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Part 112: Chapter One Hundred and Thirteen: Impact

Part One Hundred and Thirteen: Impact

The time has come, Master Flawless oreders Jeez and Moon on a mission to inform all sects of the Wulin Gathering.

Jeez’s one month long sleeps begins.

The Book and the Sword (書劍恩仇錄 )

Spotted some Muslim campsite.

We vow to get back the Quran!
What business does young Xia who traveled such long distance to here for?
(Wow! This babe is hot!) Oh! Not much, just traveling around the world looking for a few books. Happen to pass by here, so I come in to try my luck, but I overheard you also seems to be looking for some book, what was it call…
It’s the holy book of Muslim, the Quran. This book is passed down by our tribe ancestor, obtained from the holy land Mecca. All the generation of leader take great cares of it as our tribe’s holy item. Unfortunately, the Golden Wheel Fawang stolen it from us while our father is on a trip, he said he plans to gifts it to the government as hostage to control us Muslim. In respond, I commanded the brave man of our tribe to get it back from him, but that man is too strong and we were beaten more than once.
Is that so? Leave this to me; I will get your Quran back.
Thanks for your help, young Xia. I Huoqingtong thank you in place all the tribe members, but be careful, that monk’s Kung Fu is powerful.
(Everything for you baby). I will be careful.

These monks again. They never learn,

You got guts kid, you dare to come here to die fully knowing our master Golden Wheel Fawang is within this temple.

They let Little Shirmp in without a fight, which is refreashing.

Golden Wheel Fawang, return the Quran.
That depends if you have the ability to take it.

Weaklings, bunch of weaklings.


Obtain Quran

Th-this is the Quran… everyone, the Quran has returned… in the name of Allah, please thy name and all who belongs, lord of the world, kindest lord, lord of judgment day, we will serve and worship, for your guidance to the truth path, the path that you blesses, not those of the sinner, not those of the lost. Young Xia, you have returned the holy item from the vile, we of the tribe are eternally thankful.
(Act cool) Not at all, finding book is what I am good at.
Young Xia is looking for a book?
Yes! Some lost books; hopefully I will find it eventually.
I do have a book here, could it be what you are looking for?
Which book?
It calls the… ah, it’s”The Book and the Sword”.
What? ”The Book and the Sword” is with you? That’s what I am looking for.
Is it? This book was gifted to me by Sir Cheng; he said it’s not that interesting, so put it over there. If you want, you can have it.
What!? So not cool to throws such a book randomly. (Hmph! That Cheng guy certainly won’t know a thing about it, he’s just acting cool!)
Speaking of this, I recall Sir Cheng said that he will come see me again when he’s do with his business, but it’s been a while.
(Wha! It’s hopeless, am I not as cool as him?)
If Young Xia traveling around the world and meet someone name Cheng Lou, then please tell him that Chen Jialuo is waiting for him.
Sure, sure, I will remember it. (Like hell I will).
Take care, young Xia.

Obtain The Book and the Sword

The Smiling Proud Wanderer (笑傲江湖 )

Little shrimp is pisses that some asshole has taken that hot babe, time to find someone to be a jerk at.

Sorry, our sect is currently closed for some business.
What’s the big occasion?
Our master has invited the other four sect’s master of the Five Mountains Sword Sects Alliance to discussing merger at Mount Song next month the fifteen.
I see.

With that plot recap out of the way, let’s go to the Cherry Manor and be a jerk.

What’s your business here youngster?
I heard that Hangzhou Cheery Manor have beautiful woman scenery, so I come to have a drink.
Drink? Who are you to drink all those wonderful liquors that I take me lots of effort to make? Get out! Don’t make me do it myself!
You don’t have to be so angry!

This guy also loves painting, so let’s show him one.

Ah! This is North Song Fan Kuan’s masterpieces “Travelers among Mountains and Streams”, wh-where did you get it?
That, you don’t need to know. I heard rumor in Jianghu that the forth Suzerain of Cheery Manor is a person of liquor, painting, and swordsmanship, known as the Three Absolute. So I bet you are so dying to see it!
What are you plotting, kid?
“Plotting” no, “Travelers among Mountains and Streams” however, does have one.
Enough playing around, you want to die?
By you? Maybe you can help my scratch my itch.
Gah! I am pisses!

Yep, he did scratches an itch. Now let me scratches out your organs.

As the saying goes, “the old waves push by new waves”. Losing to you today, I have nothing else to say.
Well fought, forth suzerain.
Wait here kid; I will bring my third brother.

Nah, I will meet him myself.

Third brother, it’s this bastard.
This youngster has stronger Kung Fu than forth brother, truly a young hero.
I won’t dare to bear such title, and you must be Tu Biweng?
That’s me.
Third brother, you have to revenge me and take that “Travelers among Mountains and Streams” from him.
Forth brother, are you not losing enough face already! Please take your leave, young Xia.

Looking at the inventory, I have a rare poem that he would like.

Th-this is the real thing! I-it really is the Tang Dynasty Zhāng Xù’s Rush Will Draft… can’t be fake, can’t be fake!
Third Suzerain really knows his stuff.
Young Xia, can you let me borrow this to have a look?
Baldy, you will have to beat me to see this.
What you say? I hate people that call me baldy; you must really want to die, kid!
Baldy, baldy not angry in rain, because people have umbrella and you have a bald head.
That’s it. I see you have lived long enough, I shall take you down.

Not bad, this one can make me bleed a little, but still too weak.

You have some skills, kid, but that “Rush Will Draft” shall be mine.
How about this, if there’s anyone in this manor that can defeat me, then including the “Travelers among Mountains and Streams” and “Rush Will Draft” should be yours.
You mean it, kid?
I don’t lies.
Fine! Forth brother, let’s go ask second brother for help.

Second brother, this kid is looking for trouble, you must revenge us.
Really now? This little guy here looks “old-fashioned”, he doesn’t looks like he’s looking for trouble.
Second Suzerain knows it well.
Second brother, don’t be tricked by this kid, he said we Cherry Manor…
Enough, forth brother, no need to say more, young Xia please takes your leave.

Oh, I guess you don’t need this awesome blood puke chess book thing.

Th-this is… recorded by the processor that Liu Zhongfu as the national champion was horribly defeated by an old lady in the mountain, and caused him to puke blood. So this Go puzzle sets was known as the “Blood Puking Go Book”. I thought this is just a rumor, but to think there’s really a book like this. Young Xia, can you let me make a copy of this?
Ha! Ha! This “Blood Puking Go Book” has taken me great deal of difficulties to obtain it, seeing it once take five thousands millions gold.
You see that bro, this kid is morally corrupted, and totally looking down on us. He even said none of us can beat him, so arrogant.
Young Xia, don’t choose this the hard way. The thing that I Heibaizi wanted will always have it. So you better give it up now.
Second brother, don’t bother talking with him, and let’s gang up on him so he can’t escape.
All these years of reputation about Cherry Manor, but it’s just a bunch of bullies. Very laughable.
Third and fourth brother, we Cherry Manor won’t be looked down by this man. I will fight him and see how good he is.

Way better than you, and now you are puking blood.

I’ll say, you bunch of old head are so useless. I bet that great suzerain is just as lame, but since I’m here already, you might as well call him out for a brawl.
Rotten kid, stay here if you got guts!

Nope, gonna walk to his room instead.

I see you have a face of greatness and dignity, like the manner of a king. So you must be the great suzerain. I heard Jianghu rumors than this manor have powerful warriors, so I came to check it out.
We "Four Friends of Jiangnan" has been living in solitude for a long time, and never bothered with any Jianghu events. The titles are just some friend in Wulin that muttered it as a joke.
I bet it is. These three are just small fries that get taken care of in two or three hits.
I had heard from what my third brother has said, but I had given up fame and fortune since a long time ago, so I won’t care about what other says to me!
(This old head sure can take an insult; it won’t be easy to rile him up. Better think up a plan).
Please take your leave, young Xia.

How about I interest you in this wondrous music scroll?

“Guangling Verse”!!! This “Guangling Verse” has resonance in the world for a long time, to meet this ancient verse again, truly is the greatest happiness, very much so! The balance and fairness with the clear and serene melody, high quality sounds of great depth, is like traveling in musical haven. My heart has momentously fills with reliefs.
Great suzerain is known as the “Huang Zhonggong”, a music expert. Seeing you read this verse with concentration, you are indeed a great man, truely respectable. Although this scroll is hard to obtain, but it’s not really worth a dime, so you can have it since it’s useless for me.
As the saying goes: “You don’t get pay for not working. You and I have no ties at all, so how could I take some rare gift? Hearing from my third brother, you just need someone to defeat you to earn these four things, so then I can’t take it for free. How about a little brawl, kid?
Sure, please.

You didn’t burn as hot as those Persian flamethrowers, but I will let it pass.

Your Kung Fu are great and profound, I am at a lost today, so I won’t have the fortune to enjoy this “Guangling Verse”. Although that is so, we shouldn’t have bully the young because of those book and painting.
We still have that monster in the dunge--
Second School brother! Silence!
Is there another strong one? It’s alright, I did say if anyone within Cherry Manor that can defeat me will earn all these four paintings and books.
Is alright, brother. We will guard here so that old monster can’t escape.
You’ve still talking! Young Xia, there’s no more people that can beat you in here, please leaves.

Little Shrimp leaves and then came back at night to meet this guy secretly.

Young Xia, long time no see, how are you lately?
(He’s being too nice, I should be careful). Everything’s fine.
Does our agreement from last time still in effect?
(So he still wants those four things). Of course it’s in effect; anyone in this manor that can beat me will earn these paintings and books.
Excellence! We do have another person in this manor that says he really wants to meet you after knowing how strong you are.
If that’s the case, sure! I have no problem, so please guide me to him.
That friend is not used to living under the sunlight, so he sealed himself in an underground caven.
(What a weird person, to lock themselves inside a underground cave).
This is the key; you go in first while I call my brothers as eyewitness. Oh yes, the entrance of the caven is a table with four chair.
For you four to play mahjong?
Eh! How did you know? This is a game that we four trying to invent. So far we only have the shape done, but haven’t even started on what to name the four special tile yet.
(Could mahjong really be invented by these four when they are bored?) What are you thinking of?
How about our hobbies, “Music, Chess, Calligraphy, and Painting” as the four words?
No, use “Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter” or “Cheery Plum, Orchid, (Lily), Chrysanthemum, and Bamboo” to express the change of seasons is much better.
Is it? It does sound great.
I will go meet him now.

Obtain Red Key

This door seems to have a red key hole.

Hey! Are you the one that want to duel with me? If so then hurry up, I don’t have much time to waste with you poor mushroom.
Who are you? What are you yapping about?
Who am I? I’m the hero who beaten up those "Four Friends of Jiangnan”. I heard from the second suzerain Heibaizi that you are applauded by my Kung Fu and want to fight me, isn’t that right?
Ha! Ha! What an insolent youngster. Not bad! Not bad! I like you. Did you really beat those four fouls of the Cherry Manor?
Of Course it’s real! You sure are strange, locking yourself in this underground caven, you got some sort illness or suffered from trauma?
I imprisoned myself here? I, Ren Woxing would lock him in an underground caven?
(Ren Woxing? Where did I hear that name before?) Could you be imprisoned here?
It’s a shame, that the cult leader of Sun Moon Holy Cult would be imprisoned in here.
(This old man is the cult leader of Sun Moon Holy Cult? He sure doesn’t look the part!)
If it wasn’t when I studying a great Kung Fu technique in the past and gives all the responsibility of the cult to Dongfang Bubai. To think that heartless wolf would act as the most loyalist hound, but secretly saving up his own forces and kill those who are loyal to me. Within a few years, all my loyal followers has all drop to zero, which he used the chance when I was training to betray me and locked me under the western lake.
Such a heartless bastard, if I see him, I will make him pay.
Ha! Ha! Ha! With just you? HA...!
Ah... damn old man, surprised me when I was distracted... ah! My treasures are gone! I’ve been trick! It must be those four cheap hooligans knowing that they can’t beat me so they do this, so dirty tactics!

Then Little Shrimp fainted for some times.

… Where is this place? Strange? I recall an old man suddenly yelled… OH! It’s those four Balkan Beetle knew that they can’t beat me so they use this dirty trick, such shameful actions! Eh? The door is open, didn’t seem to be imprisoning me. Hmm, so suspicious. I better have a good “look” at this place!

(Eh! What’s this?) "Star Sucking Great Skill"

Obtain Star Sucking Great Skill

Here’s a pitch black token, maybe it have some use?

Obtain Pitch Black Token

Coming out of the cave, these four are waiting for him.

You four gathering here to play mahjong? Do you count flowers?
You rotten kid, looks what have you done?
I should have known there won’t such good things to happen; this was your plot all along.
You used us, kid, dammit.
You all talking one after another, trying to sing a song?
You got some guts, kid. To release that old monster, you think I will let this go!?
Hey! Hey! What you are all saying? I haven’t even complaint about my treasures that you stole and now you are blaming me? Damn you and your attitude… and I didn’t release that Ren guy…
Don’t bother taking with this brat, brother, now is not the time to worry about moral and reputation. Let’s take this kid to Black Wood Cliff and ask master Dongfang for forgiveness, or else we are done for.
Alright, let’s take him.
Who afraid of whom! Turtle afraid of hammer! You all can come at once and saves me the trouble!
You are dead, kid!

No, you are dead, old skulls!

Kid, do you know who have you released?
He isn’t the helper that you hired?
You really don’t know or faking? The Ren old head you released are the enemy of Sun Moon Holy Cult and our cult leader Dongfang Bubai.
You all from Sun Moon Holy Cult?
Indeed, we are under the orders of cult leader to watch this old monster, yet you used our weakness to rescue him.
Enough, we need to return to Black Wood Cliff to inform cult leader of this, go!

Gentlemanly Advice of the Day
A man is all about making an impact.