Messenger to take them on and outnumbered...
Since that’s the case, I will help you beat them all as apology.
Young Xia is not one of the cultist, so you should leave this place or get drag into troubles.
Sure, then everyone should stop fighting because there’s a lot of misunderstanding in this, so let me tell you all about it.
Are the youngsters these days so insolent? You think you are the Wulin Mengzhu!? Want us to listen to you?
This little scum probably had joined force with the cultist to delay us so that you can use some sort of tricks. Let’s kill you first.
I knew you all won’t calm down to listen, I do think it’s not likely, so now I guess I have to make you all calm down. You all come at once, that would save me the trouble,
Such insolence!

Five of the Wulin top dogs (and the smart Cheng Ying) against the strongest six great sects! Little Shrimp initiate the epic battle with a BOOONNNNNGGG.

Yeah! We will show them how tough we ar—

Ughh! That seems to hurt a hell lot!

Oh god, the sect masters nuking the field!

Explosions, explosions everywhere. This won’t be an easy fight!

Thank fully our focus on taking down the masters first has let us prevail in this dangerous battle.

How is it? You must want to listen to me now. The truth is actually… so and so… this and this…
All in all, this is a conspiracy crafted by that wicked Cheng Kun. So I say you all should just shake hand and discuss peace, since you both killed just about the same as each side, everyone got their fair share of blood, so let’s stop this.
All are from your own words, who knows if that’s true or not.
Hmph! We lose, there’s no need to talk more, let’s leave!
Amitābha, may the guidance of young Xia lead their heretic of Ming Cult to change their way and do less evil. Let’s leave.
Not bad, kid!
Bat King, don’t be rude. All the lives in Ming Cult thank you for saving our life, young Xia!
Don’t say that, helping others is what we all should do. In fact, it was my carelessness that leads to your difficult battles.
Not at all, it was us not asking first.
You all are too polite, how about this, here’s a thought. I say, this young Xia’s Kung Fu is so powerful, and the cult own him a great debt, so we should elect him as the thirty four cult leader. He becoming the leader would be better than you. Isn’t that right, Left Messenger Yang?
Yes! This young Xia to become our cult leader is much better than you.
Enough, you two, don’t embarrassment us further.
No, no, although I dreamt about becoming some sort of faction leader, but I still have things to do, in fact, we are from a different world, so you should look for another.
If young Xia is adamant about it, then we Ming Cult might be doomed to infighting and break apart.
I have here the will of the cult leader Yang. It mentions here that Xie Xun will be the successor. So I think you all should find him first.
Oh! It’s indeed so, someone! Hurry and send this order to find Xie Xun Fawang at all cost.
Another thing I want to ask of you all, do you have a book known as “The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber” and can I borrow it?
We do, Cult master Yang has told us about a book within the cult that is considers our treasure and passes down by each leader.
Is it? If it’s true, then the heaven has rewarded me after all these battles.
However, this book has disappeared with cult leader Yang, and his location is currently unknown.
Don’t worry young Xia, when we found fawang and have everything settled, then we will have our full force to search for this book’s location. If we have any news, then we will inform it to you.
Alright, that’s the only way; I will help you find Xie when I am free, farewell.
Here’s an Iron Flame Token, it’s the keepsake of Ming Cult. If there’s any problem in Jianghu and needed our help, then reveal this token and the whole Ming Cult will do their best to assist.

Obtain Ming Cult Iron Flame Token

Finally, we bring Wuji back to his godfather.

Godfather, Wuji wasn’t filial and cause you all these suffering because I didn’t came sooner.
You... what did you say?
I am Wuji.
You... you are...
The way of fist is in focus, will in strength to subdue the opposing site, ...
Is-isn’t this the memoric I teaching little Wuji? You really is my young Wuji?
Godfather! Godfaaaather!
The heaven have eyes! The heaven have eyes! Little Wuji, how are you these few years?
I am great. Thanks to this friend of mine here, we can meet each other again. Godfather, let’s return to the main land.
You are doing well, that I am happy to heard, but godfather still need to stay here and think about how to deal with Cheng Kun, you should go. Remember; beware of the villain when you travel Jianghu, including your own master or brothers.

Little Shirmp decied to show him the token.

Feeling this shape, it seems to be the Ming Cult Iron Fire Token?
If you don’t go home, Ming Cult gonna breaks apart.
What did you say! What happen to my Ming Cult’s brothers?
Now is all fine, as the six great sects’ invasion of Bright Peak had just been resolved, so they won’t make any moves for a while, but the leaderless cult might be infiltrated by someone eventually. The entire thing that happened is as so…
Cheng Kun this villain, not only is he my arch enemy, and he’s the greatest threat to Ming Cult, I must kill him no matter what. Here I was hopping that obtaining this world ruling Dragon Slaying Saber and learned the secret of it would allow me to kill him, but I have studied it for dozen of years fruitlessly. [Sigh] If I can’t find the secret of this saber, I will not leave this Icefire Island.
Please don’t worry so much, sir, let’s go back to Central Plain to think of a plan.
Enough, please leave. I will not return until I killed Cheng Kun.

Time to make this villain pay.

Ah ha! Cheng Kun, so you are hiding here. What are these you baddies gathering here for? Plotting for another evil deed?
Hmph! Last time you ruined everything, I won’t let you go this time.
Loser talking big. I better be careful and not let you get away this time.

Suddenly all the hidden goons pop out of the trees and wherever, that’s a lot of nuts to crack.

[Lots of cracklings later]

What a great day, removing one of Wulin’s great threats.

Obtain a head.

Rushing back to the lion king and show him Cheng Kun’s head before it melt away.

Sir Xie, this is the head of Cheng Kun, he’s vile deeds has finally punished by heaven.
Really? Ha! Ha! Cheng Kun, it is Cheng Kun! You have faces your divine punishment, but it’s a shame that I can kill you with my own hands.
Cheng Kun issue is over, let’s return to mainland to prevent Ming Cult from breaking apart.
Young Xia did some much for your Ming Cult, I Xie Xun are truthly grateful. I will immmediately return when I finish packing here. [Sigh] Cheng Kun is dead, this Dragon Slaying Saber is useless to me, you can have it.

Obtain Dragon Slaying Saber

Back at the cult, the blind guy manages to returns before Little Shrimp did.

Sir Xie, you have finally returned, is everything going well?
With the settlement of the six great sect, and all the cult member were able to restrict themselves, so there isn’t any conflict.
That’s good, coexists is good.
I heard Right Messenger Fan said you are looking for the book “The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber”?
What, you know where it is?
Cult master Yang has mention about this book, and I have taken it out when I retuened...
You all found it? Wonderful!
But, cult master Yang mention one thing about it.
What thing?
You should know by now that this book wasn’t originally belongs to Ming Cult, but a great works from a great predecessor.
So outsider can obviosuly take the book, but we do have a rule passes down by each succeeding leader. The person who will take away the book must defeat the “Bright Holy Fire Formation”.
“Bright Holy Fire Formation”?
Yes. This formation is formed from the Bright left and right messenger with the four guardian to form this six person great formation. Although Ming Cult own young Xia a debt, but we won’t dare to go against the words of your predecessor, so if young Xia want to obtain this book, you must beat this formation.
Alright, let me face it then.
However, we are missing one person for this formation.
Who is missing?
Purple Dress Dragon King.
Where is this Purple Dress Dragon King?
Purple Dress Dragon King has left the cult due to disagreement, and I heard she’s living on an island around the eastern sea. Finding her will take some works.
No problem, I will give it a try.

Looking around the eastern sea, Little Shrimp found an island that fit the description.

Old lady, this island is beautiful, are you here all alone?
You looking for a fight, kid?
Not at all, I just travel around and come upon this island.
Speak the truth, which sect’s student are you? What are you here for?
I belong to no sect; learn from no master, just traveling around ‘practicing’.
Practicing around? Then find, play with this old granny.

Brawl with her? (Y/N)

Sure! I have nothing to do, so I will fight with the elderly to earn some experience points.

Scissor! To the eyes!

Not bad kid, not bad. The next generation is moving forward. You are here to save Wang Nangu isn’t it? Since I lost to you, I will spare them for another day.
(Save who? Now I am confused).

Looking into the house reveals another old lady.

Who are you? How did you get it? Where’s the “Golden Flower Granny”?
I just happen to pass by this island, and had a little brawl with that old lady. After defeating her, the old lady thinks I was here to save someone, so… why are you here?
I am Wang Nangu, wife of the physician Hu Qingniu of Butterfly Valley, and that old lady is the owner of this Divine Snake Island Golden Flower Granny. Many years also, due to my husband refusing to heal her husband, and resulted in her husband’s death. Few days ago, Golden Flower Granny plans to have her revange and beaten up my husband in Butterfly Valley and dragged me to this island to make us suffer the taste of seperation.
So that’s what happened. It’s alright now, you can return to Butterfly Valley.
Thank you for your help, we husband and wife will never forget your deed.
Is nothing, helping others is what everyone should do.
Please come to Butterfly Valley anytime, and we will treat you as our guest. Oh, and Butterfly Valley is hidden really well, normal people won’t be able to find it, but here is the coordinate (238,219). You better come! We will give something as reward.
Take care.

Reward you say? To the Butterfly Valley!

Thanks again for last time at Butterfly Valley.
Thanks for saving my wife; I don’t know how to repay you.
That’s not necessary, helping other is a joyful thing. On another note, this Golden Flower Granny doesn’t seem to be a bad person.
Actually, it’s due to us couple competing when we were young, and delayed many people that come for medical support.
We couple are from the same school, each learns a different art. I learn medicine, as you know, while my wife learns poison with great mastery over it. People in Jianghu gave her the title “Poison Saint”. Due to my immaturity, I saved some people that were poisoned by her, and lead to Jianghu rumor that my healing skill is better than her poison.

At a fit of rage, she poisons people everywhere to test my ability to save them. I figure this can’t go on, so I made a vow to “not save anyone who doesn’t belong to Ming Cult”. I figure this will end our competition, but I never thought she would end up poison our comrade in the cult.
Base on this, could the person that was poison not part of Ming Cult, so you didn’t save him?
School brother, we both has miscalculated. During my captive in Divine Snake Island, I realize that the Golden Flower Granny might belong to Ming Cult, and ranked highly as the head of the four guardians.
You mean she’s the Purple Dress Dragon King! That can’t be, I heard people said that the Purple Dress Dragon King is a great beauty of Ming Cult, how could she look like that.
You probably had her reason to disguise as such.
In that case, I actually harmed my own buddy in the sect. [Sigh] from now on, let’s pretend I never vowed to “only heal Ming Cult people”. Becoming a doctor is to save people, otherwise what’s the point.

Ah yes, I heard young Xia is traveling around the looking for something. Jianghu is a nasty place, and we couple are good at medical and poison skill, so we might be able to help you out.
Yes, if you ever need help then please say so, we two will gladly serve you. Please take anything you need here.

Now that we know her true identity, we finally found the Purple Dress Dragon King.

Kid, why do you keep coming to Divine Snake Island? Trying to ruins the peace of this old lady?
I’m afraid you are not a normal old lady, but the head of the four guardian Purple Dress Dragon King.
You are pretty good, kid, to know my true identity. Speak, what are you here for?
I have a message from Ming Cult, hoping you will return to Bright Peak.
What the uses of going back, don’t you see them fighting over each other for the seat of cult master? I rather have some peace and quiet here.
Dragon King, the will of the leader has been found and it designates Xie Xun as the successor. It all happens like this…
That’s good, I am glad that third brother Xie can take care of things, which mean I can stay here to relax even more.
(Looks like I have to provoke her). I was wondering how powerful this “Bright Holy Fire Formation” is, but I guess it’s really nothing. When Ming Cult was surrounded, it was me who saved them, so I bet it just guardian Xie doesn’t want to give me the book and made up this story for me.
What did you say? You are saying we Ming Cult have no talent and need to depend on a baby like you?
I didn’t say that, but that’s the truth.
Boy, don’t think you won a few battle and you can be cocky. You should know that there’s always someone stronger. This “Bright Holy Fire Formation” has not been beaten since the founding of the cult.
I doubt I can’t beat it.
What confidence, I will show you the might of “Bright Holy Fire Formation”, and I dare you to come to Bright Peak.

Haha, too easy. Now let’s finally finish this up.

Are you ready to break our “Bright Holy Fire Formation”, young Xia?

Fight them? (Y/N)

I am ready.

This is relatively easier to the six great sect’s battle.

Truly the hero of the next generation, we old bones can’t compete.
From now on in Wulin, the world belongs to you youngster.
Thanks for the fight.
As dictate by our agreement, “The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber” belongs to you.
Thank you everyone. After all the troubles to get this book, although it’s tiresome, but I do learned a lot. It’s hard to separate the good and bad in this world, people of famed orthodox who wears a sheep skin are more likely to do evil.
After all this, your experience in Jianghu must have greatly increased; hopefully you will have a smoother ride in the travel of Jianghu.
Alright, I have other things to do, Will come visit the next time I am free.

Obtain The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber

Gentlemanly Advice of the Day
Don’t give up, your heart will reaches her eventually!